The U.S. military pivot to Asia: when bases are not bases

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It would be great if all of Americas colonies could take back these bases without being bombed…

How is the world ever going to defeat this evil empire?

Cuba absolutely HATES the United States, as they have been under the longest embargo in world history aswell as failed CIA coup attempts and assasination plots… and still they can’t take back their own land and have to suffer the indignity of the US opening a torture centre in Guantanamo bay Cuba.

You know when you have a situation like this there is no such thing as international law, only the law of empire.

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Free_Pacific wrote:

The Middle East is less and less relevant. The true future of economic and institutional growth is the the Asia-Pacific. We are a young, optimistic and rapidly more and more educated region. Also, with over 600 Million people, our region presents an excellent market. U.S help in maintaining the rule of law and deepening the peace that has prevailed for decades, is most appreciated. Ignore the left wing anti-american lunatics, many people over many different countries (In the Asia_Pacific) welcome the U.S and look forward to deepening the partnership we already share, or have shared for decades.

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Sinbad1 wrote:


So true, most Americans don’t realize it but most of the world lives in fear of the United States.

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stambo2001 wrote:

@sinbad1 Is used to be fear, now it’s pretty much just disgust. Uncle Sam has turned to the Dark Side and become the globes ‘Bad Guy’. The american people themselves just don’t get it yet. Do you think that all the citizens of Nazi Germany considered themselves to be evil? They got firebombed all the same.

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sweet-potatoe wrote:

@Sinbad1 and @pendingapproval, yeah keep convincing yourselves that, the reality is that the only reason why the world hasn’t turned into a one massive ball of fire is because of the US, if you gonna use Cuba to criticize the US, then read the history of what Castro did to antagonize the US. Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan can sleep at night knowing that China will not invade them because it is scared of the US.

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jwab wrote:

Yeah stambo and pendingapproval, we are just like the nazis. We kill hundreds of thousands of jews and start world wars. We are an evil empire that massacres civilians wherever we go…. You people are out of your minds. The United States is the ONLY country that has the motive and ability to maintain stability throughout the world. But it should not be our responsibility. We will not jeopardize our well-being for anybody. We are a country like any other, we look out for ourselves first and focus on our interests only, except we are stronger and better than anybody else. China’s missteps last year were aggressive moves that undermined stability, and now they are paying the price.

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davec.0121 wrote:

The world may feel “disgust” or “fear” of the U.S., but, without bothering to debate those statements, remember that the same thing is said everytime there’s a major international event: “U.S. has to do something!”.

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