FBI probe of Petraeus began with "suspicious emails"

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Beasley wrote:

Well I guess no one has anything to hold over his head, huh? He is free to say anything he wants without fear of losing his job, career,etc.

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OmarMinyawi wrote:


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phoneman267 wrote:

Call me paranoid but Hilary threw herself under the bus, now Patraeus gets thrown under, Benghazi is disappearing, slowly, but surely

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VonHell wrote:

“After being married for 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair,”

37 years married… well im not that old and not even thinking about marriage… but a 60yo in a position of power and prestige finds a younger pretty spy lady and err “engages” her with all his rank stars and plate sticks… i think his “judgement” was in perfect clarity for a man… but he was caught by his wife…lol

But what his personal life has to do with his professional duty… that is more political philosophy than national security… unless the lady was a pretty eastern european russian spy…lol otherwise many of the younger guys in service should resign too…

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Yamayoko wrote:

How easy it is to find an excuse to step down! The security and military budget had been squeezed to the limit since Obama took office. Petraeus is simply a kitchen chef without adequate cooking ingredients and chooses to opt out. Obama’s second term starts like a fallen tree with fly-out birds. al Qaeda is smiling.

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neilc23 wrote:

If Petraeus truly loves America, he will testify during the Tuesday House hearing. If Obama truly loves America, he will ask Petraeus to testify.

However, if they don’t love our country and believe that the deaths of four patriots are nothing but a “bump in the road” as White House Press Secretary Jay Carney suggests . . . then they can do what they please. And no matter how many of America’s sheep let them off the hook, there is no way that they can B.S. their way past St. Peter.

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AndrewBinga wrote:

Resigned because of an affair? That is a good one!

Petraeus had emphatically denied that he or anyone else at the CIA refused assistance to the former Navy SEALs who requested it three times as terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on the night of Sep. 11. The Weekly Standard and ABC News report that Petraeus’s denial effectively implicates President Barack Obama, since a refusal to assist “would have been a presidential decision.”This was all about Benghazi. He had been scheduled to testify next week in closed-door hearing about September 11 attack of U.S. Consulate in Libya. Now he will no longer testify as he’s left his position.

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Ashlyn wrote:

If you believe Petraeus resigned because of an affair, I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you. He is being silenced by the Obama administration so he can’t testify against them. Bad behavior, or not, this stinks to high heaven. Color me skeptical at best.

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BioStudies wrote:

This doesn’t stop Petraeus from testifying. Congress can subpoena anyone they want.

So have Holder leaving over fast and furious, Geithner leaving because of the economy, and Clinton and Petraeus because of Benghazi. Looks like Obama’s staffers are doing a bang up job! *sad face*

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Bunker555 wrote:

They should prohibit “embedding” with the troops. In any eveent, what’s the big deal. A slice off a cut loaf is never missed.

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Unchained wrote:

“Where are you going tonight, honey?”
“That’s a matter of National Security.”

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PenRumi wrote:

Now we know what the title of the biography “All in” really implied. Surely a pretty broad like Paula would know (wink, wink). As of today it is no longer an issue of national security for General Petraeus who must have been petrified that the affair could become public knowledge just before the elections. Someone was really sleeping at the wheel when the Benghazi assault occurred. Too much exhaustion after an all-night soiree? No wonder the CIA kept saying that they were on top of things!

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Tiu wrote:

I’m sure any excuse made the a CIA operative can be taken at face value.

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Reuters1945 wrote:

Quote from article: “There were indications, however, that the affair was first uncovered a few months ago during an investigation by the FBI.”

There is a certain irony as well as endless nagging questions to this whole “affair”- no pun intended.

The recent Benghazi tragedy unfolded on the anniversary of “9/11″.

Whilst the FBI utilizes its best expertise, mind boggling resources and vast experience to get to the bottom of what happened and why at Benghazi, and further investigates as well, any potential extenuating reasons, (beyond an alleged extra-marital relationship), why one of America’s most respected Military leaders, would suddenly resign just days after the US Presidential election, there is one other mystery the FBI might do well to revisit.

As of this date over 100,000 (one hundred thousand) highly respected American engineers, architects, renowned chemistry experts and countless high ranking Officers in all branches of the US Military, including Army, Navy and Airforce, have gone on record to testify that the case regarding the original “9/11″ tragedy is far from closed.

To say we are still waiting for all the answers about what really happened that day would be an understatement.

