Momentum builds for U.S. immigration reform plan

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Galactus999 wrote:

No Amnesty. It should be a non starter if Amnesty is included. We need to deport these illegal aliens. They will just become Democrats.

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Galactus999 wrote:

No Amnesty. It should be a non starter if Amnesty is included. We need to deport these illegal aliens. They will just become Democrats.

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Dantes wrote:

Heather McDonald has written on this at NRO. Illegal immigrants vote for handouts…not amnesty. This will simply add another 20 million permanent wards of the state to the Democratic party…and they will get their votes at working American’s expense. But the GOP is long past the point of being smart.

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destiny666 wrote:

You can either help us create a plan, and yes it will include amnesty, or we’ll do it without you.

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davidfarrar wrote:

The mistake we made with Reagan’s 1986 amnesty legislation is that it relied on Washington to stop illegal immigration at the borders. This time around, let’s learn from our mistake and approach this issue through the ‘amendment’ process.

As an example: an American Birthright Amendment would call for Art. II, §1, cl. 4 natural born Citizen to be a person born of two US parents. A person born of one US parent within the jurisdiction*, or a person born of non-US citizen parents legally within the jurisdiction is a US national at birth, and must declare permanent US citizenship at the age of majority**. A person born of non-citizen parents within the borders, but not within the jurisdiction, will no longer be considered a US citizen at birth, but a citizen of its parents’ nationality.

With a much clearer understanding of who is a US citizen at birth, together with much tougher laws for hiring illegal aliens, and the absolute denial of public services, sever restrictions on other family members acquiring US citizenship, illegal immigration could be reduced to only a trickle.

ex animo
* A person born of one US citizen and illegal non-citizen
** For the purposes of Art. II, §1, cl. 4, such as person is not a natural born U.S. citizen.

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Chrissay wrote:

Neither I nor anyone I know can understand the strategy of rewarding illegal entry with citizenship, especially at a time like this when so many Americans cannot find enough work even to take care of their basic needs.
But I suppose that such intellectual giants as Lindsay Graham and Charles Schumer must know better than everyday people like us.

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Gaill wrote:

I cannot believe how our elected officials have no loyalty to the citizens of this country. We all have to obey the laws. Yet, illegals will be rewarded. Do you not realize that once you give in to the illegals, the hispanic community will be in charge of who wins? The party who gives into their demands will be the winning party.
The republicans have lost their sanity. They lost the election because women perceived a war against them, a war against homosexuals was true, Ron Paul supporters felt that the party showed Dr. Paul no respect which was true.
Give the respect deserved to American citizens. Secure the borders, allow illegals to work here if they pass a background check. Do not disrespect all who have come here legally.

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Atocq72 wrote:

Thank you for all your extreme right-view comments! They will ensure the minority status of the Republican party for the next 20 years! Yay!

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scotrp wrote:

people in the midwest i want you to listen i live in california its too late here its been taken over.This is a majority hispanic state and it will continue across the rest of the states if something isnt done.There are armed cartels growing marijuana all over our national forests.They are brazen enough to machine gun a C.H.P officer for no reason.Gang shootings everyday i work close to the welfare office and the lines are predominately hispanic.Our state in bankrupt and the taxes are always going up.English is being lost here the billboards are in spanish almost everywhere you go spanish is all you hear.This isnt the america i grew up in, i genuinely feel like i live in mexico.I feel like the american indians must have felt when boatload after boatload of europeans were showing up and they realized thier country was lost and thier way of life was over.This is what the rest of america has to look foward to if something isnt done SOON!

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wigglwagon wrote:

The criminals will be dancing in the streets.

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wigglwagon wrote:

The criminals will be dancing in the streets.

