Analysis: Manning plea offer in WikiLeaks case carries risk, reward

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tukarabber wrote:

Typical Reuters leftys denying and omitting too many facts. He is a punk that deserves to be shot as the clear Traitor he is. You so called ”liberals” are just the same Eugenic Commies millions died fighting against and celebrate the very worst every time. Yes he is a fag and not any excuse for Assaunge.

Yes you EuropeOns are all going down so pay your reparations to all of us Jews you keep trying to kill and now with your terrorist friends. Yes you ”Communosocialists” are all the same using traitors,perverts,rapists,pedophiles and perverts you mostly all are. Yes we are all now boycotting you foreign f…s and it especially includes your uber Scandinavians, Britwits,French cos your the biggest enemies of the world for far too long.

So stop the fake ”palestinians” as British crimes against humanity and too many others cos you leftys are just pure amoral self hating folks trying to destroy happiness for everyone else. We are sick of you BLT Obama lovers giving his BLT ”Reverends/Rabbis” of pure hate a pass. Yes the UK is a breeding ground for you Antiamerican/Democracy haters going down fast cos we are boycotting you virulent Antisemites and especially your Commie Blue Blood ”church” trying to kill us all.

Yes your a bunxh of fake lying ”humanitarians,MLK and free speech” frauds so how about Pollard you losers omit by design. Reuters,BBC etc. keep publishing propaganda as their ”original thoughts” while omitting too many facts . Yes Obama and you lefty losers will be impeached soon enough.

So listen up cos the Vatican is a valid terrorist State and its called Never Again that especially includes American/liberal ”Jews” as well. Yes you EuroPeons are rhe very same folks we fled to America from with Methodists and Presbyterians still trying to kill us to cover up their Original Sin of stealing old JC. So we laugh and spit on your face and pay us our money at hundreds of Billion$ alone!!,

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