On 9/11 at approximately 5 o’clock, a full eight hours after the World Trade Center Towers fell into a mountain of dust, an attorney colleague of mine watched in disbelief, as an eye witness, as Tower 7, NOT hit by any plane, suddenly proceeded, in the space of a mere six seconds to collapse and totally disintegrate into a pile of smoke and dust, at “free fall speed” into its own footprint.

To this day no plausible explanation for this event has ever been offered by the authorities in government who “investigated” the tragic events of that day.

How ironic that more than a decade after the first 9/11 attack, exactly on the anniversary of that event, comes a new plane load of unexplained mysteries including the tragic loss of American lives at Benghazi and now the sudden resignation of Four Star General and CIA Director, David Petraeus.

I would submit there is a great deal the FBI can investigate quite deeply, including unexplained events both past and present, should it be inclined to do so.

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ttolstoy wrote:

A token Republican in the Obama administration, a person who might have been the Republican nominee for President had he not taken the CIA job, won’t testify before the House committee on the issue of the murders of Americans in Libya. The “affair” was “discovered” by the FBI, in a “routine” scan of his email, for an unrelated investigation. And, after keeping it secret for years, Petreaus finally resigns because of an extramarital affair. Anyone else see a pattern? The Obama administration appears to be suppressing the testimony of a straight shooter, who isn’t likely to toe the administration line?

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sylvan wrote:

Guess it turns out Betrayus didn’t just betray US. And now he was responsible for not preventing the deaths of Amb. Stephens and many of his own CIA employees in Benghazi? Too perfectly cynical, even for GOPer karma. I guess the craven craniums were wrong about defenseless State Dept employees since this was mostly a CIA station in Libya, likely with a few weapons lying around. I am fairly sure CIA stations plan for their own security, at least if the guy at the top of the Agency had his eye on the ball instead of his fellow adulterer.
Another GOPer hero turns out to be a very poor performer, and an insubordinate cheater. I guess McCrystal wasn’t the only massive ego heading the Army. Of course Petraeus’ wife was the West Point Superintendant’s daughter, so he had a good reason for marrying her at the time, but she couldn’t pen a feigning bio that stroked his massive ego sufficiently. Petraeus WAS a pathetic climber who will say and do anything to get the top job, only to be diverted by more important things like his own all-important male member.
So there you go GOPers, you outed one of your own with your Benghazi rants. I thought GOPers believed in the sanctity of marriage between one man and ONE woman?
I am not sure we have heard this whole story and it makes me wonder if Petraeus wasn’t the inside con man trying to create an international incident to help steal the election…….so we might be adding the tin medal of treason to David’s sash of shame.

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wthcares wrote:

@sylvan, LIBpocrites will fabricate anything to protect their cult leader, even if only in your own minds. If anything you just posted was anywhere near factual, you just “outed” Obama. Obama accepting his resignation means he really isn’t interested in finding out what happened 9/11/12. Either way, this will turn into Obama’s “Watergate” but only if the “mainstream” media begins to cover Benghazi as they did Watergate back in ’73.

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Swingdaddy wrote:

“ALL IN” What an appropriate title for the book she wrote.

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Vuenbelvue wrote:

wthcares, silvan is at least right, in all the top staff members of the services who have been asked to resign for the good of the services in the last few years, and the recent addition of the Lockheed new CEO, one can probably rightfully guess, their political affiliation is Republican. I can imagine them telling their troops before a sexual harassment class, “Do what I say, not what I do”

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libertyville wrote:

Since when do high ranking officials resign over having hanky panky? It seems convenient that Petraeus fell on his sword just as he was supposed to testify about the Benghazi disaster.

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Libicz wrote:

Ha, ha! General Petraeus states that his extra-marital affair was “unacceptable.” Well, why then did he engage in it and image how his partner must feel about this confession? Cad!

However, I suppose that in “proper” circles in Washington, the affair is unacceptable, but by cracky it must have been fun. Hope, at least, the general will tell this to his paramour in private!

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cranston wrote:

While he was jogging around with Paula Broadwell, who also was in the Army, and his ‘biographer’ and is fluent in Arabic and had access, apparently to his personal email system and there other data including, apparently, battle plans, logistics and other items – while all that was happening some American boy or girl was in Afghanistan and believing they were there fighting for the right and the good and their military structure and the CIA (haha) were working for them … these poor kids and foolish career military personnel were walking into traps. That’s the kind of war Afghanistan is – so the next time President Obama calls it a Just War think of General Petraeus cheating on his wife, and his friends, and the men and women that depended on him for their lives. Of course – last but not least – if this guy had enough time to flop around in bed with some leech and Mata Hari traitor – then what do you think the rest of the organization has been up to?

