Russia activists detained after opposition council meets

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DeanMJackson wrote:

The “opposition” to KGB officer VLADIMIR Putin is all for show, what one calls the “Scissors Strategy”.

What is the “Scissors Strategy”, you ask?

Simply explained, and on a tactical level, the “Scissors Strategy” is where one blade represents (for example) Putin & Company, however the other blade of the scissors–the leadership of the political “opposition” to Putin & Company–is actually controlled by Putin & Company, which leaves the genuine opposition in the middle wondering why political change isn’t taking place. Understand this simple strategy?

On a strategic level, from 1960-1989 the USSR and China played the “Scissors Strategy”, by pretending to be enemies. This strategy allowed one side to play off against the other with the West, thereby gaining political advantages from the West, which neither Communist giant could have achieved if it was believed they were united. Clever, huh?

For more on this subject, read KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn’s 1984 book, “New Lies for Old” (available at Internet Archive), the only Soviet era defector to still be under protective custody in the West. What does that tell you about the “collapse” of the USSR in late 1991?

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kommy wrote:

An activist- seriously? The guy participated in meeting discussing how to blow Trans-Siberian railroad.

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