Maryland, Maine, Washington approve gay marriage

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This is a bad, sad day for our Society. The 2% (?) of our Nation, with the help of the media and entertainment have blind sided our Society and Civilization for an entity that can’t be defined and produces nothing. At this rate, even the Supreme Court will be mesmerized with its novelty that common logical thinking will be cast to the wind. It will come to the point that the Justices will rule in favor of the status quo, and not disrupt the many lives affected. Pity.

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Kevin73 wrote:

Attitudes are changing. The realization that all human beings deserve the same rights regardless of race, sex, or sexual orientation is setting in. And battle after battle, the war against the charismatic personalities and archaic traditions that retard our evolution both as a nation and as human beings, is being won. The nation is moving, if slowly, in the right direction.

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I am amazed that the bigger question still hasn’t been asked. That is, why is the government in the business of marriages? Instead of determining who can or cannot be legally married, why not just disregard the institutionalization of it and leave it with the individual communities and their churches where it belongs? Equality of liberty is what you want, not that fake equality that government advertises and subjects people to through force.

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3bladerunner wrote:

What a great day for all Americans!Equality for all!

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Tuscar wrote:

@LysanderTucker, people could care less whether churches are involved with the marriage. They care about their commitment having equal protection and rights under law for hospital visits, adoption, insurance, death benefits, etc.

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lemonfemale wrote:

@Lysander. Society has an interest in the creation of families and the legal responsibilities of parents and spouses. For Puritans, marriage was entirely secular. In 1647, Gov. Winthrop of MA refused the request of a man to have his pastor officiate on the grounds marriage was a state affair.
This is a watershed moment. Marriage rights have been approved by voters for the first time. My thanks to Dick Cheney the first Vice President to approve gay marriage- and who campaigned for it in Maryland when their legislature took up the question.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Conservatives… you’re losing ground here. Your moral agenda is failing. Decision time, whether you like it or not: Abandon the moral agenda or keep failing harder. Those are the only possible outcomes at this point. Told you so.

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