Syrian jihadist spillover haunts Jordan

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A good lesson for everyone who helped jihadists is that one day those guns will turn at them.
Americans knows it well, Assad also knows it. It is correct that Assad helped jihadists in Iraq civil war.

After 9/11 Americans should have gone to Saudi kingdom.
Instead they went to the wrong places.
And what Americans did? They helped Iran to step in Iraq, all this with American bullets and bodies.

Today what Americans doing? They are watching Saudi expansionism like fools. One more mistake you can say, so what, They make so much that you cant even count it.

It is very clear to see it what is the right if you are not a fool. Assad should win jihadists. Then start talking about Assad or this BS democracy. If it is to change the regime the solution is not to replace the ultimate dicator with chaos and many small dictators, or to make Saudis even stronger. Got it?

Now what is happening is West playing Saudis and Qataris game.
And Westerns are inside their own trap. You might say it is not the first time, but every time it gets worst.

But I am pesimistic that this is going to end with a big war in ME because as I see Westerns are not capable to do anything clever or good for them.

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