Fed sticks to stimulus plan, says economy a bit firmer

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Harry079 wrote:

“Fed sticks to stimulus plan”

Well as long as the Fed keeps sticking it to the middle class and retirees then their PLAN truly is working.

Oct 24, 2012 4:20pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
stambo2001 wrote:

China currency manipulation = bad
USA currency manipulation = good

Funny how that works, but then again people complain about Romney outsourcing jobs to China while they rush out to buy the newest iGadget manufactured by Chinese minors for $14.00 a week salary. How many of you are reading this on an Apple product manufactured by said child labor? Complete and utter hypocrite morons.

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Willie12345 wrote:

The plan is working ? Says, who ? The economy is in the tank. All the smiles, new releases, speeches and self praise isn’t cutting it. People are hurting and some have run out of savings. Others have lost their homes. Cut the crap.

Oct 24, 2012 4:53pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
ctyankee57 wrote:

This is a real Depression…not a recession. The great depression of the Thirties lasted 10 years and was only broken by a World War. It will take a decade of creating demand before we see growth above 4%. There is nothing the Dems or Repubs/Tea Party can do to stop this, but you can. Investing in the long term will work so long as the goal is to revive growth and demand. Can you part with forty bucks a month to keep you in a job ?

Oct 24, 2012 8:49pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
divinargant wrote:

A bit firmer? Is that like a half of two bits? If we were two bits firmer would that be full recovery mode by Fed standards? This endless spew of one word calculations of where the economy presently rests by the very ones who were complicit in bringing us here would be laughable if it were not such a tragedy as it truly is. Median household income falling year over year, 6 million over the past 4 years falling into poverty and the depressing facts of the situation go on and on and will likely continue to escalate. And for those buying into this media hype via the government that housing is turning a corner…read a “bit” deeper into the official release. (Hint..uh..it’s kinda like what the BLS did with the last jobs report. One of those every now and again seasonal booster adjustments). Now if I could choose a word to describe the current state of affairs it would be more like…sucks, deplorable, or some of those other words that are not ready for prime time. But hey, that’s just me.

Oct 24, 2012 9:09pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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