Insight: California Democrats amass control over unruly state

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tougar wrote:

“…the California Teachers Association, which spent $32.8 million in support of Brown’s tax hike and other ballot campaigns. He cited the need to address chronic underfunding for education…”

Seems like the funding has been directed to the wrong place. (Union tax on the members)

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KingObama wrote:

Sylvan is right on the money! Issa is a joke…
-To all the whiny, cry-baby repubs out there… Suck It! You’ve done nothing productive for FOUR YEARS in a mad quest to take down Obama. It DIDN’T WORK, Nobody wants what you’re selling…

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rdstack wrote:

I think that Republicans need to understand that this is the best thing that could have happened. California is a perfect test for all the Democrat policies. I say give them 10 years of 100% control then sit back and watch. I’m sorry that so many people and businesses that disagree these policies would have to suffer but the nation as a whole would benefit greatly.

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yrbmegr wrote:

Presumably the Republican philosophy of “tax cuts are the solution to every problem” and the alleged Democratic philosophy of “tax and spend” were on display for the voters this election. The voters in California overwhelmingly chose “tax and spend”, suggesting they perceive more to the Democratic offering than just “tax and spend”. After awhile, cutting through all the social issue BS and the libertarian demagoguery, people perceive the need for sound, responsible government, and they are aware that Republicans cannot deliver that.

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Lloyd_L wrote:

The headline of this article could just have easily read “Labor Unions Now Own California.”

The years ahead will be interesting. Let’s see what job they tackle first.

In the mean time, responsible people will chart their own financial destiny and not rely on any public pension plan for their retirement.

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TimoB wrote:

Go CA!

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Overcast451 wrote:

Enjoy… lol

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BioStudies wrote:

58 Million people voted against Obama. I was one of them. I am proud to vote for prosperity and not buy into fear on little issues that were NOT IMPORTANT to the well-being of our country.

As soon as prop 30 passed Boeng and other business decided to close up shop in CA.

CA is screwed.

To all you haters out there spewing ur vile, scum covered words. You need to understand that you ARE the reason this country is going down. It’s not the other way around. Open your eyes. If you really understood what Obama was selling you would want none of it.

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BioStudies wrote:

I forgot to add:

The money that is raised in prop 30 doesn’t go to schools. It goes to teachers pensions. So CA is still gonna be 47th. Maybe we will drop to 48th!


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KDupre wrote:

People in California who support bad economic policies, lies, hate, and divisive talk got their way Tuesday. Now they’ll have to suffer through the dire results.

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DetroitNative wrote:

California will be a fine example of how efficient socialism is, and how sustaining tax and spend policies can be. Good luck everybody!

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rossryan wrote:

This will be entertaining, one way or another. We will get a chance to see whether or not their approach will work. If they do go ‘tax crazy,’ will their state flourish, or will fall apart? Most importantly, is it sustainable, or simply a time-limited / resource-limited phenomena?

In any case, I’ll put a timer of 20 years to determine whether or not they are successful, once they begin passing legislation.

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forzapista wrote:

@alldayUSA: Too bad democracy does not seem to suit you. You are always welcome to LEAVE the USA if you do not like democracy, there are plenty of places you can go. and BTW, Screw YOU!
Gotta love all the right wingers who bag on democracy when it does not go their way.

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krimsonpage wrote:

@alldayUSA grow up. Might help your personality. Don’t worry about California. She will always love you, even though you hate. The rich and arrogant have been living high on the hog for a long time. They are welcome to leave, because some other rich person will be right there to replace the last. The are more millionaires in California then any state. People like it here. Better a rich man in a high tax wealthy state than a rich man is a low tax 3rd World state.

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fedupaj wrote:

The state is now controlled by self serving CTA and other greedy unions. The large companies that haven’t already left CA will join the rest that have left because of over-taxing and choking regulations. What are these idiot dumcrats going to do after they tax commerce out of existence? It is incomprehensable how the voters of the state could be this stupid as to destroy what little check and balance that remained. California is well on its way to total financial collapse—-then what?

