Lockheed says cyber attacks up sharply, suppliers targeted

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This is way beyond Iran’s cyber capabilities, it must be state sponsored attacks from either China or Russia. Or a cyber mercernary group. I think the gloves are coming off and someone or some group is sending a message to the US suppliers. Scary.

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Numb3rTech wrote:

We need to be very protective of our proprietary and patented products especially when it is technologically advanced. This is needed to protect our country. We are almost to a point where a lot of our systems are no longer connected to the regular internet and all classified data must be encryped and kept on local intranet systems within companies. It may come to the point that all computers used for critical information be kept totally in house and machines be set to not allow USB drives or any other external connections except for only in house. Use of highly encrypted fiber optics laid specifically for external offices with the same security as the main office. Field information collected should have to go through a special machine to check that no data has been infected and to verify the field laptops have not downloaded any information they should not have.

Any connection to the regular internet should be on a totally seperate machine that specifically checks emails and logs all data regarding messages sent and received IP addresses. The emails then should be checked on another machine for verification and a backup of all data should be preserved on a server with tape backup.

All web based advertising or web sites should be on a totally seperate machine with no access to classified or proprietary information.

Good encryption and using basically in house equipment is the only way to preserve data privacy. That is how I run my home computer system, my servers and backups. Only proper procedure will ensure protection of proprietary and sensitive documents.

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