Both sides hint at renewed talks on U.S. "fiscal cliff"

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Zaichik wrote:

Tim “I’m supposed to pay taxes?” Geithner is suffering from delusions of grandeur. He speaks for the Treasury, not the Adminstration, and would do well to keep his mouth shut.

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johne37179 wrote:

The President, in an effort to be balanced, has decided that instead of selecting the richest 5% to carry 60% of the tax burden of the country, every year 5% of the population will be selected at random to pay 60% of the total tax burden. The Presented pointed out that this proposal was in keeping with his desire to fairly distribute the tax burden in a balanced manner.

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usagadfly wrote:

Why does the US pay foreign-born people, who never personally worked a day while paying FICA taxes, Social Security and Medicare benefits? Talk about fraud.

Why not retroactively index Federal service benefits of all kinds to an index made up of Social Security and Medicare benefits? Cut one, cut all. Include payments to former elected officials. They force the rest of us into their scheme for ordinary people through FICA. Let them come on board. Why should they be separate from the vast bulk of taxpayers?

Why not reduce Federal entitlements to mineral production, nationwide? Those are “entitlements” and they were paid for, but no more than Social Security and Medicare were paid for. There are many, many, many Federally “protected” entitlements. The meaning of “entitlement” is to possess a title to something, the right to possess and control it, granted by the Government. Same for stocks, bonds, and real estate as for Social Security and Medicare. If you cut entitlements to balance the budget, cut them ALL proportionately.

But then that would truly be balanced. And all politicians want to do is to balance the budget on the backs of the weak and the poor. This is a sad time for the future of this country. Why should the holder of any entitlement in US territory feel secure? They should not. All that due process requires is that someone with power wants to take what you think you own.

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xcoldbeer wrote:

Hold fast, John Boehner.

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MrScott wrote:

Come on Obama be a leader and TRY to see all sides! Don’t be a hard-asp and think/say “It’s my way or the highway”.

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soulice wrote:

@Zaichik – wrong, he speaks for his drinking buddy. Period. Heard Obama on the radio today talk about how the republican plan where they claim you can get 800 billion in new revenues was off in its math and it only comes to 450 billion. I missed the part where the is less than the 95 billion you get from a raising taxes on the rich.
Then he says dept limit increase discussion are off the table. The same table where we discuss the deficit and spending down debt. That same debt that increases when we raise the debt ceiling and borrow. “We will talk about the deficit, but you are not allowed to question my borrowing more money…” OMG, LMAO! and all that text lingo…

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jbs123 wrote:

Mitch McConnell offered to put Obama’s plan to a vote in the Senate today and Reid refused and called it a “stunt”. I say let the entire thing go for a vote in the House and Senate and see who stands for what. As a side note, why is this story not being reported on most news websites?

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stlucifer666 wrote:

This is what Obama wants, the country in ruins, he has created no jobs, he has done and is doing everything he can to bring America down.

John Boehner do not give into Obama at all.

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drewsands wrote:

I want to see Boehner cry again. Congress 15% approval rating. No wonder. Bush left office the Dow crashed to 6k now it has more then doubled. Obama is a 2 term President and the dumb Rep. should work with him. GOP Goofy Odd Politicians. What a waste of seats.

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drewsands wrote:

John Boehner and the Rep. have nothing else except this nothing. Not a thing. Not one idea or solution. If they do list them with support evidence. Won’t happen you all are so so sad.

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reedkickball wrote:

@soulice. The 800 Billion revenue increase that’s quoted, is the total amount over 10 years. So that comes out to about 80 Billion a year on average.

The only problem is we are spending over 1000 Billion (1 Trillion) more than what we take in. Spending is the major issue. I hope the Republicans hold out as long as possible, getting as many spending cut concessions as possible before giving in.

Obama has also demanded an additional spending increase of 50 Billion as an agreement to any fiscal cliff deal.

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NCMAN64 wrote:

With obama and little timmy running and ruining the economy, it looks like nothing will change because there is no way to solve obama’s economic ignorance. He wants to count coup on the evil rich folks like he promised during the election, and raise their rates to cover nine more days of the non-existent budget. Uncertainty is embedded in America for the next four years, if it can even survive.

