Identity of second woman emerges in Petraeus's downfall

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1monkey12 wrote:

Petraeus is a good little Republican. He would never cheat on his wife with 2 or more other women ! Oddly enough, FOX news isn’t mentioning much about this. A recent survey of Rush (drug addicted) listeners thought that Romney was sure to win with 99.9% of the vote. Damn ! What happened???

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ballsy wrote:

Man is Man. Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner……..

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YouGoYo wrote:

Interesting story! Seems to me that the Justice Department may want to investigate the FBI for reading the person emails of the Director of the CIA without a warrant! This could be a big scandal for the FBI, if they also accessed Petraeus’ personal email.
Who’s the mole in the FBI? Leaking a “non issue” to the GOP Chair of the House Intelligence Committee? The FBI may want to investigate themselves! The CIA may want to investigate how an FBI Field Office can access personal email of the Director of the CIA! How come,all of a sudden I don’t feel safe?!?

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SugarDad wrote:

So what do ya wanna do, have our leaders neutered? The rest of the world is laughing at us.

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ruffsoft wrote:

JFK shagged among other Marilyn Monroe, many Presidents have had affairs.
Whose business, other than the family itself, is it?

Gays used to be excluded (ie they had to lie) from public office because they could so easily be blackmailed….that’s over since being gay is now accepted. Extramarital affairs are more common than homosexuality, and especially among politicians, it has always been rampant. Therefore, what’s the big deal?

This is political theater, getting rid of McCrystal, now Petraeus, in order to strengthen Obama’s hand in foreign affairs. And I say good riddance! Petraeus led the coverup of the death of Pat Tillman, urged an escalation of the 10 year old war in Afghanistan, and at the CIA could accumulate all the dirt on everyone which has given many leaders a path to power, including Bush I and Putin.

We should treat affairs like the French, as private and irrelevant to public service. After all, Lincoln slept with men………..and who could blame Bush I for cheating on Barbara Bush? It’s just sex, it has nothing to do with politics.

But good riddance nevertheless……foreign policy is always a struggle involving generals, corporate interests, and civilian leaders. Generals and corporations like war; the less power they have, the stronger the President’s hand in pursuing peaceful solutions.

The generals and hawks tried to force Kennedy into nuking Cuba, starting WWIII and leading within hours to the bombing of Moscow, Leningrad, NYC, Washington, etc. Kennedy prevailed (and was assassinated soon after).

It is not for the President to listen to and obey the generals but for the generals to listen to and obey the President. This makes the latter situation, which is the Constitutional design, more likely.

Petraeus was ambitious and no doubt had dreams of perhaps running for President one day, the new Ike. This no doubt smashes that dream…and let me make it clear,Petreaus is no Ike. Ike defeated the fascist alliance, advised against dropping the atomic bomb, and came to hate war as “stupid” and “settling nothing.” He found preventive war, at which Petraus has excelled, an idea from Hitler, which does not prevent war but starts it. And he ran as an anti-war candidate and warned us of the dangers of the M/I complex.

I’m glad he’s gone, but I think the personal decision to have an affair should not be used politically. It’s none of anyone ‘s business, period. But in politics, as in love and war, all is fair.

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1964 wrote:

Apparently the affair wasn’t stopped with mutual consent and one woman got hellishly jealous. Politicians should learn a bit more about jealous females. They can lynch them. For the rest, an affair is no disqualification for a general or director of the CIA. Yes, the world is laughing at the US. Only in the US can you sack a general and CIA director with a jealous female. Easier than bombs – more surgical and more effective. Only in the US has the government and the entire intelligence machinery time to deal with a general’s sex affair.

Sometimes you wonder about the priorities of the US government.

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sjfella wrote:

The fact most folks are merely talking about the affair rather than the cover up they’re performing, shows they can lead the legions of sheep around at will.

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Marla wrote:

The issue for me is not one of marital fidelity, personally I could care less who ANYONE shaggs, hell in some cases it’s a relief to know that the “offender” is actually human. This issue is apparantly one of national security, something to do with providing an opportunity for blackmail, and one that Mr. Petraeus well understood when he unzipped his pants for someone other than his wife.