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texan5555 wrote:

So by rewarding law breakers we are supposedly going to stop more of them from coming. Why do we even bother with a border anymore. I still find it sad that the people who came here in accordance with the laws and the people who were born here support this criminal activity for racial reasons. It would appear the the hispanics are racists for supporting the ability for other hispanics to break the law simply because they are hispanic. This is the beginning of the end of the United States. We should just cede ourselves to Mexico and get it over with

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Warof2010 wrote:

it will be a cold day in hell when amnesty is approved

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Warof2010 wrote:

it will be a cold day in hell when amnesty is approved

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Warof2010 wrote:

it will be a cold day in hell when amnesty is approved

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Warof2010 wrote:

on the amnesty rumor, a surge in the invasion

Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector Monthly Apprehensions Of Illegals— 316 miles

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actnow wrote:

The Devil is always in the details on these issues. Read the fine print. Senator Durbin’s DREAM Act proposal also allowed for DHS to admit anyone they wished for citizenship (even if they did not meet the alleged criteria), allowed anyone simply applying for amnesty to be protected from deportation, allowed anyone who even had an application for enrollment to a college to be considered (even if they didn’t actually go college),set such a low threshold for of proof that virtually anyone could defraud the system to gain citizenship, and allowed those gaining citizenship through this act to sponsor relatives for immigration as well (including the very parent who brought them here illegally to begin with). Americans must read the fine print, or else this American Citizens will be taken to the cleaners (again).

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Sadly that also means that we will enter a horrible recession, and the dollar is going to be destroyed as a result of the deficit and debt that Democrats seem to not care abut. Unemployment is going to skyrocket past 2009-2011 levels due to millions of undocumented workers given amnesty and can now take jobs from any legitimate worker at a lower rate which will be higher than what they made under the table. The Democrat plans for the economy is horrible. Ironically their dependence on the government means that the results of their unsound policies are going to hurt them the most. Amnesty is coming. The illegals will probably start moving back south on their own to find work once all the benefits are dried up in America.

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BlueEyes12796 wrote:

Reading these comments makes me thank my lucky starts that the right was denied the presidency a few nights ago. Surely your grandparents or great-grandparents were immigrants themselves. They’d be ashamed at your treating of others the way that they were treated decades ago. Your grandmother is rolling in her grave at the hatred you are spewing and she damn well should be. Allowing for a path to citizenship would change nothing in your life. Undocumented workers are ALREADY working at a lower pay rate and “taking your jobs” (as minimum wage dishwashers, fruit pickers, landscapers and any number of jobs that you believe yourself to be “to good for” anyway). A path to citizenship would only allow them to actively and openly participate in American life without fear of deportation. I’m tired of the xenophobic nonsense I hear from fools who know nothing about the immigrant experience. Perhaps we should disassemble the Statue of Liberty and ship her back to France if we are no longer a country accepting of “your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

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Abulafiah wrote:

TheNewWorld wrote:
“Sadly that also means that we will enter a horrible recession, and the dollar is going to be destroyed as a result of the deficit and debt that Democrats seem to not care abut.”

A simple question: did Republicans, when they were in power, reduce debt and deficit, or did they increase the national debt by 89%?

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IlleagalAlien wrote:

Reublcans think they are fooling us “ileagal inmigrants”, we’ll make sure no republian president reaches the white house in the next two decades! We’ll make sure the republicans/tea party pays for what they have done to us the past decade

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AZreb wrote:

Hispanics and their activists are now telling Obama that he “owes them”. No – he owes ALL citizens and LEGAL immigrants and should “preserve and protect” the consitution as he has sworn to do. CA is now raising taxes – supposedly to pay for education, but the taxes will go into the general fund for the state and the Hispanics and their chosen ones – the illegals – will make sure that those funds are used for their benefit.

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actnow wrote:

The real goal is to build a single party super majority that will never be defeated. This will take place through the chain migration that will occur when 12 million new “citizens” can then sponser their families to become “citizens” and so on. Say good bye to having a choice for your representatives. Should this amnesty pass, we will no longer live in a true democracy. Many of those thinking this is a good thing should consider what their own futures will be within ten years. Those seeking to come to America for the free benefits will do to this nation what is already taking place in wester Europe. Sad but true.