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ToTuffforYou wrote:

This is exactly the kind of thing that will get your security clearance yanked. It shows that he is weak and that foreign government can appeal to his baser instincts in spying on the U.S. Moreover, foreign governments could have used this information for blackmail. Many things will be used to pull a person’s security clearance including too much debt. He is just holding himself to the same standands as the rest of his department.

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LACarlson wrote:

This type of behavior goes on all the time in Washington; it’s just a matter of time before it’s revealed. Let’s move on to more important issues!

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sjfella wrote:

President Clinton is an adulterer yet is for some strange reason idolized by millions. You can bet the farm there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

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MichaelMann wrote:

Wow. The head of the agency that is known for its death by drones in Pakistan and Yemen, for its coups to overthrow legitimate governments, and for its network of black sites where the torture and murder of innocents is conducted on a daily basis, has stepped down because of an affair. Being faithful to your wife must be the only virtue that is required to be a part of an agency that I thought had absolutely no morals.

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ConstFundie wrote:

Patraues was being groomed to be a future Republican Presidential Candidate. Then we find out that in an election year the CIA led by the the Republican Patraues seemingly failed to communicate warning signs in Benghazi to the Commander-in-Chief, and may have even purposely “Misinformed” the White House about the events and nature of the assailants in Benghazi. It is stacking up to be more than a bad night for Rove and the GOP. I suppose with a possibility of Treason and Murder charges then resigning for adultery would be a sweet deal.

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Hmmm.. he should probably talk to Clinton and JFK. It isn’t necessary to step down because of an affair. Something stinks.

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Spectator1 wrote:

The measure of a man is only in his credibility.
You’ve lost that, and you are now worthless, like Hillary, having thrown yourselves under the bus – not for your country but for a person.
I’m disgusted.

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goofygoof wrote:

Thank goodness we have a compliant media that follows orders and does not investigate. If this had come out before the election, it would have not looked good for Obama.

OBAMA 2016

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CMEBARK wrote:

Why is the FBI so worried about this. They should be spending their time investigating the bankers who brought this country to its knees, not who is screwing who in DC. God knows we all got screwed by the bankers.

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LynCe wrote:

Where is the “All In” co-author in all of these forensics? Vernon Loeb was not a ghost writer; his name is on the book’s cover. Comments from Loeb, on this Broadwell and Petraeus embeddedness and discrediting conflict of interest, should be fascinating and instructive.

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lklem wrote:

I think the General handled the situation correctly. However, I wonder how many members of the FBI, CIA, workers in the Pentagon and in our legislature are having illicit affairs. Whilest they or their new partner are marriedl. I bet this sends chills down the spine of many. Just how many in the White House Staff are doing the bedroom shuffle with other partners. The numbers would shock this nation.

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ouachita wrote:

Such an affair by the head of the CIA with a civilian would be gross violation of his oath, and the duties of the position, and exposes our nation’s security. He is an excellent soldier with an outstanding service record, but no one in the White House or CIA will try to excuse this.

Purely as a footnote to the affair, the young woman is very attractive and her physical appeal undeniable. His actions are inexcusable, but one cannot deny that she would be or could be alluring. On the other hand, his wife isn’t. (Sorry, I have only said what many others are thinking, so don’t shoot the messenger here.)

And, this might turnout to be a really effective way to market her book. However, Ms. Broadwell can now look forward to spending still more time with both the FBI and CIA under far less cordial conditions.

Petraeus has spent his military life “running toward the bullet”, so I expect him to testify openly and fully.

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LynCe wrote:

Broadwell just screams agent and teaser. Co-author Vernon Loeb wrote the hagiography “All In — The Education of David Petraeus.”

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Ermie wrote:

So the FBI is now investigating affairs? Glad to see our priorities are in order.

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joedupont wrote:

Dear Reuters,
The sudden resignation of CIA director Petraeus almost seems laughable in light of President Bill Clinton’s adultery with Monica Lewinsky. We know that Hillary’s MO is to get the personal trash on anyone who could be an adversary of her or her dog in heat husband. Wiki-Leaks confirmed that Hillary in the Obama Administration had had the State Department have their people get what ever dirt they could get on all foreign diplomats, friendly or not. Although General Petraeus apparently lied (but not under oath) to congress about Benghazigate, I believed he was coerced to do so by this “Most Open” administration. I think that Petraeus refused to continue his cover-up for Hillary and Barack and fessed up and bailed out. I pray to the lord that he does not end up like James Forrestal and Vince Foster or even Ron Brown for that matter. Hopefully he will be joined by others who will blow open Benghazigate and “Fast and Furious” and dozens of other misuses of federal agencies like the EPA, NASA, US Army Corp of Engineers. Who knows ,maybe when the dust settles , old Dick Nixon will almost look like a saint!