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prietenul wrote:

Go over the cliff!!! Let the Republicans explain why they are increasing taxes on all Americans, including the rich 2% who they are so desperately trying to protect. Let’s all have some skin in this game. Letting the Bush Tax cuts expire is the best thing for eventual fiscal sanity. Yes, recession and higher unemployment in the short term, but much less debt in the long term. Go for it!

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soulice wrote:

@drewsands – tell me how 95 billion in revenue from the rich solves anything? Where are the balanced spending cuts?

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Duke717 wrote:

First I am a fan of Reuters , one of the more reliable sources of economic news and seem less politically biased.

What is in the best interest of the American people is to get the debt in control. Cliffs and ceilings are seemingly unimportant to someone losing the roof over their head. We need to concentrate on job creation and that means keeping taxes at a minimal. We need to cut spending first and if it means holding the line on the ceiling then so be it.
If taxes are raised there will be less spendable income and the economy will suffer. The fiscal cliff seems OK for the president as it will provide more money without effort and the blame will be passed on to the republicans.
We need to pass legislation to retain the tax cuts across the board and keep the ceiling by reducing spending. Bailouts are not the answer either they only compound the problem. They invite fraud and do not guarantee American jobs, investment in infrastructure guarantees jobs here in the USA. We spent more on foreign wars and rebuilding than necessary.Close as many over seas bases as possible and expand those here. This will ensure better homeland security and create jobs here at home. With modern aircraft and transportation engineering troops can easily reach most regions in the world quickly without being deployed. When our troops and equipment have to rely on host nations for security we take risks. Mitigate risk and deployment hardships, create jobs here at home.
Reduce the deficit by keeping the ceiling- the sky is not the limit. Fire any department head that goes over budget like any business. Freeze all government salaries until the debt ceiling is satisfied.

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ChickenFarmer wrote:

Why doesn’t Boehner just pass their own version thru the house with tax cuts to everyone & entitlement reform and then put it on Obama that HE is the one who wants to raise taxes on everyone.. that’s essentially the crap that Obama/Reid are pulling.

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Waveman wrote:

Dems would rather folks be on food stamps than not. They are guaranteed votes.

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VSNFR60 wrote:

I say go over the cliff, wwweeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the soup du Jour lines begin. Casual attire acceptable.

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libertyville wrote:

Let’s go over the cliff and get this mess over with. The coming recession is all Obama this time.

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stambo2001 wrote:

The republicans should now stand down and take their ball home. They should all offer to not stand for re-election and no republican should run in 2014, and every business owner shutter the shop and move to Belize for a decade. Let the democrats have full 100% control of both houses. By 2020 the country would look like Zimbabwe and no person of their right mind would vote democrat again for a hundred years.

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flashrooster wrote:

Waveman: “Dems would rather folks be on food stamps than not. They are guaranteed votes.”

If that was true Obama and the Democrats wouldn’t have tried to get a jobs bill passed, which was blocked by Republicans. In addition, Obama and the Democrats tried to pass a bill rewarding companies who brought jobs back into the US with special tax breaks and would eliminate the tax breaks now being enjoyed by companies who ship jobs overseas. The Republicans blocked that, too. Clearly it’s not the Democrats who are trying to keep people on food stamps.

But the Republicans are even worse than what you’re accusing the Democrats of doing. Republicans want to see more people jobless and in need of food stamps, and then they want to take the food stamps away from them.

Besides, your spurious charge doesn’t make sense because if it was about getting votes, the Democrats would get a lot more votes by creating jobs than by putting people on food stamps. You gotta be able to think.

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edgyinchina wrote:

@johne37179: that’s a lie… stop the lying…

@soulice: Another liar… raising the debt ceiling does NOT add to the national debt… Raising the debt ceiling is about paying bills for debts ALREADY incurred… The National Debt has to be brought under control, but holding the debt ceiling hostage is NOT the answer… take an economics course…
It’s easy to see how far the education level has fallen in the US, just by looking at these comments…
Get schooled… It’s educational.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


The Bush tax cuts expired in 2010. We have the Obama tax cuts now. I don’t know why people would suggest otherwise.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Republicans have present many bills and plans, Reid has made sure that none of them get past the Senate. Posting links is against the Terms of Service for Reuters, so I can’t do that. But learn to use google instead of being a mindless Parrot for the Democrat party.

