Egypt brokers informal Israel-Gaza truce: Israeli official

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Netanyahu’s statement of continued illegal settlement confirms his government to be the warmonger of the world, one that will inevitably soon lead us all in to nuclear war. It is in command of an estimated 400 nuclear weapons of mass destruction plus unknown quantities of biological and chemical weapons. All of these WMD are concealed from the IAEA and the international community.

The Israeli government is in violation of the judgement of the International Court of Justice and its continued settlement policy in the occupied territories is a criminal act as determined by the ICJ.

That means that Netanyahu must be brought before the Court to face international investigation. There is no other alternative.

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Doc62 wrote:

To DouglasReed100: Netanyahu does not speak for all Isrealis. He is a hawk, like G. Bush. He does not control any WMD. If he pushes his government too much, he will get a “no confidence” vote and essentially be gone. That’s why he always backing off. The Isreali parliment seems to have more cohesiveness than our present senate.
How would you like 86 missiles fired at your family and only strike back twice(surgically too)?
Reason? Romney blabbed it on TV(poor choice) IT’S A CULTURE THING!
Obama, also with admittingly no foreign skills, overreacted to Netanyhu’s rhetoric. At least our president has Hillary & Joe to take care of his shortcomings.

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