Second stealth jet puts China on path to top regional power: expert

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Pterosaur wrote:

China should spend on its defense a budget that is commenurate to its economy. It should learn from history that a weak defense is a sure way to be bullied and destroyed by the neo-colonists and imperialists.

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Pterosaur wrote:

And I would add that a strong Chinese defense is a deterrant to colonists and imperialists to swallow up smaller countries in the East Asia, despite the fact some of these smaller countries did not want to see a strong Chinese defense.

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Free_Pacific wrote:

The only empire that is ‘swallowing up territory’ in the asia-pacific is China. Everyone else put their guns away long ago.

Being one of the ‘small countries’, I can see the colonies of Tibet and Turkestan quite clearly. Also the newly stolen shoals like Panatag and Mischief reef. Agressive naval activity harrasing fisherman etc… etc… all the work of China. There is no other aggressive power in region. Just a network of like minded friends. Friends that the CCP certainly does not possess. You are alone Pterosaur and sooner or later, you own lies will swallow you whole.

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WJL wrote:

ASEAN agree that a strong China defense is the best guarantee of peace in the region. The people are tired of being dragged into American proxy wars to enrich American military interests.

America is a rogue hegemony with over 1000 overseas bases and attempts to rule the rest of us.

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Free_Pacific wrote:

@WJL it’s called free association. We certainly don’t feel like we are living under american hegemony. The only rogue state in the Pacific currently is China. Ask yourself, how many countries in this region consider China a ‘friend’. 600 million people disagree with you and we will sooner or later, expel ALL empires. We have countries full of the young and we are growing, sooner or later, China will have to live with the decisions it is making now.

You read too mnay Chinese propoganda sites.

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CatGarfield wrote:

why not try to understand more about CPP? It could become a friend of America. if you treat it hostilely, you just creat an enemy. Give it a hand and cooperate with it, then America could get China’s help to keep world peace.

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