Greece to vote on austerity, protests intensify

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Itri wrote:

Nobody was complaining when Europeans injecting money to your fake fields, your fake investments. Greek people only deceived themselves now face with the truth.

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Jas1969 wrote:

Itri, If you knew anything about this situation in Greece, you would understand that the Greek people are protesting against not only the austerity which has basically destroyed any chances for Greece to ever be a competitive, growth oriented nation, but also protesting against MORE bailout loans from the IMF which will further push deeper austerity for years to come. Don’t you think 50% unemployment, 200% higher taxes, and 45% wage cuts is enou7gh or would you rather see this country completely destroyed, famine and what amount to a humanitarian disaster involving 11 million people?
As for your argument that the Greek people have no right to complai9n, do your homework…the banks and politicians got all the money, not the common man. They are simply the ones who have to pay for it all!

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europeans did what? yoy cant have said that.i think your comments is the most irrellevant i have ever heard so far!!!
all american media are paying the same subject every day:ECB has profitted up to 60% from the greek bonds.
there are two options for you: the first is to get a diploma in economics and the second is not to talk untill are just parrotting what you hear from other ignorant commentators without any sign of self thinking.
the proof that you are mean and jelous with the greeks is when you said “when europeans…”as far as i know greece is still in europe and was one of the first members on the contrary to nations like finland who became members the last ten years as well as the greeks have never attacked to other european nations like italy and behave yourself.

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nevermind i have visited greece recently and i know.dont try to explain to every poormind guy whats going on and good people know.

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scythe wrote:

it is clear from the facts that if your previous economic governance was little more than

(i) a corrupt political fakelaki mafia
(ii) a swindling falsifier of the sovereign accounts

then your tax-paying populace would no longer feel compelled to pay their taxes
and you would have no money to pay for health care, pensions, government infrastructure

you don’t need an economix degree to understand that
only sh*t for brains

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VonHell wrote:


11 million people is a population about the size of a metropolitan region like Sao Paulo…
GDP around $200Bi, per capita around $20k

“humanitarian disaster”… maybe, but i would use this term to the poor people in Africa… It is just the result of a colossal incompetence… imagine a city with a debt of $350Bi…
Greek wages are far above brazilian standards… greek tax colection are bellow ancient roman standards… Sao Paulo is not a model of competitive economy… its industry is big but nothing like chinese…
But Sao Paulo is much more than Greece in prospect…

No wonder the unemployment…
When Greece entered Euro you got value to your salary that was an illusion… far above your real economy could sustain… and without inflation and interest rates to mask and roll the problems to the future… you crashed on the first credit bubble…and are bankrupted…

To become competitive and err “grow”… get out of this hole… you will reach a level far lower than Sao Paulo standards… make no mistake… when your wages and laws become more atractive… jobs will come… and wont be well paid jobs…
You want to stay in the euro… but you will be very poor in the euro… nothing compared with french or german living standards… look where Spain and Italy are going (to the same hole) trying to sustain that level… so from where will the euros come to pay next month salaries? IMF, ECB? you have no idea…

Ofc you can protest… but the problem is… it is futile: there is merit(because the people situation) but no logic in the arguments…
The only solution is go ahead with austerity if you want to stay in the euro… or leave and inflate the economy printing money and trying to do something with it…
In both you will be very poor…”smart and good people know”

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alexaposto wrote:

I could not help it , I try time and time not to comment but to much is to much ,
1 to many greeks working for the government did not do any work just look up the number of staff and member has and how they are (family ) usually in most cases getting big pensions for doing NOTHING .
2 getting retirement for the police or military or government job at 45 year of age !
3 people how pay the (fakelaki ) bribery for anything form building or getting kids through school , (frondestirio) pay cash the same teacher they have at school to get good marks .

I can wright a list of waisted of money the government did it will not fit the log in here .

just to refresh some people memory that the Olympics cost 4 TIME any other Olympics is just a indication of the fakelakia that was paid .

and finally , the list of 2000 names that have bank accounts(undeclared) value at a few to many billions euro , Y not start to look at it .

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Harry079 wrote:

“getting retirement for the police or military or government job at 45 year of age!”

Really! Makes one wonder here in the United States how many people can retire from their government jobs at 20, 25 or 30 years of service???

We have multitudes of people here collecting 2 or even 3 pensions from government jobs before they reach the age of 65.

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