U.S. judge tosses Apple vs. Google lawsuit over patents

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Johnny5k wrote:

So does this mean that Google’s 2.25% rate is officially supported by the court? Because it seems crazy for these FRAND licenses to be based on a percent of the sale price of a phone. A few years ago, most phones were under $200. Now, they’re closer to $600 to $800. If it’s the same patents being used, but a bunch of other stuff in the device has been improved and made more expensive, why should the patent holder get a percent of the sale of all that other stuff? Google would get $5 more from Apple selling a 64GB iPhone than a 16GB model… that doesn’t seem to make sense, especially when we’re talking about standards-essential patents.

I’m just confused/curious where this goes from here.

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Apple has said it may not be willing to abide by whatever rate the court suggests is fair. Apple states that it will not commit to be bound by any FRAND rate determined by the court and will not agree to accept any license from Motorola unless the court sets a rate of $1 or less for each Apple phone.
In other words, if Apple is unsatisfied with the rate chosen by the court, it ‘reserves the right to refuse and proceed to further infringement litigation.’”
The judge went on to say that Apple’s inflexibility on this issue might make the trial pointless to hold.

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RandomName2nd wrote:

@Johnny5k this is just a defensive move from Google. Microsoft have been charging them a licensing fee for every Android phone sold for years. Now that Google own Motorolla they can push back.
At the end of the day, all these absolutely ridiculous patents serve only one purpose – to make it impossible for small players to compete with the mega-corps without paying the mega-corp tax.

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AZWarrior wrote:

If they can’t learn how to settle their business outside of court, then screw both of them. I am so tired of having to listen to their childish geek games. Grow up for goodness sake.

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