Serious differences remain as US "fiscal cliff," talks drag on

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vargasc1 wrote:

The Republicans are the enemy within. Forget about Al Queda or the
Taliban or any of the other terrorists. Boehmer and his gang are trying to
wreck America. They are the party of the rich. Boehmer is effectively
saying “we are here to protect the wealthy, you bought and paid for us
and we intend to give you your money’s worth.” That is sad but true.

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morbas wrote:

Boehner, Obama and the 98% are showing great restraint as to actions of Republicans for repression of the poor by taxation, repression, and restrictions of the freedom of group bartering. The 1960′s tax rate was 91.5% at $400K and the present 15% for the major income sources of the rich, versus 35% for the major income sources of the 98% is NOT ACCEPTABLE. It is not christian to tax at subsistence levels. Tax the money not the people.

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americanguy wrote:

Now we know, the USA is not a democracy. It is ruled by political parties just like Communists. The MAJORIY of Americans have spoken in the election. They voted for tax increases for the wealthy, and yet the Republican communists will not obey the will of the voters as is the way of democracy.
If President Obama backs down, the USA is officially a communist dictatorship run by the two factions of the communist parties, just like China and North Korea.
With the help of the wealthy and their bribes, the USA is losing its democracy, and headed towards a fake democracy and dictatorship.

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susette wrote:

There is way more that could be cut back than that of the benefits the poorest citizens get now. There are grants for ridiculous studies, private contractors overseas we pay billions to,and much monies given to “job creators” who move their industries over to China. Really Boehner, don’t take more from the neediest while the wealthiest enjoy so much more.

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kazuntheit wrote:

This isn’t rocket science, John. All you have to do is raise revenues and cut spending enough to reduce the deficit without ham-stinging the economy. If you can’t figure that out then get someone involved who can…

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totherepublic wrote:


It is not christian to tax at subsistence levels.
Christ has NOTHING to do with human politics. Did you forget what he told a certain fisherman about taxes?


There is nothing democratic about taking something from anyone to give to someone else that did not earn it. That is Marxist Socialism in its purest form. You have lost your mind.


The reason the job creators move over seas is to get away from the taxes imposed to support the “entitled”. BTW the “entitled” does not include SS and Midicare, those people paid for that.

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paintcan wrote:

“It isn’t enough that one succeed; others must fail”.

de la Rochefoucauld

God d__n the government of the USA. Soon please! And put it out of its misery. But make sure you start at the top. They love the special status and being first in line.

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jw_collins wrote:

Yes, Baby Boehner….serious differences. THAT’S why we have ELECTIONS.

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allgees wrote:

I’m sick of both parties. Each one caters to others with so much fraud attached just to get a vote. I don’t think either party cares about anyone but themselves. They will sacrifice anyone to get a vote.

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Realaskan wrote:

Hey you politicians. Stop all the public chest thumping over this and get down to private negotiations. You’re all just pandering to your bases. We want results, not partisan or ideological victories.

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truth-online wrote:

Everyone seems to think that just because Americans voted fo Obama, it necessarily means that we voted for the tax increases on the top 2 percent. In fact many of us voted for Obama because of his support of the liberal social policies, such as his support for the women’s rights. Therefore our votes should not be misconstrued as providing a broad support of his tax policies. Many of us believe in the “grand bargain”which would provide a comprehensive solution for America’s ills and not a singling out of a specific group to the exclusion of everyone else.

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ChangeWhat wrote:

Bohener is a boner and obama is a bum. The country is in the hands of two imbeciles that care more about their parties then people that put them into office. Make no mistake about it no decisions will be made until the night before the fiscal cliff to keep Americans in distress. More of the same ole same ole from a president who can’t cross the aisle and mongrel that cares nothing for this country and is only for his pockets and his friends pockets.

Four more years of nothing getting done for America, grab your ankles America because your not going to get the attention you thought you were going to get when you re-elected the worst president in history.

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Rich_F wrote:

the economy is already in recession just ask the ECRI. $4 trillion over 10 years doesn’t even cover 3 years of deficits since they are including automatic increases in funding every year. only in government can you say i have $1 today and next year it’s automatically increased to $1.10 and if i shave that .10 off I’ve just cut the budget by 10%!