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actnow wrote:

The Republicans don’t want to allow taxes to go up on top earners and the Democrats want unlimited spending and debt ceilings. I guess we can say that the collapse of Medicare, Social Security, and our nation as a whole was a truly bi-partisan effort.

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reedkickball wrote:

@edgyinchina, How do you suggest we stop the out of control spending? If Democrats refuse to control spending, why should Republicans rollover and allow the bankruptcy of the nation to happen?

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reedkickball wrote:

@VSNFR60, next time is in March 2013, Debt Ceiling is scheduled to be passed then. No rest for the wicked.

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Counselor1 wrote:

Here’s a headline, with only a little exaggeration, that I think we are increasingly likely to see in some liberal media after New Years:

Dems Buy Fatal BS Deal
Hostage Jobs Killed Anyway

Nothing good can come now from the dealings between Obama and Congressional Republicans. By the time last summer the Republicans broke the long standing practice of approving a debt ceiling increase they had invaded and degraded Obama’s political capital. He had been pummeled into weakness and dragged into participation in the process by delegitimizing him as a “Muslim,” “socialist,” “Hitler-like” “foreigner,” “Food Stamp President” “of the Takers.,” etc. Recently I searched the phrase “obama muslim” and found 48.5 million hits.
The Bowles Simpson Commission (B.S.) established a supermajority of 14 votes for approval. But spending cuts so deep were so controversial that the proposal never got more than 11 votes. So call it the “eleven man plan” to change the role of the American government for all three hundred million of us. By participating in the B.S. process and making his offers Obama agreed to what may become an extortionate Hostage Jobs Crisis. Whether Republicans and Democrats go over the fiscal cliff or enact any spending slashing plan of roughly equal size, an indefinite number of government spending – dependent jobs are now hostage to cuts. Targeted or sequestered, massive spending cuts will cause employers to kill those jobs. Some employers are already preparing layoff notices they can send to hundreds of thousands of workers.
When hostage job killings in the thousands begin, there will be enormous pressure on Obama and the Democrats to stop them. Republicans can use this pressure to extort very harmful cuts to Social Security and Medicare in exchange for any revenue increases to avert any of the mass hostage job killing. It will not be “compromise,” but extortion.

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soulice wrote:

@edgyinchina – never said it added to debt, but it does allow for more borrowing, which is what he wants to do. You need to get educated on the game of politics. They are talking economics, they are pandering for votes. 2014 is the next ball game.

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mrbobl7388 wrote:

The planes and trains are leaving immediately for GALTS GULCH. All
who support themselves and run a business should head for the gulch,OR
get on the dole. When the leeches and takers are getting no more money
due to no more government credit they will be screaming for our return.
The same result will occur when the hyper inflation kicks in due to unlimited money printing. It will certainly be entertaining when the Clinton/Obama fight starts for the 2016 election. Look for the Obama campaign to start soon. The leeches, moochers,and takers would elect
Moochelle in a New York minute. They are in the driver seat now, as they are more numerous than us. (For now)

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flashrooster wrote:

TheNewWorld: “The Bush tax cuts expired in 2010. We have the Obama tax cuts now. I don’t know why people would suggest otherwise.”

Because the Republicans forced his hand, and unlike the Republicans, Obama was not will to allow millions of Americans to suffer just so he could make a political point. These are actually the Republican tax cuts. However, they are referred to as the Bush tax cuts because he initiated them, with the full support of the Republican Congress. It was an extremely poor economic policy decision on the part of Bush and the Republicans, to say the least.

