U.S. to soon determine post-2014 troop presence in Afghanistan

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Chalton wrote:

Zero sounds like the appropriate number to me, and to most Americans. How many troops did the Russians leave behind after they left?

Nov 12, 2012 7:14pm EST  --  Report as abuse
americanguy wrote:

How many troops we will keep in Afghanistan after we pull out?
Heck, let’s keep 500,000 there for 1000 years.

Nov 12, 2012 7:28pm EST  --  Report as abuse
joe10082 wrote:

Hopefully there won’t be any America soldiers there except for Panetta. He should remain to watch the return of the enemy to this empty and desolate land.

Nov 12, 2012 7:29pm EST  --  Report as abuse
oavery wrote:

Given that Obama and his administration are committed to selling out the US military anyway, we might as well pull them out and let the ensuing disaster occur. Obama like much of the left never got the idea that you either fight a war to win or you do not fight it and that in the process of fighting to win lots of ugly things occur that the faint of heart will criticize. We would never have defeated Hitler without our daylight and nighttime attacks on both military and non-military targets nor would we have avoided the million plus casualties it would have taken to invade Japan without dropping atomic bombs on the Christian and largely unmilitary cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Similarly Sherman would never have been able to save the union for President Lincoln without ravaging a 200 mile wide swath of the south and burning civilian cities. War is a hard business and it is not something to be overseen or waged by the soft of heart. The soft of heart should just get on to the business of surrender and submission to servitude quickly.

Nov 12, 2012 8:03pm EST  --  Report as abuse
oavery wrote:

Given the way the Obama administration has knifed the military in the back repeatedly, we might as well pull them out now and let the ensuing disaster occur. There is no sense in having the brave and brilliant men and women of our armed forces shed their blood when the Administration is going to cave anyway.

The rule of war is to fight it to win or don’t fight it. Fighting it to win is an ugly business. Sherman would never have saved the Union without laying waste to a 200 mile swath of the South and burning civilian cities. Hitler would never have been defeated without mass bombing attacks targeting German civilians and killing them in the hundreds of thousands. The invasion of Japan – which would have cost millions of American lives – would never have been avoided without the use of atomic bombs on the Christian and largely demilitarized cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. War is an ugly bloody business and cannot be waged by or overseen by the soft of heart.

The soft of heart, the whiners who complain about every sparrow that falls from every tree, should just go about the business of surrender and submission as it their wont.

Nov 12, 2012 8:08pm EST  --  Report as abuse

Just de-list them as terrorists like you did with the Iranian terrorists in Iraq – MEK

Then you can leave…

But something tells me you guys want to stay!

Oh I don’t know, something about Obamas top advisor writing in his book ‘the grand chessboard’ that Afghanistan was absolutely essential for the US to control to maintain it’s global ‘primacy’ and dominance.

Nov 13, 2012 1:03am EST  --  Report as abuse


I’m pretty sure the ‘disaster’ occurred back in 2001 WHEN YOU INVADED THEM!!!

How many hundres of thousands have you slaughtered so far?

Americans can’t see past the nose on their own face… tell me, have your rulers shared the spoils with you yet??


Nov 13, 2012 1:06am EST  --  Report as abuse
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