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docbenway wrote:

Ermie… What rock have you been living under? This is a brand FBI Tradition started by J. Edgar back in the day.

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docbenway wrote:

Ermie… What rock have you been living under? This is a brand FBI Tradition started by J. Edgar back in the day.

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AndrewBinga wrote:

Wish the media would have paid this much attention to Benghazi but they rather protect King Obama than report the news.

Nov 10, 2012 7:18pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Goodwolf wrote:

WHO CARES???!!!!! So glad to know that our national security isn’t being tainted by men who like to have sex.

Nov 10, 2012 7:35pm EST  --  Report as abuse

Ever ask yourself how Hitler could have risen to power when he was so obviously taking over the nation? He was elected too, and with much more popularity than Obama. I knew we were in serious trouble when after watching the parade of Obama Administration officials began repeating the same story over and over again, apologizing about a video that had caused the Arab Street to swell and turn violent and then telling us afterward that Obama said it was an act of terror the day after the attack. We were being told to ignore what we had seen clearly with our own eyes, and all of the sudden just declares the exact opposite and everyone in the media just shrugged… nothing to see there.

Unlike the 911 whack jobs who claim that the hundreds of thousands of people who saw the planes fly into the building are wrong, and then proceeding to present alternate theories of how it was a Bush plot to grab power… are back at it again ignoring what millions of people saw for over a week and defending the version that just coincidentally is in line with the answer they would rather be true despite the overwhelming cloud of eye witnesses.

When you see this level of delusion and the media going along with it, at what point do you stop and ask yourself if it’s you, or perhaps that you are been manipulated despite the obvious? If you don’t wake up America you’ll find yourselves looking back at all of this and wondering how in the world were they able to convince you that you didn’t see or hear what you saw and heard. Talk to some German old-timers and see if this was not the pattern of how Hitler became a dictator. I’m not Obama is Hitler, I doubt that any human being is capable of the evil that that man was. But I am saying how he rose to power was rooted in the people being convinced that their own eyes and ears were wrong and the propaganda they were swallowing hook, line and sinker, was what actually happened.

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Fantasywriter wrote:

Yes, the FBI probe began with the Benghazi hearings. Notice how the MSM mentions everything but Benghazi in this case.

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DeanMJackson wrote:

The article reads, “Nor is it clear why the FBI waited until Election Day to tell U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who oversees the CIA and other intelligence agencies, about its investigation involving Petraeus.”

Can you say this FBI cover story is so laughable it’s criminal, which is what it is, since there were no threatening emails, excepting those emails in the FBI-White House script.

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johanna1028 wrote:

I have to second everything Peter Lounsbury wrote. Here is another ‘fairy tale’ coming from our current administration, the reason of Petraeus’ resignation. How convenient that the FBI did not come out sooner with its findings but then again, our shameless liberal media would found a way to shove it under the carpet as Bhengazi and other scancals.
I am a native of Germany, born in 1940. From day one of Barrack Obama’s appearances, I had a vision of Hitler shouting to crowds at monuments, plazas and town halls (my vision, of course, comes from my family and the numerous documentaries of the rise and fall of Adolf H). I spent my first 37 years in a socialist Germany. I really never realized how much its government regulated and controlled everything until I came to America. Unfortunately, I cannot see this country remain as what it has been for 240+ years full of people who work hard with a goal of financial independence, creative, energetic and free.

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0bamao wrote:

Don’t believe what these clowns want to feed you… I knew all about it since I authorized the FBI fishing expedition.

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GWK22182 wrote:

Yeah, is he still going to testify about the failure of U.S. Govt. (Recon) action @ Benghazi ?

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Vuenbelvue wrote:

In these 48 comments, Republicans again show their disdain for facts. To make it real easy, all staff officers and the CIA Director who have resigned for the good of the service or country over the last few years are Republicans. The rank and file are expected to focus on Family Values but not the ones at the top. The Staff Sergeant who committed the Afghanistan massacre while drunk was most like a Republican. You better be keeping your eye on the Republican leadership dealing with the “Fiscal Cliff” issues then the bulls eye your mesmerized with, Benghazi. You oh so manipulable.

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