Affiliate of meningitis-linked firm initiates mass layoffs

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tyg wrote:

How pathetic are these drug companies, acting just like big pharma and when the going gets tough they drop all the employees. Barry J. Cadden, his wife, Lisa Cadden and her brother Gregory Conigliaro are probably still working on hiding any property they got from the recent watershed of killings, more than 30 people are dead and hundreds hurt. Now that Barry, Lisa, and Gregory have been asked to play fair they let their employees out in the cold, how nice just before thanksgiving. Is Mr. Cadden, Lisa Conigliaro Cadden, and Mr. Conigliaro going to give the employees that helped them become billionaires any paid leave while Ameridose and NECC try to play fair and work like the rest of the industry they are undercutting? Probably not, who knows they may re-employ them when they open a new “pharmacy” and grow again with all the regulators watching them, issuing warning letters, and doing nothing. Maybe their laid off lawyers and reg affairs personnel will go to work for FDA or better yet stay with the MA board of pharmacy, they don’t see an issue with one of their officers being NECC/Ameridose employee; I bet she did not lose her two jobs. Mr. Cadden, Mrs. Conigliaro Cadden, and Mr. Conigliaro might have to find another little regulated industry to make their entrepeneurial return, and when they are found out their employees will be laid off too. The three stooges making fun of American patients, while boards of pharmacy and the FDA are amused.

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