Republican strategist Karl Rove's very bad night

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chris87654 wrote:

Saying that Romney had convinced voters he was a better leader and had a better vision than Obama, Rove offered a different spin on Romney’s losing campaign.

“This thing,” Rove said, “was won.”

I don’t understand this, but with Romney losing, Rove lost also. They couldn’t snow enough non-Republican voters.

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Rove’s final quote in this piece should be the nail in his coffin for his profitable career. To insist in the face of defeat that you should have won only says that you did not objectively assess the facts. It was close to be sure, but not that close. Romney could only win if certain dominoes kicked in, and even an amateur like me could see that wasn’t the most likely outcome. When such a high-priced player no longer sees the playing field with clarity, and starts believing his own spin, he’s worthless to his own team.

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todnwth wrote:

It serves Rove right since he is trying to tear down America instead of building it up, he sows anger and hate in the elections and in the halls of congress and the executive branch and should be deported to Somalia to live out his sorry life!!!

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todnwth wrote:

It serves Rove right since he is trying to tear down America instead of building it up, he sows anger and hate in the elections and in the halls of congress and the executive branch and should be deported to Somalia to live out his sorry life!!!

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Rove is the most despicable right wing hate mongering politician. This man had america divided all the way. Hope we see the last of this scumbag.

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Robert76 wrote:

And Rove is not the only one. Rove had his Group(s), Dick Armey had his groups (Tea Party being one of them), and Cheney had his. Between the 3 of them, they have sowed so much hatred in this country, they should all be called to account.

They spent billions trying to buy this election. That money certainly could have been used for good instead of misleading advertising.

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Bunker555 wrote:

Add Dick Morris to the scum list

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AlkalineState wrote:

Seeing Karl Rove almost cry in front of the world on election night…. that’s the kind of thing I would have paid to see. But it was free. He just did it. Threw a hissy-fit right there on his home-channel, FoxNews. “I don’t care what the results say. The results lie! This was ours.”

And all this time, I thought he was just another milky little turd in the GOP toilet. Man was I wrong. This is a man who made a very good night, even better. Let’s drink to more of that. Thanks Karl!

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G8Scott wrote:

With the success that Karl had in getting a Democrat elected, perhaps Karl should consider switching parties. After all he did a excellent job of redistribution from the rich to the working class.

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WillerB wrote:

Karl who?

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PeterisK wrote:

G8Scott: right into ten! :)

Overall, seeing Karl Rove desperately grasping last shades of his own created alternative reality and career was a superb bliss and best reality television ever seen. It seems that with money you can’t buy actually everything.

If Karl Rove is ever employed by Tea Party or Republicans again, I guess some things will never change in the future.

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jcfl wrote:

in two years we’ll all forget. look how long it took to forget bush2? (didn’t even see him during this election) rove will be back; evil always is. he’ll find another hate group to rally, a dem candidate to minimalize, a rich guy to suck off of. a guy’s got to eat ya know!

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jeff81201 wrote:

A disgusting human being.

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Tiu wrote:

You can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear.

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Adam_S wrote:


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beholder242 wrote:

First of all, it’s amazing to see how much hate is coming from the ideological side who claims to be so tolerant. I’m Republican, voted for Romney, never going to apologize for it. Am I disappointed in the results, sure. Do I hate the faceless masses on the opposing side, of course not. I think one of the problems with have with our politics these days is we’re confusing hate for dissention. I have people that I know in my personal life who have opposing views. Do I hate them? No, of course not. Do I sometimes have disgreements and debate with them, sure!

Put it another way, if you and your friends decide to go out to eat as a group and the choice is between Buffalo Wild Wings and Applebee’s, and you choose Buffalo Wild Wings while everyone else chooses Applebee’s, does that mean that you must now hate them? Does it mean they hate you? Are you going to tell your friends to go pound sand and go home and stop talking to them or being their friend? No, it means that they had a choice different from yours and because more of them chose Applebee’s, then you’re going to go to Applebee’s? I know it’s a very simplistic example, but it’s an illustration of just how polarized we’ve become between bitterly competing ideologies. It seems to me that as time has gone on, our ability as Americans to have civil political discussions, debate our differences respectfully, and accept that we are entitled to have our own opinions has really dropped to terrifying levels.

