Pentagon releases Benghazi timeline, defends response

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Pravitus wrote:

“speaking on condition of anonymity. Complete failure.

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assmuncher wrote:

Why now, two days after the election, are we getting the real story?
We were attacked on 9/11. And the media has helped the administration cover it up. It was not an election issue. Obama never discussed it once.

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SeeAllEvil wrote:

The government continues to fail us. Only fools believe the government will protect us. Complete and utter failure.

When will the American people wake up?

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There sure is an odor emanating from this situation. In case you can’t put your finger on it – It’s fish. Petraeus won’t be testifying – earlier reports contradict every single detail in this account – the parents of two of those killed have detailed the lies they were told…. David Alexander, you should do your job and get to the bottom of it. I know you have examples of what happens to those who actually do their jobs at CNN like Amber Lyon and it might be a little unnerving. But, integrity, courage, and character are valuable.

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borisjimbo wrote:

I see the trolls are still out tonight. No matter what the facts, they’ll find a way to spin them to blame Obama for something that couldn’t have been stopped. I’m sure Darryl Issa will follow this line too.

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defcon007 wrote:

One of the missions Ambassador Stevens had ongoing at the time of his death was the recovery of thousands of Libyan man-portable air defense weapons (MANPADS) that went missing during the revolution. While the U.S. was buying back these weapons where possible some could have required rapid destruction by air assets. Why then were there no contingency plans in place to do that with actual basing of aircraft or putting armed aircraft in nearby airspace in loiter mode. Why wasn’t an armed Reaper loitering within an hour’s flight time like the unarmed Predator? It should have never taken so long to get military assistance on scene. Poor planning is an understatement.

David F. Crosby is the author of A Guide to Iranian Man-Portable Air Defense Weapons currently for sale on His book A Guide to Airborne Weapons was a 2003 Military Book Club selection. He has published numerous defense-related articles in national magazines such as Aviation History, Vietnam, and Civil War Times Illustrated. In addition, Mister Crosby wrote history for the U.S. Air Force and worked as a doctrine developer for U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery School. He has served in both the infantry and the military police.

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gthog61 wrote:

They let those people die. I see obama supporters are down with it. obama supporters are scum.

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AndrewBinga wrote:

Resigned because of an affair? That is a good one!

Petraeus had emphatically denied that he or anyone else at the CIA refused assistance to the former Navy SEALs who requested it three times as terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on the night of Sep. 11. The Weekly Standard and ABC News report that Petraeus’s denial effectively implicates President Barack Obama, since a refusal to assist “would have been a presidential decision.”

This was all about Benghazi.

Petraeus had been scheduled to testify next week in closed-door hearing about September 11 attack of U.S. Consulate in Libya. Now he will no longer testify as he’s left his position.

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dfb69 wrote:

So, the CIA knew in an hour, the military knew in an hour yet everyone says they couldn’t get forces there even though there were mulitple assets within an hour’s flight of the compound. They couldn’t get there yet the AfriCom three star general was revealed of command THAT NIGHT by his second in command for trying to get people there. They couldnt get there that night yet they told groups to stand down. They knew that night what was gong on yet Obama ran around for two weeks saying it was because of a video.

We are getting slow rolled and treated like mushrooms

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Carmi wrote:

We are the Right! We hate yellow Liberals! Nothing they say is true and everything we believe is true! We will not, repeat not, let facts nor logic stand in our way! You can offer valid explanations until you are blue in the face, but we will never listen for we are the Right!

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Carmi wrote:

AndrewBinga wrote:

Petraeus had been scheduled to testify next week in closed-door hearing about September 11 attack of U.S. Consulate in Libya. Now he will no longer testify as he’s left his position.
The acting director will testify in his place and they could subpoena Petraeus if necessary.

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alldayUSA wrote:

totally BS. “our consulate is under attack” ….. well we already have a meeting scheduled with the pres, lets discuss it there……..meeting over…lets screw around and head back to the pentagon and have a couple hours of meetings there….then maybe we can do something.

total total total BS. If any of these folks ever need help, such as a medical emergency, I hope the rescue team has a few hours of meetings before they show up.

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Johan-Doh wrote:

So Obama LIED when he said it was because of a movie trailer. Lied to the UN, Lied to all of us. He just didn’t want to admit that it was terrorism. I think he should be impeached right now. It wasn’t a matter of national security or revealing secrets. He deliberately withheld information so he wouldn’t look bad so close to an election. What an opportunistic scum.

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The way our administration handled this was wrong, more lies does not improve what was done.

If I want to be lied to, I will go car shopping.

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“The Department of Defense acted quickly after learning of the incidents unfolding in Benghazi,”
“”Unfortunately, no alternative or additional aircraft options were available within a timeline to be effective,”
“During the meetings, the group formulated a response to the attack and gave verbal orders to prepare to deploy two teams of Marine anti-terrorism troops, used for providing security, and two special forces units, one based in Europe and the other in the United States.

One Marine Corps Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team, or FAST team, was designated for the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli and the other for the consulate in Benghazi. The special forces units were ordered to prepare to go to a staging base in Europe.”
“A CIA timeline released last week said that team was held up at the airport trying to organize transportation and locate the missing U.S. ambassador.”
All the rest of the “EXCUSES” fail. The entire operational preparedness
fails. The Obama liberal progressive democrat pentagon team fails. A Massacre occurs and the reasons for it are clear.
The Obama liberal progressive democrat team are well prepared to defraud and cheat at elections but are woefully ill prepared to wage war on a global scale. We the People are at risk we face danger from insurgents of every color. We face yet another 9-11.
He watched them DIE . . . . . . then he LIED!

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americanguy wrote:


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neilc23 wrote:

Since the CIA and Petraeus are in the clear, then their is absolutely no excuse why Petraeus won’t testify this Tuesday. By testifying, Petraeus would pass my PT (Patriot Test).

The welfare of America and its citizens is far more important than any left-wing or rignt-wing whacko in the our federal government or the national media.

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stardate8454 wrote:

All you ignorant, amateur commentators who say the administration “lied” preclude the possibility that the administration was simply attempting to avert a panic, which often leads to premature, impulsive decisions which lead the population down a propagandist path to war (championed, no doubt, by Fox News.) Besides, as we all found out at the second debate, the President did in fact reference the episode in the Middle East as “an act of terror”.

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USAPragmatist wrote:

Now that we have an official timeline, maybe there can be a rational discussion on how things can be improved. But with the bubble of unreality surrounding righties these days, I doubt it is possible, but i hope it is. I have two proposals…

1. Make sure diplomatic security has enough money to do its job (going to have to email your Representative about this one.)

2. Make sure this security is ALL ACTIVE DUTY American military personnel, no more outsourcing to private companies.

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USAPragmatist wrote:

@stardate, the other problem the ‘ignorant, amateur commentators’ is that they are unable to grasp the fact that there where many ACTIVE protests around the ME that, without a doubt, caused by the video. Many of the administrations comments that the righites refer to as lies are, in fact, statements meant to refer to those protests and NOT Benghazi. And, because they are choosing to live in their bubble of unreality, they are either unable or unwilling to understand this.

Also, it is not settled that the attackers did not use the video as a ‘trigger’ for their already semi-planned attack. After all the initial protests in Cairo did start BEFORE the attack in Benghazi. And there was a protest in Benghazi that started shortly AFTER the attack.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


An act of terror can be performed by anyone, not just a terrorist. A terrorist attack however, is an act by a terrorist. In that same speech where he used the words act of terror, before those words he alluded to the event being because of the video on yourtube.

“Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths. We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. But there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence. None. The world must stand together to unequivocally reject these brutal acts.”"

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