Syria opposition seen uniting after US, Qatari push

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Slammy wrote:

It is going to be difficult to form a respectable opposition government until Mr. Al Assad, aka The Cowardly Lion, is dethroned. Since there has been no political opposition for 40 years there is no one, absent former Baathist members, who have authoritative credibility. Once the regime collapses then the bureau and technocrats can come in and get things running again. The people can then elect new representatives who have local credibility. I just do not see how a group of self appointed expats expects to be been seen as legitimate by the Syrian people.

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usagadfly wrote:

The “Syrian opposition” is just a bunch of Sunni anti-everyone else tribesmen acting as the paid proxies of the US and the conservative Sunni Gulf States. The end result will be religious warfare and hand-wringing from American “Liberals” and Israelis about how “unreasonable” these “rag head” Arabs are.

Just another US elitist waste of US social benefit money. This is not the kind of spending FICA taxes are supposed to fund. Now, we cannot “afford” to pay the benefits because it would take away the funding source for more than a decade of war after war after war. Cut the military / para-military budgets and use the surplus to repay the FICA trust funds. Those funds were not “diverted”. They were borrowed by an identifiable part of a crooked Government. Time for payback for the American people, the 90% who were robbed.

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Slammy wrote:


While I agree some of your sentiment, maybe it will make you feel better to know Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Libya are the main financiers for the fsa. Libya has actually given the most money to date. The USA has provided about $40 million in non-combat aid. While $40 million is not chump change that amount is too low to effect any major military program and far less than the trillions spent on our other wars. Heck, we give Israel and Egypt 1 billion a year just for being Israel and Egypt.
The USA has not taken the lead in this conflict and is deliberately trying to stay out of making a major commitment. I would think that would make the isolationist happy given the costs of the other wars over the past 11 years. I do not foresee American planes bombing Syria anytime soon and believe it is highly unlikely of troops on the ground, unless its to secure the WMD’s.

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