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Verpoly wrote:

This shows how and why our military and hi-tech intelligence can be passed onto our enemies e.g. Russia and China, despite sanctions or sales ban, becoz the brain of top man simply cannot hold firm enough to resist seductions. Money and women can buy everything from this country from top to bottom under the table. Congress somehow has to legislate against sex corruption that might occur during this and future administrations.

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Sergii wrote:

This ridiculous political theater is just another evidence of double standards in our society. Double standards is a very convenient tool to manipulate opinion of an average citizen. The General is a man with balls. And it is only his family’s affairs. He did not abuse any legislation in force.

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BiteRight wrote:

‘China will not be finished by nuclear bomb but by own corruption’, so said Hu, their president.

I am afraid the same shall apply to the U.S. too.

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sylvan wrote:

For the director of the CIA to be corresponding over gmail is major stupid, for any reason. He was fired for stupid, not because he couldn’t keep his gun holstered. So you think he has a Verizon iPhone?

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cranston wrote:

Perspective :
There are lots more than just these two but they died in Afghanistan as Petraeus pursued his personal activities –
10-25-2012 US Memon, Kashif M. Staff Sergeant 31 Hostile – hostile fire – small arms fire – Green on Blue
10-25-2012 US Ruiz, Clinton K. Sergeant 22 Hostile – hostile fire – small arms fire – Green on Blue

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Caspary wrote:

Love conquers everything.

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treybrant wrote:

Retired colonel Bolyan’s three statements that Broadwell received no intelligence information and that there were no government-address emails sent to her via Petraeus, and the statement that Petraeus knows that he made a mistake are all subjective statements, which Bolyan is not in the position to know. The question should be why Bolyan wants us to think that Broadwell received no intelligence information.

Adultery is a criminal offense in the military and can involve up to a year in prison and dishonorable discharge as well as a forfeiture of any allowance and payment. In Petraeus’s case this would entail the US government gaining the salaries of a few good men because Petraeus makes a lot of money from the US government.

In respect to his CIA career, Petraeus should not be praised for the work that he did in Iraq because that was his duty anyway, and he probably wanted to do a good job. The latest scandal should be analyzed without prejudice and should determine whether Petraeus placed any one at risk as a result of his actions.

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llomivi wrote:

It seems someone did not do his or her job.Today,even when you apply for some “little” job at your local Walmart,you are subject to something called “Background check”.Did anyone run this guy background check when he applied for his “big” job at CIA?This affair must be beginning during the time she was writing her “ALL IN”……

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AZreb wrote:

“Pillow talk” can be anything from sweet nothings to government secrets. It depends on the integrity of the people involved.

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matthewslyman wrote:

“…who knew about the investigation before last week’s presidential election…”
— Why would this have been an issue in the presidential election? Could a different president have stopped Petraeus have committing adultery?

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graysailor7 wrote:

What a triangle of asses.

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totherepublic wrote:

How do you spell impeachment?

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Smetak wrote:

Americans have a fixation on this type of thing – so what if the guy had an affair? What’s the big deal? That’s up to him and his wife and no one else. I remember when they sacked Eliot Spitzer because he had some fun with a hooker – what a joke! Bunch of prudes and hypocrites!

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Doc62 wrote:

“ballsy” said it best. Nonetheless, Bill Clinton did an excellant job whether Monica was under his desk or not.
The paparazzi finds this hard to swallow because it sells news for a living.
Kelley wants her greedy share of revenue from this.

Nov 12, 2012 11:56am EST  --  Report as abuse

1Monkey, I don’t know if he is a republican and don’t care. This involves a cover up and unlike some dems/liberals, conservitives want who ever is quilty of a crime or cover-up to be punished. we don’t care if they are repub or dem.

The media and government is so corrupt and unil we the people stand up to the corruption, it will only continue

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longtail wrote:

Veeeeerrrryyyyy interesting…………..but schtoopid!

