Obama win clears health law hurdle, challenges remain

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PapaFoote wrote:

I KNOW – the “Struggle” between “Political Thinking” has been around since “Cave-Man Days”!
Just “Try Again” – Perhaps it will “Work This Time” – “Patience”, but “Determination”, both need to be “Acquired”!
-The Old Mountain Goat-

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jaham wrote:

Obamcare allows Medicare to go insolvent in 2024 and he has no other plans to reform Medicare that I am aware of.

You think he’ll ever address the issue? Or will he just leave office in 2016 and let someone else figure it out?

After all the fear mongering about the GOP taking away benefits, you think Medicare beneficiaries who supported Obama are even aware of this? Doubt it.

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americanguy wrote:

We have health insurance. Every year my wife gets a physical. Every year we pay $340.00 out of pocket because the insurance company only pays 50.00 (it is cheaper to let people not get checked and die, more profits that way). Because of Obama care, her doctor group merged with a hospital and had to cut their rates to be in line with government allowed rates. This year, the same physical cost us $90.00 for the exact same thing. So tell me how “horrible” Obama care is and how much it is going to cost. As for the medical group, they have so many patients they cannot take any more, and are not going out of business or closing. She has the same doctor, the same location, the same staff, the same services, and it is $300.00 less.
Thank you Mr. President (and all who voted for Obama care) for cutting our healthcare costs and giving us an extra $300.00 in our pocket this year.

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jrj906202 wrote:

Opening a hole to unlimited deficits.No end in sight to Americans worship of big,wasteful,inefficient govt.

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Stickystones wrote:

The only hurdle there has ever been is the MONEY! And guess what, it’s still there even though SCOTUS affirmed it as a tax/spending issue. Are the writers of this article professionals, I mean does Reuters actually pay them for this crap? The ‘health law’ often called Obamacare and actually the Affordable Health Care Act is a hollow shell. The basis is to have more people covered with insurance and reduce Medicaid spending. Do you really think the people using Medicaid now are going to pay for the government sponsored insurance? Yeah it’s cheaper than the private market, but you are totally missing the point. They cannot and/or will not afford to pay anything more …… period. So nothing really changes except the drop in $ to help them from medicaid because they didn’t buy the insurance they couldn’t afford. People are thinking they are getting something for nothing, when they find out different there will be a collective disappointment. Worse yet when medicaid turns them away because they failed to BUY the insurance, futility will be compounded.

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elsewhere wrote:

He didn’t win the healthcare debate. The majority of Americans still want it repealed and That number will increase in the next two years. He squeaked by with no public plan, no public outcry by Reuters, CBS, ABC and the propaganda channel, NBC. I wonder how much the democrats will actually accomplish, maybe enough to fortify the
Republican majority in the house.

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Nothing in Obamacare significantly reduces the cost of medical care in the US. It just rearranges who will pay what.

One funny aspect of this election is that young people supported Obama. In 2014 these kids, who typically don’t buy health insurance will face a $700 tax penalty for their refusal.

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