In Myanmar, ethnic party taps dangerous nationalist fervor

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usagadfly wrote:

There seems to be a serious question abroad in the Western World about whether any peoples have a right to self-rule other than Jews. For everyone else, the world must be seen, we are told, as “corporate” States that are disconnected from particular peoples and which must be open to invasion from other peoples at the choice of the individuals currently in power.

In other words, doctrine today is that countries belong to rulers, much as they did 1,000 years ago, rather than to peoples. Any questioning of these oligarchies is “dangerous” thinking. What nonsense! There are of course peoples and they are, of course, entitled to self-determination rather than obedience to commands from aristocrats.

The result will be conflicts as certain peoples seek to intrude into the cultural space of others. This issue must be openly dealt with, and the same rules applied to all. Historically, violence has been the ultimate method of deciding who dominates what. So it is very complex solving this sort of conflict in other ways.

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