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Mott wrote:

I wish there was some anti-viagra in vaccination form or other that can help detach our little mind’s lack-of-will falling prey to this type of tempation. This form of subtle addition has claimed great many folk that fall prey only to meet with eventual doom.

Wealth-addiction is another that we are witnessing in current times that is leading to the eventual doom of another set of folk that have reached the pinnacle and are trying hard to stay there at any cost. Very few are blessed with the courage to put this temptation at bay, such as – Bill Gates for one, and a few others like him.

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Rollo2 wrote:

Petraeus faced many enemies in his career but nothing to match the Obama/Axelrod machine. Petraeus will go down as a philandering fool that took the fall for covering up the Benghazi murders. I wonder what they have on the head of the FBI. And speaking of Bill Clinton and Lewinsky. How did Obama get Bill to sing his praises and push him to another 4 years, I wonder…. What happened to the book deal Monica was floating. Did someone pay her off? There are so many things that are mysteries surrounding Obama, the man without a past!

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PCScipio wrote:

Isn’t it interesting Cantor’s office was the first “political ” player to learn of the situation and they kept it quiet. Hmmm. I don’t think the WH as a problem here.

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I’d be interested in whether Netflix and Hulu have seen an increase in the popularity of the movie “No Way Out” since this story first broke.

Nov 12, 2012 2:17pm EST  --  Report as abuse

I’d be interested in whether Netflix and Hulu have seen an increase in the popularity of the movie “No Way Out” since this story first broke.

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Bagehot wrote:

couldn’t have said it better. like Clinton, Petraeus is naturally under observation all the time. DC is like anywhere else, people see but don’t see , hear but don’t hear. Especially when an alpha is doing the wrong thing. It wasn’t the affair or the cover-up, just a matter of political convenience. Enough of the right people (probably including (BHO) wanted him ‘dipped, so he was.
1686 KIA in Afghanistan as of the 9th; 3480 in Iraq. Meanwhile this yuk is rolling around in the mud with some bunny boiler.
Still waiting on the punchline….

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xyz2055 wrote:

Rollo2..Congratulations for winning the “I’m a Bozo” moniker for the day. I knew that eventually someone would drag Obama into this. And quit listening the Rush L. (mysteries my azzz)

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xyz2055 wrote:

Doc62 “hard to swallow”? missed a “No Pun Intended” moment there. Robin Williams points out how sad it is that Clinton found the only jewish girl who couldn’t get a stain out. We should have elected Jack Nicholson..there wouldn’t be any scandals surrounding Jack. He’s already done every drug on the planet (even Keith Richards would be saying “I have to go home now Jack” and he’s done every women in Hollywood (“I did Angela Jolie and afterwards she adapted me.”).

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AZWarrior wrote:

None of this will matter in the long run. The American people for the most part don’t care what their government does. The opposition party has no real desire to be seen as bad guys who send their time investigating this stuff. This administration knows they can do what they want now.

Nov 12, 2012 3:23pm EST  --  Report as abuse

Is General Patraeus more faithful to his country that he has been to his wife? The General was anticipating black mail from the White House and decided to beat them to the punch. (Strategy 101, page 46). If the General does not testify there is likely a highly-fractured cover up that will eventually destroy the Obama and Clinton legacies. Are Obama’s recent tears over gratitude or remorse? It appears that his final campaign speeches about “trust” were referring to his own behavior.

If you were stationed in Benghazi and you hit the distress button expecting immediate support, would you settle for an unmanned, unarmed camera drone to linger overhead? There are conflicting stories in regards to the President’s actions immediately following the deaths of the Americans in Libya on 9/11 and both are equally disturbing. The President either went to bed and finished watching the massacre commercial-free on his Tivo drive the next morning, or he boarded Air Force One to see one of his favorite rock bands perform at a campaign rally in Las Vegas.

It’s quite clear that Romney was the nation’s choice to lead us out of these harsh economic times, and Obama was the nation’s choice to lead us through the plethora of social issues. Therefore, the candidates were tied and the election would come down to foreign policy. Choosing to conceal the truth about the failures in Benghazi, as well as, delay the report of the Iranian efforts to shoot down our surveillance plane the week of the election are, in my book, grounds for impeachment. Obama supports the use of drones — roughly 200 million of us.

