Boehner sees no progress in "fiscal cliff" talks

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speaker12 wrote:

The American people have given Obama another four years of rule. The next four years will become the worst reign of terror in the history of the United States. The egotistical Obama along with the puppets, Reid, Pelosi, et. al. will have their way. God help America.

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NJ989 wrote:

President Barack Obama made an opening bid in budget talks with Republicans that calls for a $1.6 trillion tax increase, $50 billion in infrastructure spending in 2013 and new power to raise the federal debt limit, a provocative set of demands that Republicans said represented a step backward in efforts to avoid looming tax increases and spending cuts.

The anti American left elected this neophyte …. you own it this time !

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bates148 wrote:

If only we didn’t have these two political parties. This country would be much better off. After I write this, you’ll see Republicans attacking Democrats and Democrats attacking Republicans. What this country needs is real change, one that rids of the party system and ensures individuals like Boehner, Reid and Obama never see political office again.

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ThomasShaf wrote:

What happened to my comment???
Thomas E. Shafovaloff

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kevin2ia wrote:

Liberals are no more familiar with the concept of reducing spending then they are with the concept of integrity.

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MrB.L.Zebub wrote:

Get ready for the most obvious beginnings of the collapse. Time is short, preparations are many. Get busy.

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flashrooster wrote:

Actually, kevin2ia, Democrats have a better track record on budgeting than the Republicans do.

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McBob08 wrote:

Boehner dares to accuse Obama of not getting serious when he’s still screwing around, courting failed policies that will drag America down. All the times of prosperity in America in the past century have been during times of high taxes, especially on the rich. Low taxes and low spending are what has been dragging out this recession so long. Boehner needs to stop supporting policies that only favour the rich and start doing what’s best for 98%.

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McBob08 wrote:

@kevin2ia: The low spending is part of the problem. America should be taxing the rich heavily and INCREASING Domestic Spending, because that is what drives the American economy — not the rich leeches that constantly suck money out of the American economy to send to their offshore tax havens. The rich are hurting America, badly by paying little to no tax, but continuing to take and take from the wounded economy they mangled.

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ConstFundie wrote:

@kevin2ia, ever seen a graph of National debt vs president? Under Republican presidents- debt EVERY year starting with Reagan, and including a near complete financial collapse under Bush. Republicans have a history of being good at one thing, making personal wealth out of public debt.

@bates148, i think that would entail getting every last penny of profit and personal gain out of politics and Public Service. Rough go, considering the GOP politicized Supreme Court ruled for even MORE money in politics. Legalized bribery for politicians.

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Mott wrote:

This deadlock is so evident from the start given identical party and people mix.

Being naive is shear foolishness this time around.

It’s not the my2k that’s needed this time around as the middle class is better prepared with more in savings.

Just do the right thing – let the sequestration proceed as it constitutes healthy correction by design.

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flashrooster wrote:

Forgive me, folks, but I’m going to repeat a post here:
As usual, the real story behind these budget “negotiations” is being buried and replaced by a picture, a canard really, painted by our omnipresent plutocracy. Consider this: Most of our debt has accumulated over the past 30 – 35 years. During that time the Middle Class has declined while at the same time the wealthiest Americans increased their wealth annually by double digits. In addition, it was during that time that lobbying took over our government. We the people have been taken advantage of by the banks and mortgage companies; Wall Street and investment companies; and during this time corporate American organized, all but destroyed labor unions, bought out our government, shipped jobs overseas, stopped increasing wages, raised prices on goods and services, increased their own earnings annually by double digits, had the government they control run up a mountain of debt, had tax payers bail them out (TARP), and now they want the Middle Class to, once again, bear the brunt of the deficits and debt. And keep in mind that much of the government debt is a result of our borrowing money and then channeling that money to these same wealthy plutocrats for the goods and services.

The ruling plutocracy, represented by the Republican party, and to some extent, the Democrats, talk like, if we’re going to do this it has to be done mostly by cutting government programs that help everyone except the very wealthy, those who led us into this mess. For their part, they may be willing to forgo some tax loopholes (with the unspoken caveat that enough loopholes and tax havens remain accessible to them so that they can continue to pay little or not taxes.) I mean, they even ran a Presidential candidate who wanted to cut taxes on the wealthy (including himself) even more. Romney’s supporters couldn’t even see just how ludicrous that was. This is where we’re at today.