So you don’t call them the Obama tax cuts when Obama has been opposed to them all along. He tried to end them, but because of the opposition from Republican House, he didn’t have the power. That’s the Constitution’s fault, not Obama’s. Republicans were willing to let taxes on everyone rise rather then let them go up on just 2% of the richest Americans. Republicans were also going to block an extension of unemployment compensation in order to keep that tax cuts for the rich. Think about it. They would have let much needed unemployment compensation run out on people who had been laid off during the worst economic downturn since the Depression just to keep taxes from going up 4.6% on millionaires and billionaires. Obama wasn’t going to let that happen, but he also promised never to extend the Bush tax cuts on for the rich again. He’s keeping that promise. Bush and the Republicans passed a bill that amount to little more than a windfall for the pharmaceutical companies, the Bush Medicare D Prescription Drug Plan, which the Government Accountability Office estimated could cost taxpayers in excess of $7 trillion over 75 years. No one is stupid enough to call that the Obama Medicare D Prescription Drug Plan. But if you’re going to do it for with the Bush tax cuts, well, the same (ill)logic would apply.

The important point is that raising taxes on the rich is the right thing to do. We can’t afford to have millionaires paying just 14% of their income like Mitt Romney does. We have a lot of debt, the wealthy are the biggest benefactors of that debt, and we really need to start bringing down the deficit. Who do you think is benefiting the most financially from our $600 billion annual defense budget? Who do you think benefits the most financially from the most expensive healthcare system in the world? It sure ain’t the poor Middle Class saps who are struggling to pay their medical bills. The rich have been increasing their wealth like these are the best of times for decades now. EVERYONE ELSE is suffering. It doesn’t make sense to put all the burden on the poor and Middle Class by cutting healthcare benefits for the elderly and the poor or by cutting Pell Grants or eliminating food stamp programs that go primarily to feed poor children. Police, teachers and schools, roads and bridges. Taxes are low as a percentage of GDP by historical standards, and would be considered so even if our country’s economic need wasn’t so pressing. But it is. There is a need to increase revenue. Most Americans understand this. It’s not rocket science. It’s one of the reasons this country reelected Barack Obama, because we know it’s one of the things that must be done and Romney doesn’t have the balls to do it. Most Republicans are opposed to it because it’s their party’s position and because it’s in opposition to our first black President’s position (not that it has anything to do with his race) whom they hate (for mostly fabricated reasons.) Those are not good reasons to oppose this tax hike. You can’t make the argument that it will hurt the economy when these same rates were in place during recent history and the economy was booming, we were creating budget surpluses, and if the Republicans hadn’t taken over in 2001 and totally screwed things up, we could have FINALLY begun paying down some of our debt. Unfortunately, Bush was elected and we have Republican majorities in both houses of Congress.

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flashrooster wrote:

mrbobl7388: You’re not too bright. Obama can’t run in 2016. And Atlas Shrugged is fiction based not on economics or political science, but on imagination.

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Marla wrote:

Flashrooster: You need to read the post again. mrbob17388 was referring to Michelle Obama. Indeed, if she were so inclined she could run in 2016 (not that I think she will mind you).

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LoveJoyOne wrote:

stlucifer666 says Obama is intentionally trying to bring the country down.

I say, stlucifer666, that those are mighty treasonous words on your part. I hope someone at the FBI is already tracking you down.

I am sick and tired of this veiled racism against the President of the United States. Never before have people spewed such hatred against a president and gotten away with it. This is racism, blind hatred and nothing more.

If anyone deserves criticism, it’s the Republicon members of Congress who set as their primary objective trying to prevent Obama’s election to a second term. They didn’t care what happened to the country, as long as they could pursue their ends of favoring the ultra rich and promoting racism. Theirs is a class and racist war, not a war for small government.

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LoveJoyOne wrote:


If all the Republicons went to Belize, they’d all be close to their offshore accounts where their millions of dollars are stored.

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flashrooster wrote:

Thanks, Marla. The possibility never occurred to me, though she’s certainly capable. I think we have a great First Lady. She does us proud.

LoveJoyOne: I’m with you on that. A lot of people on the right pretend that all of a sudden white bigotry toward blacks has completely evaporated after centuries of subjugation and discrimination, yet it seeps through in so much of what they say and write. I’m sick of it, too. There’s nothing Obama has done to invite the kind of hatred we’re seeing. He’s a good, decent, intelligent, hardworking family man and President who loves and believes in this country. He hasn’t done anything radical or extreme that should make people despise him the way we’ve seen. It’s racism, but they won’t admit it. They prefer to just make up slanderous lies about him, like a bunch of ill-bred juveniles.