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xyz2055 wrote:

AZWarrior..have you ACTUALLY ever taken a class in government? Separation of powers mean anything to you? The founding fathers were incredibly smart guys. They gave virtually all the power to the 535 (435 Congressman + 100 Senators) versus the 1, The President. If the President wants to spend money Congress must approve it. It the President wants Socialist, Marxist or any other kind of program..Congress must approve it. I see time after time about how much money people claim Obama has spent since he became president. The President, any president can not spend 1 dime of tax payer money without Congressional approval. Don’t believe me? Would you believe it if Republican Paul Ryan said it? Read page 4 of Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” version 3.0 2013. The section is titled “Statement of Constitutional and Legal Authority”. He states the Constitutional Article and the laws that make Congress “SOLELY” responsible for the Budget, allocating, prioritizing and accounting for tax payer dollars.

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xyz2055 wrote:

LyingAboutLibya..the President isn’t directly involved in any request from the embassies. PERIOD. What ever failures lead to this tragedy were founded somewhere in the State Department. Let me ask you this..if the situation in Benghazi was SOOOOO bad, then why did our Ambassador leave the safety of our Embassy (in Tripoli) and travel to Benghazi on 10 September 2012 without extra security for a relatively mundane agenda? He was on the ground. He had a better handle on the situation than anybody.

“The General was anticipating black mail from the White House and decided to beat them to the punch.” You are delusional. Nice statement to hype the drama..but not a word of truth here.

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BurnerJack wrote:

I just can’t help think that this whole episode is an exercise in ‘smoke and mirrors’. The Administration hopes to remove Patreaus as far as possible before the Benghazi Hearings that SHOULD reveal the treasonous dhimmitude in/action well in advance of the attack on the embassy and safe house which resulted in direct loss of American life.
Just as the OJ Simpson Trial pushed the World Trade Center Attack Trial of The Blind Sheik off the Front Page, they are hoping for a similar result. Regardless, everyday, more and more people are awakening to the truth both present and past.

Nov 12, 2012 4:47pm EST  --  Report as abuse
BurnerJack wrote:

@Lyingaboutlibya: Well said, indeed.

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Vilavicki wrote:

I wish Petraeus would have resigned without saying it was because of an affair. This is not our business. Faux and the right wing have been beating the drum about the Libya attack which is typical of the way they want a non-issue to be a big issue. We lost four fine Americans because of the uprising over the video. It was because of the video or because these were terrorists who attacked the consulate because it was 9/11/12.

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Foxdrake_360 wrote:

Secret penis man, Secret penis man, … using his penis on the Iraqis and the Taliban!

Secret penis man, Secret penis man, … using his tally-wacker on the former west point grad, a the 30-something mom of two.

He’s a man with a master plan! He’s Secret penis man, Secret penis man, getting it in where-ever he can.

Secret penis man, Secret penis man, think he’s the only one, then you don’t know … Secret penis man, Secret penis man.

Waging world war where he can.

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JapanViewer wrote:

They still don’t reveal whether “the other woman” (Jill Kelly), also had some form of romantic link to Patraeus. It would seem she did, to bring Paula Broadwell to the point of sending her threatening emails. The truth will come out about Jill soon.
Other than Paula, who’s an obvious babe, Jill is pretty hot too.
Mmm, now what are the odds that women involved in such affairs are hot?
Then there’s poor Mrs. Patraeus. No one is saying the obvious there, but damn is she ugly. What’s a guy to do if he’s powerful, has an ugly wife, and a babe wants him? Hmmm. That’s a tough one.
Anyways, the photos of the women say it all.
A final note: Stories like these, only reinforce the truth about what men desire, and makes a sham out of the lies women try to present to men (“It’s horrible what men do”. “Men should be ashamed of themselves”). This is a kinda “shut-up call” to women. The truth is clear: Men want hot, young babes. It’s not “fair” or “wrong”, it just “is”. Deal with it instead of trying to twist reality.

