Democrats hold Senate, moderates fade in both parties

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Robert76 wrote:

So now Boehner says they are willing to work with any willing partner. Really, since when. This is the Guy who stood at his pulpit and stated “Not just no Mr President, but hell no.” And in the Senate we had Mr McConnell stating that the Republican Senate’s number 1 priority was to make sure President Obama did not get a 2nd term.

Part of the problem here is that Republican Members of the House and Senate pledged their allegience to Grover Norquist rather than to the country they were supposed to be serving. Mr Norquist was never elected to any office, yet he holds the Entire Republican Party in his pockets. There is something extremely wrong with this situation. These people are supposed to be serving this country and it’s citizens – not some lobbist.

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Whipsplash wrote:

Republicans in the house have no choice but to work with Obama and the dems if they care about their jobs at all. If they don’t the house will go back to the Dems in 2 years.

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wilhelm wrote:

the glaring fact here is that none of this has anything to do with ‘democracy’ for the majority of american people.

if the US elections are a charade (and they are), the proof is in the results. the programs of the two major parties are either irrelevant (never enacted) or closely parallel to the other party, and the practice of their official members is evidence that those representatives act for various elite interests, regardless of the ‘will of the people’.

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jaham wrote:

I am sincerely pleased to see that Elizabeth “excess profits” Warren will be sitting idle in the Senate instead of steering the CFPB.

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@Robert76- I agree, well said. I also agree with Whiplash, in that if the Repubs don’t make an effort to reach across the aisle and compromise, they are more than likely in for it in the next midterms just around the corner.

@Wilhelm- I disagree, our elections are not “charades”, and the only reason lobbyists and special interests have so much influence is only because most Americans do not participate in their political process other than to cast their votes in the “charade”.

I suggest that everybody get hold of the emails of your respective representatives and senators and barrage them with emails demanding compromise and action, or else!

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