Massachusetts pharmacy board head fired after meningitis outbreak

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tyg wrote:

Anybody getting fired at FDA or DHHS? What were FDA’s actions after warning the company? Who did nothing at FDA? The public is not holding FDA accountable for the amount of money their people are getting. Not only should the public find out what did FDA and the Mass. board of health not do, but the public should find out how many people get promoted, paid bonuses, lawyer bonuses, medical bonuses, as a result of at least 31 people dying and over 400 people sickened.

Meaningless congressional hearings to slap FDA leadership and then raise their pay or give them higher positions while they are still alive, while the dead are gone. Exactly how many dead Americans does the US need to do anything? 1 dead congressman’s daughter, 2 dead FDA or Massachusetts leader’s sons, or 30 dead average folk?

If these were American victims in a foreign country, it would be a national crisis. The dead and sick are just the cost of doing business with the pharmaceutical industry. Since compounders do not pay a user fee to FDA maybe it is not as important to keep the public safe from them as all the rich firms that do and are paying FDA customers. The compounding actions are “inevitable” because FDA doesn’t have any authority or money to pay their drug and law leadership.

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