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Timbuk3 wrote:

Dude has an affair and the responses seem to be “I feel less safe” and / or “women can be used to bring down govt” and/or “Obama conspiracy.

It is not an Obama or Feminist conspiracy. A powerful guy who was on the road a lot and in close company with an attractive woman made a mistake and then owned up to it at great personal and professional embarrassment.

He risked his life for us and, for the most part, served our country honorably his entire professional career. We should all be as honorable as to be able to own our mistakes in public and live with the consequences but it is certainly safer to make outrageous claims from the anonimity of your PC.

Get a life you conspiracy kooks.

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JapanViewer wrote:

@1964: I completely agree with you. The world is laughing at us. As 1964 says: “…an affair is no disqualification for a general or director of the CIA. Yes, the world is laughing at the US. Only in the US can you sack a general and CIA director with a jealous female”. True that.

Nov 12, 2012 6:14pm EST  --  Report as abuse
JapanViewer wrote:

This is a retraction of my previous point that “…an affair is no disqualification for a general or…”. I was wrong. It’s military code of ethics that he had to go. Director of the CIA is deadly serious, so nobody that can compromised can be given a pass. Otherwise, as you can imagine the scenario of an enemy sending an agent in the cover of a Paula, who can penetrate our intelligence operations. The Russians used to do it all the time, other countries have been wont to do it too. this is really on whole other level than society’s poo pooing sex. I stand corrected. He had to go.

Nov 12, 2012 6:55pm EST  --  Report as abuse

Scan-dull? Can the Administration get us so bored with this inflated soap opera that we ignore the details of Benghazi? I feel horrible for the General’s wife, as I’m sure we all do, but the real issue here is not the General’s penis, but the balls of the White House to manipulate the events in Libya to save their own asses after choosing not to save the lives of four dedicated men begging for help during a terrorist attack.

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ConstFundie wrote:


Really, a Fox “news” link? Hey link us up to the National Enquirer why you are at it.

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americanguy wrote:

“Family friend”.
Is that what they are called now?
Good one.

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Greenspan2 wrote:

Americans have always wanted their “heros” to look up to, just as they have relished their “Christianity” with its vicarious redemption and Horatio Alger inspirational stories of independence and perseverance. Those feel-good stories are better than any opium inspired stupor that allows one to tune out of reality and absolve oneself of any personal responsibility towards society.

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Greenspan2 wrote:

Americans have always wanted their “heros” to look up to, just as they have relished their “Christianity” with its vicarious redemption and Horatio Alger inspirational stories of independence and perseverance. Those feel-good stories are better than any opium inspired stupor that allows one to tune out of reality and absolve oneself of any personal responsibility towards society.

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fromthecenter wrote:

Personally, I could give 2 cents about what a politician does with his peronal life as long as it does NOT effect his job. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.. you bunch of freakin hypocrites!

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SeeAllEvil wrote:

Extramarital affairs are waaay more interesting to Americans than boring foreign affairs such as Benghazi. The CIA really should consider their own Reality TV series, maybe then Americans would “tune in.”

Nov 12, 2012 11:02pm EST  --  Report as abuse
napper727 wrote:

Sounds like one woman and one man decided to end an affair, but the woman thought another woman was having an affair too so the one woman began to send another woman emails out of jealousy which illuminated the man who had the affair with the other woman. lol Jealousy is the name to this game, nothing more nothing less. Of course the FBI and CIA will make the whole thing into an international conspiracy because the FBI and CIA have a problem with the issue of privacy. Who cares if one woman got jealous over another woman – if this was a crime, most of the couples or triangular relationships in America would be interrogated by the FBI and CIA. International security prompts CIA and FBI to get involved, bull! It’s a simple human emotion: jealousy.

Nov 13, 2012 1:42am EST  --  Report as abuse
WJL wrote:

The real reason is that he had been misleading the president at the behest of war hawks who want to attack Iran.

The rest of the story is all bullshit!!!

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