Divorce in two countries is double the trouble

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guero222 wrote:

This article hits close to home. I did it once, and lost everything, but my daughter. The systems are a wreck. The US courts are a joke, the Judges don’t really even know that other countries have things called rights.

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As a US citizen who was married to a Swede and living in Monaco…stay away from those two countries!! I am still in court ten years later. Both countries treat women horribly; even when he abducted the kids, I was scrutinized as if I had committed a crime.

The father refuses to pay support even though he has millions and no one will enforce the orders. He’s moved all the assets off-shore and cries poor to the courts, while his daughter goes without. However, his girlfriends and he are doing very well as they jet set around the planet or cruise on his yacht.

Ladies, if your non-US citizen husband wants to move abroad, the red lights should start to flash and you need to run to the toughest local lawyer asap.

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themudda2000 wrote:

@ icouldwriteabook
isnt that what women do anyway even if they marry american men ???

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Srinivas22 wrote:

India is the worst country for men filing for divorce. Men have no rights at all, women get all the benefits and men and their families are jailed (a man filing for divorce is a criminal act in India, but a woman filing for divorce is not). India is the most corrupt ba$tard country in the world and mistreats Indian men. If you are a man, dont get married in India to an Indian woman.

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My point was not to leave the country before an enforceable, legally binding agreement is in place, and one researches the divorce laws of where you are going. I wish I had known and done that before we moved. Once over there more than two years, one no longer has US jurisdiction (mine had been CA) and must deal with corrupt, small country politics and draconian anti-woman laws, as was my experience.

Just offering my 20/20 hindsight vision for anyone who may be in the same position I was in.

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usagadfly wrote:

In general, no country on the planet is going to recognize what most American women consider their “rights”.

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CitizenAbroad wrote:

Due to a poorly thoughtout US law called FATCA, Americans who reside abroad are having great difficulties maintaining local bank accounts. Where an American is married to a foreign national and lives abroad, joint bank accounts, mortgages, etc. are being dissolved and cancelled to be replaced by accounts only in the name of the foreign national, oftentimes the husband. This means that the US citizen has no access or legal ownership of the bank account or other financial accounts and may no longer be considered a joint owner of the house. In the event of a divorce, the US citizen spouse can lose out on everything.

The American Citizens Abroad organization and other groups have protested vigorously to Federal Government to stop this insanity. In the absence of repeal of the poorly conceived FATCA legislation, the best approach is for US citizens living abroad to obtain foreign citizenship as quickly as possible renounce their US citizenship immediately thereafter.

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