Sandy curtails nuclear plants, oldest under alert

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McBob08 wrote:

Now watch the anti-nuclear power mob try to present nuclear power stations showing due diligence to safety as some kind of excuse to stop using nuclear power. Between the typical alternative to Nuclear — Coal Fired Plants, Nuclear is much safer, emits less radiation (yes, Coal mining releases significant amounts of nuclear radiation), much cleaner and much more environmentally friendly.

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morbas wrote:

And, across the nation spent fuel rods accumulate at each of these ‘environmentally safe’ plants because there is no national storage facility. And acceptable Transport to USA Las Vegas facility is issue for every MIMBY along the route. Public opinion is supported by every transport accident and inability of responsible parties to be held accountable to the true environmental costs and fair restitution and relocation of each and every victim’s property. The Nuclear environmental is ‘green’ record for everyone else.

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your biggest problem right now is the sharks in the streets not the coal’s emissions

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upstater wrote:

Constellation Energy Nuclear Group merged with Exelon last April.

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ChemJanine wrote:

Nuclear is never and has NEVER been shown to be safe. As a chemist and an “anti- nuclear nut” the risks associated with this mode of energy due to the awakening of the earth’s plates at the moment would only see these plants leach and breech. As for the train travel, we have a nuclear train in the UK which runs to our nuclear waste facility in Cumbria – it is easy to get to the waste as it is isn’t really guarded and it is going through highly populated areas (London) as well as other cities and towns. Personally, nuclear energy is something which should be ditched long long ago.

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your biggest problem right now is the sharks in the streets not the coal’s emissions”

It’s OK because the Jets will take out the Sharks.

“When you’re a Jet,
You’re a Jet all the way
From your first cigarette
To your last dyin’ day.”

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Paxus wrote:

4 reactors have now been forced off line and 3 are slowed by hurricane Sandy. It is wise to remember that Sandy is short for the Greek name Cassandra, the cursed prophetess from myth whose warnings of coming disaster were ignored.

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Overcast451 wrote:

“much more environmentally friendly.”

Tell that to people in Chernobyl.

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Simon.Pester wrote:

“The nuclear industry has said that the spent fuel rods at Fukushima were never exposed to the air.”

The nuclear industry is noted for telling whopping lies, isn’t it? Such a shame that the press is pro-nuclear, but that’s obvious from the common ownership of media and nuclear investments. Even Public Radio gets bigtime energy company bribes-sponsorship. Fukushima has been way underplayed.

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kiwibird wrote:

We are lucky in N.Z. – no nuclear power. I feel sorry for you folks overseas, all those ageing reactors, a walking time bomb.

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Paxus wrote:

Reuters makes a fairly significant mistake in this article that because the reactor is shut down, cooling pumps are not necessary. Even after the fuel has been removed from the reactor (independent of whether power is being generated or now) nuclear fuel needs to be actively cooled for three years to avoid the release of radioactive gas.

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