Exclusive: Iran's coal shipping trade booms despite Western heat

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boltshaker wrote:

Regardless, sanctions will not work against Iran. Iran is going to do what Iran wants to do and nobody is going to change their minds. So tell me something,once they do achieve a nuclear foothold and these so called sanctions are still inplace who’s to say that they dont use this as a method of bullying there way out of these sanctions? Let me ask it another way.The sanctions are in place, Iran obtain nuclear capabilities,now they threaten to have these sanctions removed or else they’re making giant parking lots abroad.
You see they will be using this as an umbrella to get their way,strong arming if you will.

Lets not forget N.Korea. Supposably N.Korea was “years” away from possessing nuclear weapons…3 weeks after this announcement N.Korea was conducting underground testing.

Sorry Pakistan,but, if you’re waiting for the US for help it maybe not such a wise choice… The President,Clinton and the US Congress are to busy making appearances on tv,vacations and playing the blame game over what happend in Benghazi. They cant even protect their own diplomat and people…that in itself should be an eye-opener.

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jaham wrote:

Don’t worry, Obama promised that Iran will not get a nuke.

If he holds to that promise as strictly as he did his vow to halve the budget deficit, we should all sleep a little easier at night…

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boreal wrote:

The EU is banding backwards to fatefully comply with Zion initiated trade sanctions. At the same time Israel does not disarm, they don’t get rid of their undeclared nuclear weapons, but they sure make a lot sable rattling of noise. EU’s trading loss with Iran is someone else’s gain.

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Logical123 wrote:

Destroying Iran’s economy has become an end in itself for the madmen who are in charge of the U.S. and its stupid lackeys in Europe. Don’t these people have anything else to do? Aren’t their own economies in dire straits?

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AlkalineState wrote:

Iran gets a lump of coal in its stocking and tries to sound tough about it. “We now have coal capabilities similar to that of Charles Dickens’ England of 1836. So don’t mess with us.”

Good times. Iran…. you remain a joke.

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Iranians are master traders, if there was an olypmpics in trading they would get a gold medal hands down. Good for them! Australian coal suppliers must be kicking themselves in the head. Europeans the same.

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daniel3125 wrote:

You know, Israel signing the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and us not arming them (along with a number of so called “allied” countries) with massive ordinances would go a long way to quelling the arms race in the middle east.

Then again when you can just come up with sketchy reasons to justify military actions and an embargo, why bother?

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