Bringing this back to Karl Rove, I refuse to accept that he’s a hate-monger any more or less than David Axelrod. They both simply are members of competing ideologies. Pure and simple.

Now, regarding the Fox News coverage, I did watch it on Election Night, I did see this episode unfold in real-time, and personally, I think it was an entirely reasonable question to bring up. Too many times, I have watched Election Night coverage of past elections and see races being called for a certain candidate despite the fact that the vote counts being shown at the time seem to contradict the call, even though in the end the call was correct. I found it a very enlightening and educational experience to get to see the “men behind the curtains” and how they’re able to make those calls. In the end, I think it highlighted the statistical approaches being utilized by both Rove and the guys making the calls. Rove was seeing one thing happening (the race tightening with lots of potential Republican votes yet to be counted) and thought the call was a bit premature, while the guys in the other room were seeing something else (the outstanding Republican votes were not going to offset votes from highly Democratic areas) and were confident of the call, and neither side knew what the other side was seeing.

Instead of looking at this from the perspective of a Republican pollster throwing some sort of tantrum when he thought his guy could still have a chance (which is an absolute given that Rove is going to have a vested interest in seeing Romney win and even Chris Wallace made this point for the audience), we should look at this as a unique opportunity to get a peek behind the curtain and see how this process is conducted.

Summary, if I was seeing the same things that Rove did, and did not know what the number-crunchers were seeing that allowed them to make the call, I probably would have said something and asked for some clarification on how they made the call as well. I’m pretty sure that had Rove known what the number-crunchers knew, he probably would not have argued it.

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ConstFundie wrote:

Bush jr. and Cheney were hidden away so as to have people (voters) forget that they ARE the Republican Party, it’s past, present, and promise for the future. We didn’t.

Rove and friends are incredulous to tears that even with dealing the aces off the bottom of the deck the game was completely lost. To watch the Fox n friends slip into depression, slack jawed and speechless, during the election and after was the classic satisfying cinematic ending where the ‘bad guys’ are bewildered they have lost terribly to the their underdog inferiors.

Unfortunately jcfl is probably right, it is victory short lived because the sequel promising cliff hanger was that the GOP maintained a house majority, an ember of glowing kryptonite peaking from the rubble. Rove is selling a message that too many of the 0.1% and all of the Republican leadership longs-for, and prays and pays to hear.

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Bert2 wrote:

I am sure that Rove made a bundle from his “investors” in personal salary. Or wait, perhaps he classified it as a hedge fund and only pays capital gains tax (if any).

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fromthecenter wrote:

I won’t cry for him, I wonder how me he has pocketed over the last 12 years?

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AlkalineState wrote:

“This is the beginning of a permanent Republican majority.” -Karl Rove, 2004

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Calvin2k wrote:

I don’t understand Rove’s final quote. Is he admitting that he is out of touch with reality? Romney never led in the aggregate polls, and only briefly after the 1st debate was he even close.

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ugg wrote:

This is the same guy who brought us the Bush Administration and that brought us Iraq which was supposed to be over in one week. It also brought is Afghanistan. The money we spent in these two places blame every American program, which really portrays the hearts and souls of the majority of the American People. Should we have done it?
History may say, without it uncivilized people in that area may still be dominating the citizens people who were born and still live there.
Financial wizards will say; It was done too fast, too expensive, too much human carnage and too much sacrifice for America for years to come. In a way, it failed about as much as the recent Republican Presidential Election. It is not over, but damaged will be pretty bad for generations to come. It caused one to think, maybe it is true when they say; fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

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jcfl wrote:

“in my heart i know we were right, but the facts prove otherwise” ron reagan (iran-contra)
seems appropriate now also.

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taxcorps2 wrote:

Beholder242, for the sake of fairness and conversation, I could agree that Rove may possibly not full of hate for those that he sees as lesser human beings than him and his crowd, the Koch’s and other buddies. However, I do firmly believe that he is at best an oligarchist. They, he and his clientele, all are staunch oligarchist. I do not see any way to reasonably deny that. They want full power and dominion over those that are of common means and income, end of story. They believed that their money could buy them power over the world, at least over this country, and like the evil power-seeker in a James Bond flick, in the end they lost, and what is right, really right, won. The so-called Christian right, in its overt hypocrisy and attitudes of superiority and the false notion that the country was founded only on Christianity, lost, because it is indeed wrong, not right. What Rove had to say is his spoiled brat, used to getting his way upbringing coming to light. All else that you have to say there is rationalization.

