While Romney didn't serve in military, many Mormons do

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RSaltyDog wrote:

Neither Obama nor Romney have served. However, Obama did not have a war that he would need to sign up for. Romney on the other hand was a Senators son and avoided/dodged the draft. He went on a mission to France. Ann Romney on the View the other day said that none of her sons served in the military but went on missions and they came back men. Equating going on a mission and serving in the military is not even close. Romney is looking for war. Since we have a volunteer military I doubt we will have enough soldiers so I expect the draft to resume. Obama voted against Iraq, got us out of Iraq, gave the nod to get Osama bin Laden avenging 3000 9/11 victims and Romney? He’s got nothing except pre-emptive war strike.

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JBPoliti wrote:

At this point I can no longer trust anything Romney says. I wanted to give him a chance too!

Nov 03, 2012 2:38am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Vis_Viva wrote:

I don’t always serve in the military, but when I do, it’s in France on a bike and I thought you said “missionary”.

Nov 03, 2012 4:49am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Raelyn wrote:

Somehow, it is hard to imagine Romney surviving boot camp…

Nov 03, 2012 10:26am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Kiari wrote:

Romney is a draft dodger, but yet wants to build and send young men to war. Is that the sign of a good commander and chief? Not for me. I will vote Obama.

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lucky12345 wrote:

Neither Clinton or Obama served in the military, such a NON-STORY…
I’d go back to blasting Romney because he is rich and has a low tax rate but follows all the rules as written by the IRS! Now that’s something we can attack him on, CLASS Warfare!!!!!

Nov 04, 2012 6:14am EST  --  Report as abuse
drjohnwarren wrote:

“Church-backed militia known as the Nauvoo Legion nearly came to blows with a U.S. military force sent to Utah Territory because of reports of a Mormon rebellion.”

It was a bit more violent that that. In 1857, Mormon forces wiped out a peaceful wagon train in Utah killing all the men, women and most of the children. There wasn’t an act of terrorism in the US that had a higher body count until 9/11. Citation: Mountain Meadows massacre

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WalterSobchak wrote:

While many Mormons serve in the military, they don’t serve at a higher rate than average in the US. In 2007, Utah (70% Mormon population ranked 49th out of 50 in military recruitment/enlistment. In 2008, Utah ranked 43rd out of 50 in military recruitment/enlistment. As mentioned by the article, 2% of the U.S. is Mormon and about 1.3% of our military is Mormon. This would indicate that the Mormon subculture’s enlistment rate is about 35% below the average. Clearly in Mormonism, duty to God/religion is more important than duty to country.

Mitt Romney also had strong feelings about the war in Vietnam. He stated that he wished he could be fighting along side our true American heroes. But duty to his religion trumped his patriotism. This should give you an idea of his values as president. His duty to his religion supersedes his duty to country.

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lordbill55 wrote:

RSaltyDog, you, like many others, did not read the article. Romney was asked to go on a mission so your point is wrong that he avoided/dodged the draft. Having served in both the military and a mission, both during peace time, I can tell you that neither is easy. A mission requires 10 hour days with one day off a week and you are doing something for other people and not for your self. What has Obama done for other people and what leadership has he really shown in the past? Romney has shown leadership.

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lordbill55 wrote:

WalterSobchak, there are other ways to serve the country besides in the military. How about the day to day service of helping your neighbor? I served both the in the military and on a mission and my service to country did not end with the military. It is a constant day to day service. What have you done for someone today or even this week. I am not taking about just Sunday. Helping to make the country better by serving your fellowman counts for something. Duty to religion requires that you help your neighbors in times of need and that makes this a better country. So your primes is quite wrong. You need to rethink what it means to serve your country or broaden your thinking.

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azroute66 wrote:

As a former LtColonel in the USAF having served in wartime, I support Mitt Romney without reservation. Our well trained military personnel will follow their commander-in-chief, whether it be Obama, Bush or Clinton. For me, it would have been an honor to be lead by Mitt Romney!

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Axepop11 wrote:

Romney was asked to go on a church mission in 1965. The draft notice were processed in 1969. How is that draft dodging? During the time he was there and in had taken over most duties of the mission president after The Pres, his wife and Mitt were, during a auto accident killed the Mission president’s wife and Romney him self was initially left for dead. Educate your self before you jump the fence.

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DBitt56 wrote:

I am a Mormon who proudly served in the United States Coast Guard for over 30 years. Our son served in the Army and did 1 tour in Iraq and is on his 3rd tour of Afghanistan. Whoever gave Whoopi Goldberg the idea that Mormons don’t serve was woefully informed. But that doesn’t really surprise me, Whoopi and her buddies seem to be ill informed on a number of issues.

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