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AcaAca wrote:

americanguy, yes, we can look at it as Obama won and Rep must accept people willing, but, we can look at it as Obama promised what cannot do.

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bocomojoe wrote:

Boehner looks a lot different in this photo. Is he starting to see the writing on the wall? Rhetoric, lies, stalling and obstruction are not going to save the Republicans this time.

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Raelyn wrote:

Boehner is obviously trying to make the most of his last term in any public office.

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lateralgs wrote:

One thing all Americans need to understand, and it’s very simple: We could cut ALL discretionary spending from current and on-going federal government expenditures, and it would not be enough to balance the budget. And this is during a time when the federal government is paying historically LOW interest rates on the debt it is issuing. If interest rates increase to historical norms, the annual interest payments alone could jump from around $300-billion to around $700-billion, or more. It is going to take a combination of increased revenue through some higher tax rates and through closing some sacred deductions, together with reduced military spending, substantial reduction in the growth rate of entitlement spending, means testing for entitlements, increasing eligibility ages gradually for SS and Medicare, and growing the economy to increase tax receipts…all together…to fix this mess. Nothing alone, or less, will do it.

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Whipsplash wrote:

@ changwhat
“Bohener is a boner and obama is a bum. The country is in the hands of two imbeciles that care more about their parties then people that put them into office.”
Excuse me but Obama has pushed for signing a continued tax break for the exact “people that put him in office”.
Obama has also had available for months a package to get this taken care which includes a list of budget cuts.
This President has attempted to work with those on the other side of the aisle repeatedly without success due to those on the other side.

“Four more years of nothing getting done for America, grab your ankles America because your not going to get the attention you thought you were going to get when you re-elected the worst president in history.”

Maybe you should look at the short history of the last 4 years and just maybe you’ll realize why he’s one of the most successful Presidents we’ve ever had, and why he won re-election easily.

When Bohener starts spending more time on the problem and less in front of the camera maybe we’ll get a deal done.

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beakgeek wrote:

Not sure why this did not show up before. The “Serious differences” are that Congress is looking out for the lobbyists not their constituents. When you are paid by lobbyists to add riders to bills, and in this case stall talks that impact lobbyists, we the people are not benefiting.

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Jutes wrote:

We allow our representatives in Washington to vote on their raises and salaries and they refuse to raise the minimum wage for the lowest of incomes? They give themselves the best health care the government can provide and they won’t give us single payer? Just who are they representing? We are fools!

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jscott418 wrote:

To be honest the fiscal cliff happening would at least be something that happens in Washington. We need both cuts and more taxes to put a dent in the deficit. If Congress and the President can’t do it. Elected officials I might add that we voted in office to do just that.
Then let the cuts and taxes go up. At least its something. Its a move to reel in spending and deal with the deficit. Trouble is the President or Congress has the nerve to do whats right for all America. They only do what’s right for one party or another. This time the solution needs more then half a answer. Let’s go over that cliff and get something accomplished!

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totherepublic wrote:

I agree.

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saavedra wrote:

Republicans are G.O.P.: Greed Oligarchy Pilfer

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Rich_F wrote:

thank God for the GOP led House else we’d be follow the Greeks a lot faster than we are now. then again heading for a wall at 100 or 150mph won’t change the outcome all that much.

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garilou wrote:

@ americanguy:
“… the USA is not a democracy. It is ruled by political parties just like Communists ”
This comment is pretty … surprising
In the whole world, democratic countries are ruled by parties.
Communists have only one party! (Things might be settled faster ;-) )

But to be serious, political parties are nothing else then the tip of the iceberg.
Those who really rule are the big corporations, the CEOs that fee the desire for power of the politicians.
And this is only a little worst ion the USA, because big money is allowed to contribute so much to the elections.

No important move is decided without the plutocrat’s consent: after all, they have paid enough to put politicians in the light of power.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


No. The American people voted for Republicans to maintain power in Congress. Sorry to burst your bubble but all Representatives that were voted into the Congress are voted for every 2 years. The American people have spoken, get over it.