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Fantasywriter wrote:

Sylvan, did you read the story. Democrats have super majorities in both houses of the California state legislature. They are already talking about increased spending and taxes. They are talking about trying to chip away at the only real protections taxpayers have in Proposition 13. Even if the governor tries to veto some of the spending (he won’t) they can and will override it. Prop. 30 gives no guarantees that any significant monies will go to education if any. The Democratic left has had control of education in California for decades and, for the most part, have achieved their goal of producing graduates who are dependent and follow the party line like sheep to the slaughter. As California slides further and further over the edge all you can say is. “Let’s hope Dan Issa is watching.” You must be a product of public schools because throughout our country their unspoken goal is to produce followers without the ability to think critically and apparently they have succeeded. What educator, in their right mind, would support a proposition (30) that guarantees them nothing over a proposition (38) that directs the majority of it funds to education. I must stipulate that I supported neither of these propositions because I feel that either one would be disastrous to California. You may or may not know it but over the years you have acquired a socialist mentality and one day it will cost you and the rest of us.

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xit007 wrote:

Democracy – doesn’t trump stupidity. this really highlights the have and have nots — and I am not talking about money — I am talking about brains. California was a promise land – a nation to itself. Now it is moving towards a wasteland. They had the real estate tax bust that pushed many people to go elsewere – they tried to real in bureaucratic spending and failed – now it is a slow ride into the ocean. Sad for the people who love their state.

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SteveMD2 wrote:

Thats what happens when you have educated voters, a wondonerful state college system, a wonderful pvt college system, and the enormous benefit of eg Silicon valley Building today what would have been inconceivable products just 20 years ago in terms of performance and capability.

The reddest of the states are the deep south where predjudice still reigns in some areas against blacks and the deep south will be the last bastion of segregation of gays re the Civil law marriage contract.

I’ve seen chain gangs down near richmond in my army days in 1963, and in Naxhville there is a baptist church on every main street corner

while there are many great people there of all faiths, In early 2012 A pastor worely of NC said to put gays behind an electrified fence

Which is exactly what hitler did re the gays, Jews and other minorities.

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AlkalineState wrote:

As recently as Bush Senior, California was a swing state. Reagan governed it and went on to take it twice in his presidential elections. 55 electoral votes to the candidate who made the best argument there. Then Newt Gingrich and GW Bush happened. The GOP turned iteself into a bunch of religious nut cases and paranoid AM radio listeners.

Now the GOP wins…. Kentucky and Oklahoma reliably. Until more Latinos move in there too, and the GOP is relegated to the back of a walmart in Northern Idaho. Good times.

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ofilha wrote:

The republicans use the tactic of 1984. The truth is the lie, war is peace,poverty is prosperity. It was the republicans who have sowed fear just like Mitt when he doubled down on his statement that Chrysler was moving jobs to china and leaving American workers unemployed. Or Trump’s statement that Global Warming was started by the Chinese. The republicans are a repugnant group who refused to cooperate with the president or our governor, with the hope that by being a do nothing obstructionist will lead to public dissatisfaction with the democrats. The electorate has seen through their shenanigans and Americans are fed up. Let the wealthy move to China, India or Africa for that matter. We in the US, in California, have enough talent and good people to start businesses that provide decent jobs to American workers without forcing them into minimum wage jobs, like the republicans wish to do. They move to China and will find out how much love they will get from Chinese authorities when these selfish super wealthy individuals try to push the Chinese government around.

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gregbrew56 wrote:

Partisan hatred is alive and well, and living in…well…everywhere!

Everybody grow up and be adults. The U.S. as a nation is the greatest in human history, but it does have its flaws.

Here’s a novel idea: lets work together to make it even greater!

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oneofthecrowd wrote:

Brown campaigned for Prop 30 (raise taxes) at the colleges by threatening the students with automatic cuts to education and then sending them to the polls. Same tactic was used on parents with countless Prop 30 ads with Brown repeating the save the school message. CA Dream Act, in state tuition, and no calls to deport illegals (or undocumented migrants), then courted the Hispanic vote which now has 3 million students in the education system here making up over 50% of K-12 students, that’s a huge demographic shift. I suppose if most of us snuck our family across the border, got our kids educated for free, then every one of our kids will be voting for the party that let us have all those goodies. If the money keeps rolling in, then don’t ask how.

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JeromeBarry wrote:

This will be interesting. California has much work to do to make the state government “work”. If the D’s do it wrong, they will lose the whole state. If they do it well, they will win the whole country.

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Willie12345 wrote:

And down the toilet goes California. Time for you beach bums to put on your life vests and don’t forget to take Jerry with you.

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section9 wrote:

Very interesting to watch triumphalist liberals in denial.

Businesses are fleeing California to, wait for it,…the People’s Republic of China. And,..Texas.

California is a failed state. So is Illinois, and so is New York. In all states where Democrats have absolute control, the Blue Social Model is on its last legs. No amount of “Move, Greedhead!” can save the obsolete Blue Regime from going the way of the Dodo.