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USAPragmatist wrote:

Tuesday night as I was flipping around channels being bored by the stale coverage, with the exception of Chuck Todd’s insightful analysis of results, they started to announce Obama was going to win Ohio. So I switched to FOX News to see if they would call it too and I run into the treat of Karl Rove having a melt down on HIS OWN propaganda channel because even they had declared Obama the winner. Two points came to mind after watching his, for lack of a better term, tirade….

1. This is HILARIOUS!, I cant wait to see Jon Stewart or Colbert parody this, fricking great comedy!

2. Is not it telling that the ‘intellectual leader’ of the right is unwilling to accept facts when EVERYONE is telling him he is wrong? This is what is wrong with the right nowadays, all their arguments are not based in facts, but more so hate/negative emotions for those they disagree with.

Besides Obama dominating, and strong Democratic candidates for Senate winning, like Ms Warren, Mr Kaine, Ms Baldwin and Mr Donnelly, this was the best moment of the night.

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ckj3 wrote:

Well You got obama for four more years, now comes the true of it all hope you were right because if not this country is going to be endebted to china even more and gas at 8 dollars a gallon and health care a bigger problem lets see how long obama spends on the golf course and vacationing, obama our 100 trillion dollar president. how many expensive dresses will his wife buy on the tax payers dime. As you can see I dont like Obama but its only four years.

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sylvan wrote:

Please tell Rover….and Grover it’s over.

Also tell spinnerhead, that he ran the only campaign where his guy served, without ever being elected.

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jcfl wrote:

you lost – get over it

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AlkalineState wrote:

Bad night for Karl Rove = 4 good years for America. Karl, thank you. You have done more to drive your own party into the ground and waste your donors’ money on the GOP’s professional election losers…. than us liberals could ever hope to. I only hope we have 20 more years of you draining them dry and coming up dry. It’s good news for Democrats.

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JNW wrote:

Rove sure wears alot of hats. In addition to his roles as Treasurer and Chief Strategist of the Republican Party, Rove is also the Editor-in-Chief of Fox News, judging by how Fox News on-air “talent” hops to when Karl gives them an order.

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jlj wrote:

How does one comment on such statements made by Karl Rove? He says he and his group won? It leaves me thinking I’m trying to converse with a schizophrenic, someone who hears voices that simply aren’t there. All through this campaign, those who would lead/control the Republican Party have appeared to see anyone who disagreed with them as “other,” disdained, not quite human, if they couldn’t get behind their ideas and goals. When questioned, Mr. Romney (or Ex-Governor, though he seemed to mostly wish we’d forget that part of his career) would too often get the same kindly uncle smile on his face as Mr. Rove does, sort of a “there, there – leave the thinking to me” look that, yes, made it difficult sometimes to realize he hadn’t said anything of substance, but also left many of us feeling bad, as if we’d dared tell the Emperor that his new clothes didn’t exist. Is that what they won?

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As the song goes: Rove Rove Rove your boat gently down the stream merrily merrily life is but a dream”.
This devious man is a scourge on american politics.

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Quatermass wrote:

“This thing,” Rove said, “was won.”

We have a phrase for that in business. It’s called “drinking your own bathwater.”

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LianaB wrote:

Thank you beholder242 for a very eloquent and educational explanation. Too bad our country has lost the tolerance it was founded on and people do not have the capacity to agree to disagree and try to understand an opposing point of view. As the older generations go, we are slowly becoming a non-tolerant, impatient, gime-gime NOW nation, with less and less compassion.

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IntoTheTardis wrote:

Rove had his ass handed back to him. It’s time for him to retire to a richly deserved oblivion.

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topgun97365 wrote:

Two more years of Obama failures and Rove will be back stronger than ever.

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diluded0000 wrote:

Taxcorps, I think you are somewhat confusing conservative sub-groups. I’m going to create the names myself: racist rednecks, and religious conservatives, then try to define them somewhat.