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tradewind4u wrote:

You have got to be kidding, these people do not control any of this nor do they care.
We have a president we did not vote in except through some system that only a crook could understand, this whole government is embarrassing, to most of the people in this country, what is sad is it has went so far wrong that there is no way but down from here
on, and I’m not blaming this current president, he does not nor has he ever had the capability to make this happen

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TheNewWorld wrote:

“Maybe you should look at the short history of the last 4 years and just maybe you’ll realize why he’s one of the most successful Presidents we’ve ever had, and why he won re-election easily.”

You have got to be kidding me. Unemployment, stagnant economy, debt, deficit, an Ambassador dead, a ton of broken promises… And you call him one of the most successful Presidents we’ve ever had. If you mean destruction of the US dollar and our economy, you are right. Anything else and you are dellusional.

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“If the increased eligibility age were in effect in 2014, the costs to individuals, businesses, and states would be twice as large as the federal savings. In effect, Americans would pay $2 to save the federal budget $1—thereby increasing overall health spending.”

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Boogyman wrote:

Obama is a Community Orgainzer very much an expert of making the hairs on the behinds of the middle and lower income Americans stand up tall. I am a middle income American…the difference is that I spent my entire working years in International business that taught me what makes to ecomony run smoothly. Unions are breaking the back of competitive America, the unwillingness of Americans to “pay more” for Made in America products, 90% of Amnericans do not understand economics and just follow the self proclaimed expert economist named Jay Carny, the policies of all past administration to support Muslin and non-Muslin nations instead of spending that money to help our own citizens and the Divide America policies of the current Community Organizer president will spell the down fall of our Great Nation.

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paintcan wrote:

@Boogeyman – It make sense to pay more to buy “American” if you could find anything that isn’t more flimsily made than the cheap imports. I did a walk through of all the big box stores in the nearest city about two years ago and almost nothing was made here. You can find a few old Made in America labels at Goodwill or Salvation Army.

The America that will be competitive will also be an America with slums and a severe reduction in its standard of living. It is trapped by a planet full of people who will work for so much less and live in a lot worse conditions in some developing countries. The unions were responsible for keeping the standard of living higher, not the industrialists. Unions are on their last legs here anyway. Everyone wants to be white collar or professionals and they don’t get union protection.

Have you ever seen the East Side of London? That was what British industry thought was adequate for workers. You can also see surviving traces of that in PA in some former mining towns. Almost everywhere else that kind of “workers” housing is gone. The Lower East Side was once a pretty seedy slum too. And even thirty years ago when I was looking for a cheap apartment – one tiny room, a small kitchen and half bath – the tub was in the kitchen – the rent was too high for me as a vista volunteer. And that building was a brick tenement that could actually stand up after decades of neglect. You won’t be able to say that for the stick built “ticky tacky” in most American suburbs, or even the typical new apartment and condo buildings in urban areas. Those precious and very pricey “gems” won’t age well at all if they don’t have tenants or owners who can afford big maintenance costs. Without the right affluent tenants, they will be wrecks nearly overnight.

The country is trapped with too high overhead costs and a ridiculous unbalancing of wealth that it needs to maintain appearances. Unions aren’t going to give up protection against exploitation any more the gun owners are willing to give up personal protection. This is a “post industrial economy” and there may be no place to retreat to now.

I don’t have either and don’t give a d___d now. I’m just waiting to see how long it takes before the dominoes start to tip over more visibly. If they remove the home mortgage deduction – something else I don’t have – watch the country drown in “underwater” houses. There won’t be any need for “made in America” except coffins and, the cheaper option, Urns. Most communities don’t like middle home parks. They are assumed to be full of the “wrong kinds” and they don’t pay enough in property taxes. Americans hate the poor and really want them to suffer.

America and all other capitalist countries like to kiss the rich behind (they will “French” it if it pays enough) and kick the poor one. Actually we are moving into a post capitalist world and I haven’t the foggiest idea what that means or if it means anything at all.

How much of an economy can be sustained on digital gadgets and computer generated jobs indefinitely? Get into medical billing and hope the insurers don’t notice redundancies or have the same software as the Hospital?

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