Israel advances plans for 1,213 new West Bank settlement homes

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Abulafiah wrote:

Israel continues doing this, building and enlarging illegal settlements, and then whines that everybody dislikes them and call it ‘terrorism’ when Palestinians try to defend themselves.

This is basically Israel trying to wipe Palestine off the map.

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AZreb wrote:

Although most countries do not approve of the building of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, our government (US) is joined at the hip with Israel. Funny if it were not so pathetic – Israel builds a 15 foot fence to keep illegals from entering but our own government invites them into our country and then supports them. Israel has used land mines in protecting its borders – our government supposedly does not approve but makes no criticism of Israel for doing this. A sick joke on the US taxpayers, and is it any wonder that we are accused of being hypocritical?

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Publius1791 wrote:

Interesting paradox. Netanyahu demands action against Iran while at the U.N., waving cardboard posters depicting ‘red lines’ and calling for support for Israel’s position from member nations.

How brazen. Does he really think that the U.N should take him seriously when Israel is in direct violation of U.N. sanctions regarding the West Bank?

It’s time this double standard that’s applied to Israel is removed. If Israel wants to be respected by the world community then start playing by their rules.

Nov 06, 2012 8:15am EST  --  Report as abuse
rgbviews wrote:

A policy that de-ligitimizes Israel and leading to self-destruction.

The Palestinians while get international recognition of their state based on the 1967 boundaries and they will then have access to international law. USrael will be isolated and deemed violators of the laws intended to help manage this planet. BDS activity will soar.

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Jossef wrote:

Reuter, stop counting the number of homes Israel
builds on public land in Judea and Sameria
trying to give readers the impression that
Israel confiscates Palestinian land. The land
built on is a public land that no Palestinian has
a personal title to. Why is Israel the only
country wher Reuter report building counts. How
about reporting the number of buildings China
builds for new Chinese in Tibet?

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For how much longer are we going to appease this Zionist imperialism?

However, this is not an attack on Binyam Netanyahu but a withering attack on those spineless congressmen & women who prostrate themselves before the greenbacks of the Israel lobby in order to swim in its curdled favor and to retain their questionable power, authority and salaries.

Whilst Netanyahu makes a complete mockery of any claims to democracy, justice, morality, human and civil rights and civilized decency, these minions in the House avert their faces and close their eyes to the flagrant injustice meted out daily, with the essential help of American supplied arms and money.

As Israel runs rings around the United States government that funds it to the tune of $6 billion every year in direct aid and loan guarantees, the House still looks the other way. That is being complicit in an overt, criminal land grab that will soon end in nuclear war. And still the House remains silent at the monstrous blockade of 1.6 million in Gaza continues and the illegal settlements increase, and the world looks on impotently at these obscene activities that are supported and funded by America.

I have not witnessed such acts of cowardice in all the time that I served in the military in many parts of the world. The status quo in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem is uniquely abhorrent to all democratic societies, worldwide.

Nov 06, 2012 12:41pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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