Religious conservatives really, honestly believe they are doing the right thing, and things like abortion and homosexuality are absolutely wrong and should be prevented at any cost. For their beliefs, they get played by these big money guys into supporting one party, in spite of the greedy intentions of that parties controlling interest. I don’t agree with their views at all. But do have some respect for the fact that most of them try to live their lives right, and do good by others.

But then there is this bigger contingent of racist rednecks. They get sold a different message, by the likes of Rove. It is an easy sell: that guy you hate is responsible for your problems. The message isn’t overtly racist, but it is custom tailored to appeal to those who are. Just keep repeating Obama is a failure, and people with that confirmation bias will see that manifested everywhere, and support your guy.

In some regards, I don’t see some Democrats as all that much better than the oligarchs in the Rove crowd you describe. They see themselves as superior, and more deserving of power, than the common people. The implied attitude is: these poor people aren’t capable of getting by without our help. But that attitude implies a certain superiority I don’t like. One of the things I like about Obama, is he doesn’t have that attitude like some of his party’s elite.

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Randy549 wrote:

I hope that our newly-elected officials will show more willingness to work together than some of the rabid Rove-haters on here are exhibiting. beholder242, that was a good post you made.

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Timbuk3 wrote:

Take home message to Rove and the GOP: it’s not your lipstick, it’s the pig.

Americans are moving toward acceptance of gay marriage, they want the govt to stop interfering with their reproductive rights, and they don’t believe handing tax dollars over to millionaires is a better solution to the deficit and unemployment than the alternative that was offered. We want leaders who make decisions based on the data, not the ideology.

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Nullcorp wrote:

It’s over for this guy, and hopefully, for the GOP.

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bdm78704 wrote:

mr. rove and the majority of the republicans cannot see that our nation is not made up of just white, heterosexual christians. we are a nation of many colors, sexual preferences and religions. the republicans made it clear to the american people that if you weren’t a white heterosexual christian, they would take your tax dollars but you can forget about any meaningful representation or championing of your cause. that’s why they lost. president obama has the capacity to represent ALL americans, not just the white, straight christians. god bless him.

Nov 08, 2012 3:07pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Eugene2012 wrote:

Turd Blossom is no longer relative in today’s world. He needs to find a real job, like driving a sanitation truck!

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BioStudies wrote:

Oh you gloating scum. Keep cheering on the destruction of our country.

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Yowser wrote:

Could this be an apt metaphor?: Be careful as you add more and more hot air to the balloon of spin doctoring. If you don’t keep an eye on the state of that balloon, you could overfill it. The result? It bursts.

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CDN_Rebel wrote:

Republicans have shaped their ideology to appease older white men, because 10, 20, 30 years ago that would’ve been enough; before Nixon, Republicans were very much a different animal. The trouble is that the supermajority that used to be white is now more like 60-40 and shrinking. And given they don’t reach across to the 40, the 40 are voting 80-20 for Dems. Giving away 32 points in every single national election like they are with this strategy is OF COURSE a recipe for failure.

Minorities don’t want much, they just don’t want white people to suspect them of being crooks and liars. Once that happens, they’ll get their fair shot without having to ask for it.

I hope this can be a turning point in American politics (like we hoped 2008 would be), which is to say that the shrinking minority begins to embrace plurality and the Republicans tack back to sanity and inclusion. What’s the point of having a party that represents only one demographic when the country is made of several? Guys like Rove and Armey and Morris admitted as much in their ‘concession’ apopletics on air… if only their policies would reflect it too…

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AlkalineState wrote:

One of the main problems the GOP is having (but very few say it directly), is they kind of remind people of the Taleban now. Faith over reason. Anti-intelluctualism dressed up as moral superiority. Gut feeling substituting for reading. 8 out of 10 people who identify as ‘strongly Christian,’ can not cite all 7 deadly sins without googling them. They know all about what other couples should be doing, ‘based on the Bible,’ but they don’t even know the basics of the Bible when tested. We still have about 25% of the voters in this country who fit into this Kentucky / Birther category (which is embarrassingly high) but the good news is…. the other half of the GOP are just regular folks. And the nutjob half is powerless without those regular folks. The bad news for the GOP is, the converse is also true.

