Insight: Red Cross response to Sandy fails to meet expectations

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Nothing new. If you look back at most major hur’s and natural disasters, the Red Cross does little more than take money, ship in a few supplies and then leaves when the cameras do.

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emmanduke wrote:

What haw happened to FEMA?

Why is there no outcry like what happened in Katrina when everybody bashed the government for not doing fixing problems via FEMA?

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There is no Utopian plan for disaster management. No organization, government or private will go unscathed by the media after a disaster. There will always be someone who feels that more should have been done. Remember after the quake hit Japan and the people literally sat in the streets and starved while waiting for someone to save them? When people prepare they are called all sorts of names from preppers to scaremongers. Having a tax bill is not being prepared for an emergency, nor is a donation receipt. It’s sad what happened to so many people but everything can’t be done for everybody.

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AZreb wrote:

Perhps if some of the over $900,000 salary paid to McGovern wasused for actual help to victims of disasters, the ARC would do more good. Yes, the blood donations are very important, but so is the distribution of food and clothing and basic necessities.

One TV channel showed a 62-year old man walking up 20 flights of stairs to take food, water, medications and other needed supplies to the elderly and ill occupants in high rise apartment buildings. Where were the ARC volunteers? Evidently sitting in the satging areas and not going out to the areas hardest hit with people stranded in their apartments and homes.

I am old enough to remember the way the ARC treated our troops during WWII – have never forgotten or forgiven the ARC for that. But have donated over 5 GALLONS of blood during my lifetime – BUT NO MONEY to the ARC. The salaries paid to the top executives are obscene!

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SDV wrote:

This is classic Red Cross. They do not respond except in name. They were not at Katrina or at the 9/11 aftercare. STOP GIVING TO THE RED CROSS! They are high paid con artists.

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sidevalve56 wrote:

complain, complain, complain…followed by…woulda, coulda, shoulda…its a little troubling what people expect when a disaster hits…there is no such thing as a smooth running disaster…do what you can do and move ahead.

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SanPa wrote:

@sidevalve66 – You have that right. ARC is staffed with volunteers who try to do the best for the community following trying circumstances. This story cites complaints on things the ARC does not do, but makes no mention to the tens of thousands who gratefully received assistance.

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BeanerECMO wrote:

Since Obama was elected, all charities have seen donations drop precipitously. Then their funds were further taxed by flooding in the Midwest, then Katrina. But emmanduke has it right. Where’s the continual hammering on the administration and FEMA as happened during and forever after Katrina? The administration is Teflon and the MSM and others are complicit in providing deep cover for this administration. Even with the Petraeus and Allen issue which is only sex and emails to MSM and others, nothing is being hammered about the four people killed in Benghazi or the drone being attacked by Iran. Shame on you who are not fighting for those answers.

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canpie wrote:

Red Cross … useless. Executives (Red Cross)… a life of luxury. The only organization which can be trusted…Salvation Army.

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diluded0000 wrote:

I have a hard time being too critical of volunteers, even if the people directing them are getting paid. And if you expect FEMA, or anybody else, to come pamper you, you are sadly mistaken. I’ve seen FEMA in action, and they way they cleaned up Raleigh after hurricane Fran was awe inspiring. But they are more about getting infrastructure back up and running, and long term shelter needs, not providing meals.

I looked at what I pay for insurance for a year, and based on that, and living through some previous disasters, put some food in the basement. Walton Feed has a good selection and good prices, Amazon sells Katadyn water filters that will render ditch-water fit to drink, and Coleman stoves and heaters are good standbys. You don’t have to put gas masks on the family, eat roadkill, and run weekly drills to be fairly well equipped for a disaster. It cost about what I pay for a month’s worth of car/home/medical insurance. Just put it in the closet and forget about it.

Nov 14, 2012 11:36am EST  --  Report as abuse
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