Uganda says wants to pass anti-gay law as "Christmas gift"

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gregbrew56 wrote:

This is what happens when religious zealots are allowed to go into developing countries to infect indigenous people with their dogma-based hatred and destroy an existing culture rich with ancient tradition.

Is Uganda better off now? i think not.

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arttie wrote:

It’s about time a government decided to stand against gays. Love or not, it’s just wrong to be homosexual. Religion shouldn’t have anything to do with it. God or no God, gay is not good. Allowing gay-ness to exist will breed humans out of existence. Now, if we manage to ever rid our tax burden of welfare, that will really hurt the gays because they won’t have unwanted kids to adopt! I say the Ugandan government has the right idea.

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Negablade wrote:

@ arttie
“Allowing gay-ness to exist will breed humans out of existence.”

Do you mean that same sex couples breed? They don’t breed.

Do you mean that same sex couples don’t have enough children to counter population decline? Neither do people who don’t find partners, put off having children for their careers or only have one child. Perhaps it should be illegal to be single and childless over the age of 35.

Do you mean that making same sex relationships legal will turn everyone gay? This doesn’t need comment.

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Bobo_9 wrote:

Uganda has a long history of killing their own citizens for all kinds of reasons, so this is no surprise. Idi Amin murdered tens of thousands during his reign.
As for “arttie” above, I hope he’s joking (??), although not sure.
How does being gay help to breed humans out of existence ??
Does he mean to imply that having a gay person around means those around him or her somehow get “infected” with a gay germ like a flu bug ??

Nov 14, 2012 6:04am EST  --  Report as abuse
GA_Chris wrote:

Replace “Uganda” by “USA” if the right wing nuts get into power here.

we need to reject all forms of extremism.. right, left, religious and moral… I remember all religions are based on tolerance, just bigots have got that message mixed up

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noellesmoot wrote:


Being gay isn’t wrong. Nobody has the authority to tell someone that he or she can’t love someone of the same sex simply because they don’t agree with it. Whatever happened to “Love thy neighbor as thyself”? If you have a gay neighbor and you hate him because he’s gay, then you must really hate yourself.

As for your comment of ridding America of social programs like welfare, it won’t decrease the amount of children who need families. Welfare has little to do with gay couples adopting children. Besides, why shouldn’t they be allowed to adopt? It’s a one more child who has a home and someone who can actually provide for them rather then have the child continue to live off of welfare. There is research that proves that children of gay couples do NOT become gay themselves are are just as well off as children with straight parents. The research done to try and prove that children are worse off are very flawed and inaccurate.

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gregbrew56 wrote:

arttie needs to move to Uganda.

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jhvance wrote:

Kadaga demonstrates conclusively with her words and tone that hand-in-hand demagoguery and religious idiocy know no bounds of geography or culture, but she has likely focused on a highly public campaign mostly in order to boost her own re-election chances in the next cycle.

Nov 15, 2012 6:51pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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