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GeorgeBMac wrote:

Rove proved to be a near genius in political strategy under George Bush. But he had one major thing working in his favor: he was allowed to define what the truth was — and the media went along with him.

This time much of the media (such as Reuters) didn’t play along with his game and reported the truth. That combined with Obama speaking truth to the lies was enough to get the truth to the American people. And Amdericans did what they usually do when they know the truth: they did the right thing.
… Sorry Karl …

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breezinthru wrote:

300 million USD and not much to show for it, eh, Karl?

Maybe we are witnessing the demise of the Republican Party as we know it. That would have a profound impact on the character of the Democratic party, as well, because there is some dirty work to be done. This debt problem isn’t going to get a lot better for a long time, no matter who is in charge and they know it. The entire world is anxious to see what it becomes as it struggles to overcome demographic change, perhaps a functioning multi-party system.

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iMom wrote:

“Can’t by me love?” Apparently, and much to my surprise, you can’t buy or steal an election every time, either! I have to admit to some level of glee watching the Invincible Mr. Rove (aka “Hatemonger in Chief”) have a tantrum. Reminds me of Rumplestiltskin’s reaction to being called out — too bad Karl didn’t rip himself in half or stomp his way through the floor. Karl Rove has not the GOP any favors by trading respectable, thoughtful, intelligent discourse for lying, cheating, stealing and manipulating — may work in the short run, but eventually every tyrannical system will fall. Don’t bother repackaging hatred in prettier paper, how about the GOP get serious, get real and get rid of the extremist nutjobs within the party. Or you can go the way of the Whigs…fine with me if the GOP is going to be represented by the likes of the Newt, Rove, Cheney, Ryan and the rest of the cabal. I almost feel sorry for my GOP friends who are not nutcases, but the fact that they are too lilly-livered to stand up to the bullies in their own party makes me feel less sympathetic. However, as someone who rarely votes Republican, the GOP can keep going as they are going since it suits my purposes just fine…say hello to the mastodons when you see them…

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TheNewWorld wrote:

I don’t go to Fox news because this is something I would expect of them. Reuters please stop spiking the ball.

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ladygoodman wrote:

The biggest favor Karl Rove can do for politcs in general and the Republican party in particular is to go away – far,far away – because, truth be told, if it hadn’t been for him and the Tea Party forcing Romney to say what they wanted him to hear, he’d have won this election. And shame on Romney for allowing them to do it. This is the first straight ticket I’ve ever voted in my life, and it was for the Libertarians because they were the only ones with the backbone to discuss issues such as climate change, the fact that reproductive rights do not belong in a political conversation, wars for oil, poverty, bank bail-outs and the national debt into which BOTH parties have buried our children, among others. And shame on the media for not covering them and allowing them into the national conversation.

“Sea-level rise” is not a communist term, and it isn’t a theory any longer; it’s a fact. I dare you to tell anyone on the Jersey Shore or in New Orleans that climate change is a myth.

Our unconscionable marijuana laws are the result of the politics of money. Cigarettes kill a half-million people annually in this country alone on relentlessly unmerciful installment plans. People generally don’t burn a fat one and beat their families, and it doesn’t cause liver damage or cancer. Pot has about 200 medicinal applications, but it’s a plant, so pharmaceutical companies can’t patent it.

And NO ONE was discussing the all-out assault on our constitutional rights via the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act or the Federal Restricted Building and Grounds Improvement Act, which makes peaceful protests on government-owned property or in the presence of anyone protected by the Secret Service illegal. Those buildings and grounds belong to US, and our so-called public servants are sadly mistaken if they think they’ll be able to hold themselves above the laws they inflict on the rest of us forever. I had to find coverage of Jill Stein’s false arrest for respectfully requesting that she be included in the national debates when she was on 85% of the ballot on YouTube because our main-stream media outlets are owned and operated by the two major political parties, which are BOTH responsible for treating our Constitution like it’s toilet paper, and which are BOTH owned and operated by the 1%.

This country is run by a bunch of sanctimonious, greedy, petulant children, and it’s past time they wake up and grow up or get the hell out of the way.

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CZSommers wrote:

And yet another old, white, Republican man refusing to believe that it really IS 2012. They keep thinking that it is still 1950, and that they can run the world any way they want, no matter who they have to step on.

