iPad mini won't upset low-end market: analysts

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peternt wrote:

Apple dont see the bigger picture, the whole mini tablet thing isnt just about size, it is to do with pricing. If you asked how many of the people that brought a 7 inch tablet, if they did it for size or price, i am guessing there would be a majority who did it on price.

Not everyone in the world can afford the $600 – $1000 for a full sized tablet, and there are people who can, but dont want too. Lots of people have laptops and smartphones and desktops, and their tablet is a gap filler between using their phone until they use their computer.

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Overcast451 wrote:

Hype, hype, hype! I like to buy post-hype – heck of a lot cheaper and the bugs are worked out :)

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Overcast451 wrote:

*Not everyone in the world can afford the $600 – $1000 for a full sized tablet, and there are people who can, but dont want too.*

Same with a $300.00 tablet honestly. Personally; the problem I have with the current tablets is that I HATE fingerprints on glass, and even more so on a TV or Montior – so ‘touch’ isn’t real impressive for me.

Personally, I could still get used to the touch quickly, if I had a keyboard/mouse dock that made it seem like a desktop/laptop most of the time, but gave me the portability.

But then, I really need very little portability; honestly. It’s not worth $300.00 to me, if it’s “locked down” like typical Apple stuff. If I could ditch their OS and load up whatever flavor of Linux I want or even Windows – I might bite.

So.. I’m waiting on one called the “Spark” – it’s supposed to be real flexible. I’m in IT and I code for a hobby, inflexibility doesn’t work for me at all… not at all :)

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Overcast451 wrote:

Oh and… thanks I suppose, for the article.

I didn’t realize the Kindle was that cheap – it’s only $69.00 on Amazon right now, lol.

hmmm… that’s affordable, actually..

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jcarob wrote:


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jmmx wrote:

For an interesting analysis of Google Chromebook vs iPads, see:

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timacheson wrote:

I would not expect a warmer reception from analysts, for a slightly larger version of the iPod Touch or iPhone, especially not when grossly over-priced like iPad Mini.

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The Chinese-made mini Apple iPad is so yesterday — just like Apple is now starting to become.

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kelewisid wrote:

nice would love to have one.

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AdamChew wrote:

The problem with the fortunerellers’ guesses are whether they are right or wrong Apple still get punished.

And they seem to have all the answers to solving the world’s problems so more power to them./s

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timacheson wrote:

This is an overly optimistic and up-beat assessment of iPad Mini’s prospects.

iPad Mini will not upset ANY part of any market. It’s a knee-jerk reaction to what rival companies have done better. iPad Mini is a bad joke.

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