China says no to foreign rights monitors for Tibet

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Harry079 wrote:


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keebo wrote:

“(Those) who think there are any problems in Tibet, human rights problems, arrogantly wanting to pursue investigations, to use these situations to propose entering Tibet, (I’m) afraid we feel it’s inappropriate,” he told reporters on the sidelines of a Communist Party congress.

You need only look at the hypocrisy of their government towards the people of China to understand that all they are is a bunch of thugs. They do not believe that their people deserve anything better than a dictatorship against the proletariat. The leadership of China believe they are free even if their people are not, yet in actuality they are captive to their own corruption. Sad really – just pathetic.

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jimguinnessey wrote:

The murderous and illegal annexation by Red China of peaceful Tibet has its earlier example in Hitler’s unlawful and murderous annexation of Poland and Czechoslovakia prior to WWII. China’s shameful imperialism which it condemns in every other major power except itself will long go down as one of the worst and murderous travesties of justice for year to come.

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Spacetime wrote:

Since the peaceful liberation of Tibet province in 1959, the Tibetan people, who used to be slaves of the clergy and nobility represented by dalai lama, are not to subject to their exploitation and oppression anymore. Whatever dalai and his gang do to cheat the world, his time is long gone and his slavery will never come back, because the millions of Tibetan people won’t allow that to happen again.

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China you blew it on Syria too. Deadly arrogance on your part.

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Spacetime wrote:

usa.wi you don’t blame Us genocide in Iraq caused hundreds of thousands death of civilians? Dual criteria.

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Not allowing the UN in simply implies the problem is probably worse that it appears to be.

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gli98 wrote:

It’s ironic that even though U.S.troops slaughtered thousands of innoscent civilians in every war it has had launched, like that in Afghanistan and still going on in Iraq, the Americans still find it right to accuse other countries for fighting against terrorists and traitors.
Plus, Tibbet has had been a part of China well before U.S.was estabolished, although with a certain extent local autonomy. In contrast, Northern Ireland only re-obtained autonomy from UK few years ago. Never seen Americans attempted to free them!

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gli98 wrote:

Just to add a few facts:
1. Dalai Lama is not solely a so-called “spiritual leader”, in fact this guy was a warlord who had actually governed Tibet before fled away from this region.
2. Dalai Lama carried out slavery in Tibet before 1951.
3. Actions like self-burning or suicide bombing is oftern regarded as terrorism by U.S. government when conducted by Islamists.
Why does U.S. government suuport a former warlord who had once slaved his people and is now a terrorist?

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CatGarfield wrote:

For Chinese, Dalai Lama and his gangs are terrorists, same as al Qaeda. Although I’v never been to Tibet, I believe Tibetan people must prefer CCP rather than a slave owner’s regime by Dalai Lama.

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nutshell wrote:

Apparently, this report was not objective. Look through the history, US always tries to support the oppostions of its contemporary or potential rivalrous opponents. US failed to support the Chinese dissidents during and after 1989 so she changed her objective to Dalai Lama, but she is failing also.
Could any single America image that a foreign government accuses her human right reccords and demands UN initiates an investigation on this issue? This is what the western governments are doing on China now.

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Pterosaur wrote:

Funny to see the West blames China for the self-burning incidents. It is so clear that the West together with Dalai have conducted the long brainwash campaign to make this happen today.

Poor souls who didn’t even know they died for total lies.

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