Obama, to his credit, is representing public opinion on this, as least on this issue of raising tax rates on the wealthiest. But even if Obama and the Democrats succeed at that Herculean feat, which frankly is hard to imagine, there are so many other pieces to this debt/taxation puzzle and–and this is the main point–the Middle Class has no one representing them. If Obama gets his way on tax rates, he’ll probably have to give on everything else, so that nothing for the wealthy really changes. So while they’re drowning our brains in propaganda convincing us to support positions that best benefit the wealthy plutocrats, the negotiators will all be from the plutocracy and none will be representing the Middle Class. The toughest part of these negotiations will be deciding the best way to bamboozle the public, convincing us that they’re doing right by us when really they could care less.

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mixup wrote:

I have to laugh at a country that preaches “democracy” to developing nations.
This same country in which a political party gains both the popular and electoral college vote, and yet is not entitled to govern.
Stand by for another four years of inaction, overseen by vacuous leaders.

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And all this time I thought it was the President, Senate and House Democrats who for the most part “won” (or increased their numbers) in the 2012 election based upon policy proposals laid out in the platforms. If I remember correctly, Romney’s and the Republicans’ policy proposals fell totally flat with the American public… It’s time the GOP realizes their 2% masters (who tried to buy this election for them) lost and should allow the President to carry out his proposed policies. If they fail, then he can get the blame… if the succeed, then the GOP’s proclamations about “doom and gloom” will look as pathetic as they did during the 2012 election cycle!

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fromthecenter wrote:

Let it go off the cliff, they want to reduce spending and raise revenue don’t they? Don’t get the argument about these bush tax cuts being a boom to jobs… If it was such a boom, why are we in the mess we are in? Besides the wars I mean.

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gacha wrote:

They are all a bunch of schmucks. But really, if they all want the cliff, then that’s where we’ll go. Hold on tight!

But since when did the Republicans become the party of the top 2%? And when did the Democrats become the Socialists?

Who do Republicans represent? Why do they feel social programs are anathema?

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Abulafiah wrote:

What Boehner and the GOP fail to understand is that they are irrelevant. They have lost already.

Obama doesn’t need to make a deal. He can go over this ‘fiscal cliff’ and then deal with it in January by reducing taxes on the middle-class and a sensible increase in military spending.

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SamOsborne wrote:

Any public servant that thinks they owe more in pledge to a lobbyist like Grover Norquist than they do by oath of office to the people they are elected to serve knows nothing of loyalty of any kind and deserves to suffer the fate of those that allow themselves to be so opportunistically misguided that they forsake their responsibilities in favor of the satisfaction of a party outside of their constituency.

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Jose3 wrote:

Boehner believes that he is saving millions of lives a year by increasing or maintaining the military budget to conduct its world wide war on marijuana. Boehner is on a mission to save the millions of people that he honestly believes are dying every year from smoking marijuana. How can an idiot like Boehner get into a position of leadership?

Nov 30, 2012 8:44am EST  --  Report as abuse wrote:

Nice work Washington. You will lose your perks and special healthcare when the public goes to Washington to protest your incredibly poor work. Both sides are to blame. We are also going to make your insider trading illegal just like it is for real people. You should all be sent to live in Iran.

Nov 30, 2012 12:39pm EST  --  Report as abuse
jaham wrote:

Let’s run some math here:

$6.7T deficit projected over the next ten years


$16T in current national debt


$52T in unfunded entitlement liabilities


$1.6T from taxing the rich over the next ten years


$73.1T in unfunded liabilities (debt) remain AFTER Obama has successfully taxed those evil rich people….

Where is Obama and the Dems plan for the spending cuts and entitlement reforms we need?

Why do liberals refuse to hold him accountable for his disingenuous “plan” when the arithmetic clearly dictates this problem is bigger than can be solved via taxation?

Nov 30, 2012 1:27pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Abulafiah wrote:


Why do you know so little about finance that you don’t even know what a liability is?

Nov 30, 2012 9:42pm EST  --  Report as abuse
dredd67 wrote:

The Republicans are going to cause the biggest crash this country has ever witnessed, Great job Speaker John Boehner and Pres. Obama, dont think about all the people this will effect, by no means, please think about your own agendas, as they are more important than my family myself or the hundreds of millions of people that this is just going to crush…
Diasppointed in everyone involved in politics, We have lost our way and there is no way back, not with people like that in power.

Dec 03, 2012 2:41pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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