Syrian rebels kill prisoner as war fuels hatred

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Bob9999 wrote:

“Syrian rebels kill prisoner as war fuels hatred”

This is not something that we approve of; however, Syrian rebels captured by the government may be tortured first and then killed. And if they give up enough information to identify where they come from, their families may be targeted, as well.

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ofilha wrote:

The west should be very careful with this situation. We do not know really who are the rebels, and i am sure they now have been infiltrated by Jihadists and alqaida types who will use these tactics to sow discord and hatred. If it becomes a tit for tat we are going to see the deterioration of Syria into a Somalia type of situation or Lebanon’s civil wars and the West will not win any friends there.

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Slammy wrote:

Very sad but foreseeable. Just about every armed conflict has similar incidents. Americans killed many Japanese prisoners during WWII because they could not guard and/or transport them to holding areas during combat. Heard similar stories in Vietnam and even in Afghanistan. Not sleeping for days in a war zone while watching ones friends being killed can drive men to actions they would not otherwise commit. Not legal, not acceptable but predictable.

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John2244 wrote:

Its only normal if commanders encourage this behavior. In Iraq and Afghanistan we had 100,000′s of encounters with prisoners – we’ve had several cases of prisoner abuse but never has this been tolerated by officers or leadership. Therefore it was not widespread. I know what you see in the news but my sister and I were in Afghanistan for a combined 3 years and this is not routine. Thats why the documented cases in these two giant wars numbers less than a couple hundred. Libya has also done an admirable job in not killing loyalist troops. 99.9% of the former Libyan army is now living normally without fear. The rebels even put a former military commander in charge of the new army – a brilliant move.

Syria might be different – there is a suspicion that killings of government soldiers is endorsed by the leadership.

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tmc wrote:

Reuters, I will not watch a video that has a 30 second commercial.

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Chazz wrote:


It seems to be on the rise in the World. And why not? When leaders shout to their devoted followers that revenge must be taken on the other side, hatred is what you get – the haters AND the hated.

Reading the words Abraham Lincoln spoke during his second inaugural is quite sobering. The World would benefit greatly for a leader of his caliber now.

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Sergii wrote:

The Syrian rebels are terrorists themselves by nature. These terrorists are ultimately controlled, as well as financially and technically supported by number of dominating states that have their geopolitical interests on the Middle East. Effectively, the war in Syria is the war of key world powers on foreign territory for influence over that territory. Assad just had bad luck to be a weak negotiator with those powers. It is similar case to that of Kaddafi and Saddam Husein. By the way I have had chance to talk to number of quite educated people from different Afrikan countries (those people work in EU in high tech industries). It is interesting that all they consider that Livia was one of the most comfortable for life and developed countries in Africa. By the way, why does nobody take care for Northern Korea with similar authoritarian regime?! The answer is pretty clear – there is no crude oil in Northern Korea! That is why it is ridiculous when mass-media present the war in Syria as liberation against authoritarian regime.

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kenradke11 wrote:

Assad may very well be killed the way that person was executed albeit wrongly. That would be a favor to the world and shame Russia and China for their vetos because that will be null and void and the Syrian people will be liberated !

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randburg100 wrote:

……and these are the thugs that the UK government, amongst others, is funding…I hope Hague has his defense for a war crimes court all set out…the so called FSA are as much murderous animals as assad’s thugs….

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randburg100 wrote:

kenradke11 wrote:

Assad may very well be killed the way that person was executed albeit wrongly. That would be a favor to the world and shame Russia and China for their vetos because that will be null and void and the Syrian people will be liberated !

If you think Syria will be liberated, you are VERY much mistaken…the ‘rebels’ are nothing more than a front for the cowards in al qaeda & their fellow killers in the taliban….

The end result of this so called Arab Spring is going to be an arc of Islamic thuggery across North Africa….deep into the Middle East…..and then we’ll have some old geezer in the Vatican bleating about another Crusade…..Middle Ages here we come! You think there’s problems now….in the words of the song..”you ain’t seen nothing yet”!

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