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Tiamat333 wrote:

These so-called leaders make me ill acting as though their partisan stance is more important than avoiding another economic implosion. The perspective of time a decade or two from now will reveal them all for the clowns they truly are. Early America had true leaders and all we have now is stuffed suits called politicians. Very sad state of affairs we’re in.

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polnick wrote:

It has now become impossible to supply the massive jobs and helping hands to prevent starvation and disease from spreading in our once great nation. We are desperately in the process of infinitely increasing the national debt hoping that it will guarantee that hunger is eliminated and medical attention is provided to the needy. There is no other solution except to colonize the third world and steal its resources.

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DeannaTx wrote:

We need to oust this entire utterly dysfunctional mockery of a congressional body and start over.

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minipaws wrote:

Good, if we go off a fiscal cliff government workers won’t get paid. Yeah – they are the ones stealing our money!

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minipaws wrote:

When the average teacher’s pension is $95,000 a year, the government needs to look at itself. The more we side with one party or the other, the less the government has to take responsibility for it’s mess.

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SeniorMoment wrote:

Going off the fiscal cliff while concurrently doing the spending cuts that are automatic if no new agreement is reached, reduces the federal deficit by perhaps enough to end borrowing as the economy improves. I personally think the economy will not go into recession if we go over the fiscal cliff. Indeed with the economy on the mend, this may be a good time to raise federal taxes to resume paying down the national debt, which our parents and grandparents did before us.

I don’t enjoy paying more in taxes, but at least I will know high income earners will be paying disproportionately far more than I will be paying. Higher taxes are superior to economic collapse which is the inevitable destination for the USA on its current deficit spending pathway. 43% of every dollar the federal government now spends is freshly borrowed money and no nation can indefinitely live off past wealth.

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This is EXACTLY what the American people re-elected. Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush all were actually capable of compromise and negotiation. They realized there is more to being POTUS than getting your way all the time. Barack Obama is strictly a “my way or the highway” kind of guy and the American people actually fell for it again! Now America gets exactly what they asked for. You voted for gridlock, you get gridlock.

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kurmudgeon wrote:

He’s willing to??? How nice, bet he won’t miss any meals.

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susette wrote:

This debt we are so embroiled over…does it have anything to do with the two wars we have been spending on for the last two decades? Why was that always OK with the GOP, when in the same time line people were losing their bos due to corruption on wall street and the banking industry sold bad debts, mortgages went in the trash, and gas rose to over $4 bucks a gallon? Bush was not a good thing for this country. And now we have all of the rest of the GOP trying to back pedal and tell us we are really supposed to blame Obama’s administration for it? Thanks for nuthin.

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moonhill wrote:

The Democrats don’t care what happens to the country so long as the Republicans get blamed for it. No statesmen on either side of the aisle.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


The current tax cuts have Obama’s signature on them, not Bush’s. Bush left office in 2008. This is the Obama tax cuts. Your excuse that he is powerless against the Republicans doesn’t help you out either.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


The two wars cost $2 trillion. We spent $5 trillion more than we made, about $15 trillion total, over the last 4 years. The two wars while expensive are not the problem and they are ending.

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Calvin2k wrote:

Hello conservatives.
All of these ignorant lies that you post on message boards, please keep posting them, because that is why you lost the election.

Dec 06, 2012 3:19pm EST  --  Report as abuse
grasspress wrote:

i think the republican party could use a ‘leadership’ change in the senate and in the house. maybe if they had some ‘leaders’ with brains and integrity the nation could move forward on some of these critical issues.

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sjfella wrote:

This forum is a microcosm of why nothing will ever change.

Dec 06, 2012 3:32pm EST  --  Report as abuse
JoeObserver wrote:

The tide has turned, as republicans are ready to vote for revenge.Looks like Bipartisanship is the thing of the past.

Dec 06, 2012 3:45pm EST  --  Report as abuse
DavidEE wrote:

So who is holding the American people hostage? 27% of Americans polled would blame the president. 53% would blame the Republicans. Of course this would have to be a Democratic funded poll.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Leverage, good one. That’s a generous term for the tea-bag hole that the republicans find themselves in these days. Their party is in disarray because they failed to plan.