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jaham wrote:

Obama’s plan to tax the rich is a farce:

The centerpiece of President Obama’s plan is to raise taxes on the rich (households making $250.000 or more). The only problem with this “solution” is that it is dishonest. President Obama likes to give the impression that his plan to tax the rich can significantly reduce the deficit, a claim which is false and which Obama knows is false.

Everybody knows that the rich have a lot of money, so it may appear reasonable to non-economists that taking some this wealth can fill the hole in the budget. What the public doesn’t know, and what President Obama will not tell them, is that there are just too few rich people in America for this plan to work.

According to the CBO, over the next 10 years the Obama budget will produce a deficit of $10.900 billion, or 5.3% of GDP on average.

According to the left’s own calculations, Obama’s plan to raise taxes on the rich will generate $700 billion in additional revenue over the next decade, or just a pathetic 0.3% of GDP.

In other words, the plan to raise taxes on the rich will only cover one out of fifteen dollars of deficit spending. Where is President Obama going to get the other fourteen out of fifteen?

To the $10.9 trillion in deficits we need to add the unfunded liabilities of Medicare and Social Security. According to the Trustees of these programs, the unfounded liabilities are a staggering $52 trillion.

Again, any honest economist who knows the facts can tell you that a measly $70 billion in revenue per year from the rich will not come close to cover America’s fiscal hole of at least $63000 billion dollars.

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IlleagalAlien wrote:

The GOP will pass Amnesty, and we LATINOS new Citizens will make pay the republican party for all the fear mongering of the last decade, WE’ll become the biggest majority and we will make sure all those reacist never get to the white house or the senate or the house, as a matter of fact we Latinos could create our own party and just discard republicans for good

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actnow wrote:

And so ends American democracy as we knew it should this pass. Once the new “citizens” begin sponsoring family members to become the next citizens, and so on, we will become a single party, welfare state. This is the far left’s real DREAM act.

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actnow wrote:

IllegalAlien…..won’t be too long before your Democrat friends get thrown under the bus either, they’re just too slow to get it.

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tmc wrote:

@IlleagalAlien, that last rant of yours sure sounded pretty racist to me.

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fromthecenter wrote:

Illegal immigrants dont pay taxes or vote. They are here because job creators hire them at a low wage and provide them with no benefits. It would be best to create a path to become citizens. It’s funny how it took the republicans getting thrased by the ‘legal immigrants’ in the election for them to do a 180 and now support immigration reform isnt it?

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Sensibility wrote:

Yep, nothing like getting killed in an election to set your priorities straight.

George W Bush tried to do comprehensive immigration reform in 2005. Too bad it took the rest of the Republican Party until now to catch up to him. And too bad it took Obama until now to get serious about it.

This really isn’t hard. It’s just that the politicians on both sides are shortsighted and largely incompetent. Well, at least it looks like, for now, things are finally moving in the right direction.

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AZreb wrote:

It does no good to post comments if you do not follow up with calls and emails and letters to your elected Congressional members and also to the Administration. Let them know that another amnesty is not what we need or want now. Bad enough that about 1 MILLION young ILLEGALS were dumped into the job market to compete with our own citizens and LEGAL immigrants – now the administration wants amnesty for up to 20 million more!

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This article says nothing about Amnesty. It describes extending a route to citizenship for illegal, non-criminal, immigrants who are probably already working here. Since they are already working they wouldn’t be ‘stealing’ anyone’s job. The plan also mentioned enhanced border patrol to help diminish illegal entry. If they create social security cards that are harder to fake, it will help to prevent them from getting jobs and will force them to take the path to citizen ship or get deported. One large hurdle would be to work with the people employing the ‘cheap’ labor knowingly. Could possibly be done with steep consequences for those that employ illegals. It will be interesting to see what the two parties can come together with. Seems like both sides are a little too extreme so maybe a combination of the two would be best.

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