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DBMoran wrote:

People from outside California should understand that CA has become a one-party state not because voters prefer Democrats, but because the Democrats are the only mainstream party. Republicans have chosen ideological purity over electability and have moved to an increasingly severe ideology. Recognize that almost a majority of voters registered as Democrats voted for Schwarzenegger. Recognize that multiple Republicans who had held state-wide offices have left the party after long periods of being vilified as RINOs.

During the last primary election I went through the statements in the Voter Guide of many of the Republican candidates. Candidate after candidate demonstrated that they inhabited a bizarre alternate reality.

The California Republican Party have moved past being an extremist fringe party into being a large cult. Far too many of them become agitated if you express even mild skepticism of their beliefs, which can easily turn to anger and belligerence if you don’t quickly defuse the situation. Advice: Don’t make eye-contact, no sudden moves, but keep moving.

The business community is a large part of the failure of the Republican Party by taking extreme positions. For example, the CA Chamber of Commerce routinely and vigorously opposes attempts to rein in even the most egregious forms of consumer fraud, labeling them “job killers”. That the most prominent voice of the business community takes the position that criminality is essential and integral to the conduct of business tells you how looney they are.

Similarly, a major retailer found that the requirement for a timely meal-break during an 8-hour shift was inhibiting it in reducing staff, so it purchased $100K of “access” to then-Governor Schwarzenegger who declared an “economic emergency” and suspended the requirement (the courts immediately overturned his action as ridiculous).

There is widespread disagreement, even disgust, with the policies of the CA Democratic Party, but crazed extremists aren’t a viable alternative.

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valwayne wrote:

If you are a Republican thank GOD! Republicans should get the heck out of CA, and move to some of these purple states like NV, CO, FL, and VA and swing them back to SANITY. Leave the God hating, TAX and DEBT LOVING, Israel hating democrats in CA to themselves. Now it all belongs to the Democrats. Obama wants to give us a 40% top tax rate, and CA has a 13.3% top tax rate. That means that successful people and small businesses in CA will be paying 53.35 of their income right off the top. Then of the 46.64% that they have left they will have to pay all the other taxes and fees. And anybody crazy enough to stay in CA should pay those taxes. And its not enough folks….its not enough. IT WILL GO HIGHER because with the Democrats in control the public employee unions are in control and they want MORE! Watching CA over the next two years is going to be FUN!

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mrbadhabitgs wrote:

only thing new is that the state legislature is now veto-proof so jerry can make good on his promise not to raise taxes. the demo legislature will do it for him. as for being a one-party state, watch how this goes folks. in event you haven’t noticed already, the repub party is on its way to irrelevance nationally. wait til you realize your vote doesn’t make a damn anymore. been that way here for repubs the last 8 yrs.

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j011254 wrote:

Democrats in California have been salivating for years to get two-thirds in both houses. The State Legislature has never been know for moderation in the past and I don’t expect moderation now that they have two-thirds. They will see this as the same opportunity that the Obama administration saw in 2009. In fact, they will see what happened in 2010 as evidence that they need to use what ever majority they have now to pass their cherished programs and policies that they have been waiting for for decades. Expect a tax/fee storm in the next legislative year over all of California.

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Janelasdedeus wrote:

Ok… now the myriad Democrat party interest groups can begin their internecine war over ever diminishing financial resources. I mean… the Easter Islanders eventually devolved into cannibals.

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INTJ wrote:

As long as they understand that they now have no one on whom to blame their colossal failures, but themselves, that’s fine.

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hisfrogness wrote:

Like all ridiculous economic fantasy that liberals engage in, Prop 30 is no different.

Between the extra taxes and the new green regulations we will see less economic activity than we did last year. Less activity means less revenue. We just voted to soak the people with taxes that will not do a single thing to align the state’s spending vs. its revenue.

Economics 101.

Of course the 1/3 of welfare recipients that live in California probably don’t care. Actually they probably lack the education to realize it in the first place.

So between the great welfare state and their prudent, frugal overseers we have successfully ignored reality like a mass hallucination. The deficits will continue only the borrowing will get more expensive until those great knowledgeable representatives have no choice but to cut spending and services. I’m sure public pensions will be the last thing they touch too.

But march on, Truth to Power…err whatever.

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lizzielou929 wrote:

As is what happened in my state of IL, the tax increase won’t go towards education as the government is never a great steward of dollars. Two years ago, our IL state legislature raised the state income tax 66% to “fix” the state pension mess. Needless to say the debt is the same and our government is looking for new revenue sources. I never understood why people put so much faith in politicians and I don’t think I ever will. Most can’t fix their bathroom sink much less a state or a country.

