Petraeus scandal widens, snares U.S. commander in Afghanistan

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McAdams wrote:


Nov 13, 2012 9:28pm EST  --  Report as abuse
evilblood wrote:

We can all sleep a little easier tonight knowing that General Petraeus is not the top spy chief of the country any longer. What i don’t get is if you’re a spy chief how the heck are you NOT hiding inappropriate emails? From now on appoint people with a proven covert track record within the agency. This is alot more than a black eye for the agency it’s a traumatic brain injury.


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kengill wrote:

Why does the USAF need an unpaid socialite social liason? Sounds fishy too me!!

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eddietheblur wrote:

Hannity just knows this was all Obama’s fault, so I thought I’d throw in the more salient questions raised by all this hanky-panky:

1) How deeply involved with Fast and Furious was Gen. Petraeus? How about Solydra?

2) Did Obama make him resign because adultery is a violation of Sharia law?

3) What did Petraeus know about Obama’s real birthplace, and when did he know it?

4) What “stuff” did Obama offer the General to get him to resign?

5) Is that even really Gen Petraeus, or did Obama replace him with some kind of new drone that he developed in one of his FEMA-Obamacare death camps?

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kennorth wrote:

I profoundly doubt that this inquiry “has snared General Allen”. That assumption betrays an appalling lack of precision both analytically and grammatically. The General is obviously being investigated out of an abundance of caution by the Pentagon to ensure that he has not engaged in behavior that is detrimental to good military order or would bring discredit upon the Officers Corps.or the Marine Corps. It is far more important that Military leadership has political sensibility than “political correctness”, and General Allen’s career assuredly reflects that capability. Whatever “flirtatious” is found to entail- if anything substantive at all – it is not criminal, immoral, unethical, or usually unduly imprudent. He is first, last, and always a Marine, who is called upon to find his front sight, lead men and women in battle, deploy relief forces in crises and disasters, and quietly inspire all those who follow him. If “flirtatious” approaches the line of imprudence, Mrs. Allen can confine him to Quarters of give him a weekend in the grease pit. It is categorically not a public policy issue warranting even a momentary displacement of the abounding challenges this Nation currently confronts.

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mymp wrote:

Petraeus has once again betrayed us

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longtail wrote:

“Generals Gone Wild” is positively the best new reality offering in years! Two thumbs up!

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longtail wrote:

Hello……….anyone home?

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longtail wrote:

earth to Reuters…………come in Reuters. Over.

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Pullum wrote:

General Allen needs to go for stupidity if not adultery. And the troops in Afghanistan need to come home with him. The corrupt, inept, duplicious Afghans are not worth another drop of American blood nor borrowed dollar. This would also lessen our fiscal crisis and let folks know that higher ups get treated like the young soldier who allegedly let out secret information.

Nov 14, 2012 12:38am EST  --  Report as abuse
KDupre wrote:

This brouhaha is simply a coverup scandal to hide what’s really going on in this administration. Who cares anyway if the guy had flirtatious emails or had an affair? President Clintion had an affair with an intern and Dems didn’t think that was a big deal.

The press should get off their fake outrage and at least make an attempt to find out what really happened in Benghazi and why this administration refused to send help to the ambassador which condemned him and three others to death. That’s the real scandal.

Nov 14, 2012 10:12am EST  --  Report as abuse
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