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Jameson4Lunch wrote:

Turbo Timmy looks like a fish.

Dec 06, 2012 4:30pm EST  --  Report as abuse
AlkalineState wrote:

Headline earlier today:

“GOP’s Bohner Feels Squeeze, Wiggle Room Sought.”

I hate it when that happens.

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zotdoc wrote:

I make over 250,000 a year, I hope we go over the fiscal cliff. I’m ready to pay a little more in taxes just to have the satifaction of everybody else paying more too! just a matter of FAIRNESS.

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AlkalineState wrote:

The fiscal cliff is not even a cliff. It’s more like fiber for a constipated old man. Things will get ugly for a bit, may even hurt. But long-term, you gotta do it. Eat the prunes, America! We can do this!

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VonHell wrote:

In the end it will be all about that little plan B: at the last moment they will vote to keep things just the way they are now until december next year… when they will do the same again… and the debt something between 18-19tri… 20 by 2014

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ccharles wrote:

The chaos and confusion they spin. Now with the bush tax cuts and the Sequestration Transparency Act being lumped together, why not throw in giving the president ok to just raise the debt ceiling as he sees fit. All this wrapped up in an executive order would be tooo funny. then as a ps. appoint susan rice to state.
The Sequestration Transparency Act should be followed as a the law it is. It was signed by most of the people in there right now, including obama. They knew what they were signing into law, its nasty and will put us down even more. They made this law in order to be able to spend more money. Now time to pay up they want to change the game plan. And they are going to let them.

Obama comments about being unwavering even to the point of letting the bush tax cuts expire as well as letting the Sequestration Transparency Act happen was not well thought out. He would let us hurt to get his way. Im sure we will hurt either way, but to see him so callous to our actual situation as to openly say it, sad. Strong Leadership

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JamesLove wrote:

The Republicans should offer $1.3 trillion in spending cuts. No tax increases. When the Dems laugh, then offer $1.4 trillion in spending cuts and no tax increases.

We go over the cliff. Republicans can then say they offered him two bills with no tax cuts and spending cuts and Obama vetoed them both.

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Jose3 wrote:

Please go over the cliff so we can grow the antedote to sarin gas, marijuana.

If ever there was a time to end the drug war, it is now.

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repar wrote:

Republicans seem to believe that they won the election and can still continue to try to dismantle the New Deal, as they have been doing for the past 50 years!! This election has shown that the republican party is in disarray, their ideas do not resonate with the public, and they are out of touch with real people. People are tired of republicans working to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. People are tired of republicans who think that we the taxpayers should subsidize corporations that make billions of dollars in profits, but that we the taxpayers should not benefit from Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. People are just tired of republicans who have no moral values where human beings are concerned–that is, humans who don’t make a lot of money and don’t have power! Well, we DO have power, and it is the power of the people and it is time to use it and tell the republicans where to go!! Hey, guys, you LOST the election. Deal with it and stop belly aching.

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JohnNico wrote:

“renewedtalks?” yeah, a 30 second phone call….”have a nice evening….”………..folks, you are all going off the cliff…they don’t care…you poor folks (UI, Medicare, SS)……you may not see money for months…..

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tigger2260 wrote:

One cliff won’t balance the budget. It would also take Simpson/Bowles.

Dec 06, 2012 8:51pm EST  --  Report as abuse
McBob08 wrote:

The Republicans will fight against saving America right up until the nation lays in shambles around their ankles. They are actively destructive to America; their failed policies will drag down the nation as the rich ride high on a wave of taxpayer money. Time to show the Republicans that they’re out of it and insignificant.

Dec 06, 2012 9:14pm EST  --  Report as abuse
DrStrangehair wrote:

The very rich can become RICHER from under-the BUS. The automatic raise in income tax estate tax etc has put the very rich there. If Boehner gets all he can by Christmas , the stock market and the economy will bail out the rich. Boehner should not force the FED and Obama to do something new. The Roberts’ court will back the FED, fast. Boehner will do well to work for the $300,000 to $400,000 group, before Geithner does.

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