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runfastandwin wrote:

Republicans have been in charge of California for 23 of the last 28 years (Deukmejian 8 years, then Wilson 8 years, then Davis who was a DINO at best for 5 years, then Schwarzenegger for 7 years, who was so incompetent he could not even drive and chew gum at the same time), and even under that horrible situation it’s still the best state in the nation. Now that the Democrats can finally bring some sanity to state government, it’s just going to get better. But I get it it. It’s a national pastime to complain about California while dreaming about living here, so haters, have at it. I’ll be lounging in my banana chair by the pool, reading a book, sipping a Margarita, and soaking up some bitchen rays…later I might go body surf or go to a premiere in Hollywood in my brand new car (almost everyone in LA drives a new car, the dealers make it so easy, thanks President Obama for saving the auto industry, sincerely, LA the world’s capital of car culture!).

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101dmax wrote:

I think the idea of raising state income taxes is good for California! It will allow Democrats to spend through out the state and improve things! They can also expand welfare spending for the expected increase in population that will be coming soon! Don’t forget to look at the chance to increase state sales taxes while you can!

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doctorfixit wrote:

I have watched California degenerate under Moonbeam almost since the day he was first elected. Deukmajian and Wilson staved off decline, but Grey Davis and Arnold accelerated it. Now Moonbeam is back to finish it off. Get out while you still can.

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Bill_Sanford wrote:

Well, at least california dems won’t be able to blame their collapse on Bush…

Hmm – on the other hand, lack of connection never stopped obama & cohorts.

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FloraBunda wrote:

A map of California vote results shows that Barack Obama won almost all counties along the Pacific Coast and Mitt Romney took all the rest, except for a small section on the CA/NV border.

What’s there? I asked myself. That’s a lot of nothing. But Mono County (pop 14,309) boasts Bridgeport, the county seat, pop 575 and Lee Vining pop 222. The vote for president (results incomplete, but they’ll be posted as soon a Abner gets his storm windows up) was 2574 for Obama and 2202 for Romney. A Democratic stronghold to be sure.

Lest you think these folks are behind the curve, I note that Mono County is developing an agency to discourage urban sprawl. I wonder who’s paying for that?

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Hank51 wrote:

runfastandwin doesn’t seem to realize that wile it’s true CA had Republican governors, it never had REPUBLICAN governors. What we have had in this state is a legislature controlled by the unions and represented by the Democrats. THEY are the ones who are responsible for the $16 billion deficit. California defaulted on their constitutional obligation to fund $6 billion to the schools this year. Without the new tax, there was no way to pay the schools what was owed and still have money for pensions. We can have a bullet train from Bakersfield to Fresno that nobody will ride, but we can’t finance education? I’ve lived here for the better part of my life (except time spent in the military)and I’m close to retirement. I’ll be moving to a more fiscally aware state when I do. runfastandwin can sit by the pool in his banana chair and watch the state go broke when businesses leave and the roads go to ruin. I’ll be laughing.

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Hank51 wrote:

13.3% for the top earners for seven years will evolve into an extension and then permanence. That still won’t be enough and those lovable, laughable Dems will change Prop 13 and find another source of revenue. That still won’t be enough so they’ll increase the tax rate for everybody. In the mean time, a large number of the businesses will have moved to greener pastures, taking their workers with them. It won’t be too long before the takers will outnumber the payers.

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harryharris wrote:

Most liberals shouldmove to California so they can live in a one party state. They would have no political competition. The media would become bored because they would have no one to excersise their biased against

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miaspace1 wrote:

all the anti-california rants are hilarious.

y’all probably don’t know it… but california is “a donor state”. that means that 85% of our tax dollars are shipped to places like alaska, mississippi, kentucky, alabama. (y’know, states that can’t take care of themselves).

y’all wouldn’t have medicare without california. y’all wouldn’t have jet fighter planes without california. heck! without california, y’all would drop from the world’s #1 economy… to #4. (behind china, japan, germany.)

thank god for california.

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The people who voted for this tax hike won’t be paying it. Jefferson referred to this kind of scenario as a form of tyranny.

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eatingdogfood wrote:

Democrats + Unions = Bankruptcy!

Nov 13, 2012 9:41am EST  --  Report as abuse
sylvan wrote:

I guess Arnold terminated GOP aspirations for at least a decade.

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