From Sudan to cyber, secret war with Iran heats up

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Reuters talks of the ‘alleged cyber attack’ on Saudi oil infrastructure, but when the big news came out today that the US and British leaders are swarming to sel weapons to the Saudi dictator and other gulf dictators reuters can only summon a non-critical story which disappears 10 minutes later…

Are the Saudis dictators spending huge investment dollars with your company reuters or is this on orders from the US government like the rest of your stories?

Why isn’t the massive sale of weapons to the worlds worst dictator a priority for you?

I thought you were all concerned about middle eastern dictators who oppress their people being armed??

And now they are being armed with some of the worlds most advance weapons systems, and if your readers blink they will miss it!

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Tiu wrote:

Mind you, we can still live in hope…

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“For Washington, rolling back Tehran’s influence in Syria is seen as a distinctly secondary goal to stopping – or at least limiting – the bloodshed.”

Reuters opinion. And despicable propaganda.

Well in fact most experts not working for US corporate state media believe the opposite.

They believe that the only reason the US is pouring weapons and violence into Syria is because they wish to destroy the relationship between Syria and Iran.

In fact at every single opportunity the US has use its every resource to increase violence and chaos in Syria.

Another bizarre quote from the article reads:

“Israel is taking something of a back foot in the conflict in Syria – its officials saying any support they might give for anti-Assad rebels would be counter-productive”

This is bizarre because for once it’s actually true… but you are not told why it is true!

Israeli support for the ‘rebels’ in Syria would most certainly erode all forms of hardcore Islamist and terrorist support for the coup. This support from radicals, Islamists and terrorists is absolutely crucial to the US if they are to overthrow the Syrian leadership and end up with an extremily weak government.

They need the terrorists and fanatics to seize the country!!!

And any sign that they are recieving support from Israel will scare them off!

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americanguy wrote:

Netanyahu and the defense minister ordered the Israeli military to “Prepare plans for an immediate attack on Iran”
The reponse from Israel’s military was – “NO!”
Can you believe it? The Military told the Prime minister of Israel they would not do something he ordered because they knew it was insane.
Don’t hate Israel or the Jews, because they are not bad people, but feel free to hate land grabbing war mongers like Netanyahu and his crowd.

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QuietThinker wrote:

Interesting article, but some very bizarre comments.

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

americanguy, you are so right. Netanyahu is a pawn for the weapons suppliers. He is also a religious fanatic which makes him currently the most dangerous person in the middle east. Soon the Israelis will throw out this bum before he makes the wailing wall look like a dry eye.

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Ed57 wrote:

Netanyahu lost his brother in the attack on Uganda years ago. Don’t know if that polarized him further or what but he certainly favors the religious right wing and the so-called “settlers” in Israel who are taking more land and antagonizing the Palestinians. We in the U.S. and other relatively neutral countries are now dealing with TWO extremist regimes right now, Iran AND Israel and we’re getting caught up in it!
And the possibility of oil supply disruptions only compound the problem. Plus Netanyahu tries to influence voters in America to elect his supporter Romney. I wonder what that scenerio would bring?

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@Pending approval: Reuters only reports and does not take sides as to who is right or who is wrong. The worst offenders of media traversty are in the US the supposed world’s biggest democracy, ironically. They are pretty well insular in their reporting and thats one of reasons why main americans are so ill informed on global matters, all you have to do is watch some segments from Jay Leno’s shows.
On the above topic well written and researched, cyber warfare is here to stay, the only scary scenario would be, if someone actually is able to access another countries nuclear arsenal commands, and bring about mayhem of unprecented propotions.
Nobody hates the jews (americanguy) it’s the “carte blache” policies of US towards Israel that makes people all over the world resent them and that translates into a lot of anti sememtism. I think Israel is as much of a pariah as Iran and N.Koreain in some ways. Think about it, can they travel to M.E. freely NO! They always have to watch their backs when vacationing abroad.
Agree with all of the above comments about Netanyahu being a right wing and some times almost beligerent when dealing with US. They have this right of entitlement that puts off many people worldwide.
But on the upside their contribution in the field of classical music and many sciences has been profound.

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Crash866 wrote:

WW III…which side to choose…

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Tiu wrote:

@Crash866, in the event of WW III it would be pointless to support any other side than your own.

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