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Robert76 wrote:

We need to just assign 50% of the Senate and House to the Republicans, and 50% to Democrates. That way all this could be solved in the Primaries where candidates for each Party could battle to see if they were that Office Holder.

Then save the National Elections for President only. That should force both Parties to work in good faith as neither could gerrymander or manipulate elections to obtain a majority.

Then we also have to overturn the “Citizens United” fiasco that allowed Corporations and Rich People to throw so much money into elected their “servants.”

And every one who pledged their alliegance to a Lobbyist named Grover Norquist should have to explain why they did that rather than obey their oath of office.

Nov 08, 2012 9:18pm EST  --  Report as abuse

I couldn’t bear to watch the video posts of his implosion ~ I was too embarrassed for him

Nov 08, 2012 10:46pm EST  --  Report as abuse
t-velocity wrote:

ckj3 wrote:
” how many expensive dresses will his wife buy on the tax payers dime”

Stop BLAMING poor Karl. The reason the Republicans lost is right above this line. GOPs are just too gullible and stupid. Hint: the POTUS and FLOTUS buy their own clothes…or more often, are GIVEN the clothes.

Nov 08, 2012 10:56pm EST  --  Report as abuse

I found it interesting and disconcerting that an American Crossroads ad was being shown in Houston just days before the election. Actually, it was shown over and over again; to the choir it preached. I wonder if that money would have been better used in states within the realm of reality? Do you see the tiny margins in Flordia, Virginia and Ohio? I find it hard to believe that the millions upon millions of dollars spent on broad-based advertising (a terrible ad, btw) could have been used elsewhere. Rove is brilliant. His IQ is off the charts, but he’s stuck in 2000. Times have changed, old bean. We need to wish you adieu in order to be a competitive force in politics.

In other news, I’m embarrassed and ashamed of the Fox News coverage of the election. As a staunch Republican, I found it to be flippant, trivial and an affront to the senses. I switched to CNN to see serious coverage. You had a blonde bimbo giggling when Obama was announced as the winner. I did not find it amusing.

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RabidRighty wrote:

Payback Rove for the dirty tricks you pulled against McCain in 2000. Have fun being a talking head on Fox News.

Nov 09, 2012 11:00am EST  --  Report as abuse
richbrobee wrote:

This sentence is confusing: “According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Rove’s group spent more than $1 million in 10 different Senate races.” It would be more clear to say, “According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Rove’s group spent over a $1 million each in 10 different Senate races.”

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Isbonifacio wrote:

Rove brought our country 8 years of marked deterioration under the Bush/Cheney regime. He is the agent of the upper 1% who shortsightedly squeeze our country’s middle class and hence strangle the economic health of the United States and the world. He is a destructive person who should be forever banned from electoral politics.

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Soundtracks wrote:

Nice spin Karl, but FDR also had a smaller share of the vote in two of his re-elections in similar economic times.

Nov 09, 2012 12:23pm EST  --  Report as abuse
breezinthru wrote:

I’d just like to thank Karl Rove for brightening my day; his abject failure is such a delight for me.

Nov 12, 2012 8:57am EST  --  Report as abuse
cowboyboots wrote:

Three times in my life have I watched Fox News. First time was last election 4 years ago, then President Obama’s inaugration and this election night. It is so entertaining and uplifting to watch the myths, lies and propoganda of Fox News blowing up in their faces. Rest of the networks coverage just doesn’t provide enough entertainment. Gloom in the Fox news room was so thick and pervasive, they couldn’t have brought Elvis himself to cheer them up. I will be watching it again on 20th of January…

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Doc62 wrote:

Forget Somalia, send him to Syria. Mrs Rove/Romney, the USA is NOT stupid or for sale and neither was the White House. I’m sure you’ll keep working(sleezing) on the Senate. The American people have spoken! Amen

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sdsavage wrote:

The fact that tons of money were not enough gives one a bit of hope about the entire concept of democracy – that “one person one vote” is more important that “one dollar one vote.” Even an old cynic like me found some encouragement in this.

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redhawkone wrote:

OK Karl Rove time for you to go into RETETIREMENT along with “DUB”‘s father … You need to go into astrology since political projections on your white board have been so INACCURATE…

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