Israel hits Hamas buildings, shoots down Tel Aviv-bound rocket

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Brazilian1 wrote:

Isaiah 54
15 Behold, they may gather together and stir up strife, but it is not from Me. Whoever stirs up strife against you shall fall and surrender to you.
16 Behold, I have created the smith who blows on the fire of coals and who produces a weapon for its purpose; and I have created the devastator to destroy.
17 But no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall show to be in the wrong.

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Brazilian1 wrote:

A nicer title would have been:


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Dem4ever wrote:

Israel practices can hunting on the poor people of Gaza. History tells that no occupation can last. Its action creates more hate. The ME has changed, Israel can’t rely on US tax payers forever. Sometime in the near future, no one will lend support to the only occupying power of the century. Mark your calendar!!!

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Robert76 wrote:

If someone were shooting rockets, bullets, or anything else at me and my home, I would take whatever actions were necessary to stop them. That is what Israel is doing, and so far I believe their response is a lot softer than what I would do.

Hamas loves to poke Israel, then run to their buddies and cry about how they are being bullied. Want Peace in this area? I believe there are two options: 1) Stop shooting rockets at Israel and try to reach some peaceful option. 2) Keep shooting rockets, and Israel will be forced to level the area, bringing long term peace at last.

Hamas, it is up to you. Either option will work, but option 1 would certainly be the smarter move.

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Waveman wrote:

“A nicer title would have been:Israel authorizes more reservists AFTER ROCKET TARGETING JERUSALEM LANDS ON THE WEST BANK” LOL this is Reuters. The news will always be spun to make Israel look like the bad guy. You just have to expect that when you read their stories.

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Waveman wrote:

“A nicer title would have been:Israel authorizes more reservists AFTER ROCKET TARGETING JERUSALEM LANDS ON THE WEST BANK” LOL this is Reuters. The news will always be spun to make Israel look like the bad guy. You just have to expect that when you read their stories.

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Waveman wrote:

Israeli medical sources announced that the number of casualties from rockets that fell on Israel rose this evening to 130 Israelis. The source mentioned that more than 40 cases are considered as clinical death. – Yes, what a bunch of whiners.

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Maybe the world doesn’t yet appreciate the true import of the appalling situation now developing. If there are missiles that can reach Tel Aviv then they can also reach the secret nuclear weapons facility and reactor at Dimona in the Negev. If that happens then Israel could go up in smoke and deadly radiation could envelop the entire Gulf with horrific consequences for not only the region but the world.

The US has been incredibly short-sighted and naive by allowing Israel to develop this secret nuclear facility over the past decades that has been concealed from the UN’s IAEA inspectorate. Maybe criminally negligent might be a more appropriate description of American collusion in this respect as it endangers all of us wherever we live. The current conflict and the assassinations by Israel of leading politicians in Gaza is probably the greatest political error since 1948.

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“Hamas, the Islamist group that runs the Gaza Strip”

Ahhh… pretty sure they are called the ELECTED GOVERNMENT you propaganda pimps!

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pkrrats wrote:

Hamas always starts this crap….I say its time to finish it….and no outside help is needed….for either side….

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Alderoneone wrote:

The Palestinians are the aggressors in this and yet will cry foul. When the IDF invades the Gaza strip Palestinians will wish they’d still had those rockets for a rainy day.

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Reuters1945 wrote:

The majority of Palestinians living in Gaza most likely, indeed surely, must understand very well that at some point, after launching countless thousands of rockets into Israel, that there would eventually, come a blistering response.

Those who live in Gaza have been down this very same road before and know very well that at some point Israel was bound to react in a massive manner to the non-stop rockets emanating from Gaza, raining down on its citizens, on a daily basis.

No country on this planet, except Israel, has ever been forced to exist for years under such conditions of unlimited, violent and continuous provocation from rockets, whilst at the same time being expected to accept that situation without retaliating for the purpose of putting the indiscriminate and random bombing of its citizens to an end.

If even a dozen rockets were fired into any European nation, the military reaction of that country, by air and ground forces, as well as sea forces-if applicable- would be instantaneous and withering.

What is so remarkable, although not at all surprising, is that so many commentators, fully aware that raining lethal rocket fire into a neighboring country anywhere in the world, is guaranteed to provoke a reaction, like to pretend they are surprised when major hostilities inevitably arise.

Clearly, those rocket launching groups in Gaza that finally provoked an Israeli military invasion four years ago, knew very well that they were goading Israel to invade Gaza yet again to put an end to the relentless rocket fire.

What the world is observing at the present moment is precisely and absolutely what the military factions in Gaza wished to achieve. That is to say a major military reaction on the part of the State of Israel.

The perpetrators inside Gaza who daily, man the rocket launchers, are the real and true cold blooded murderers of their own people, and have not the least pity for the ordinary Palestinian men, women, children and babies that are now the latest, ongoing innocent victims due to their senseless launching of rockets into Israel.

The great tragedy of our time, is that because the concepts of free and open expression and democratic institutions do not exist in Gaza, a small minority of fanatical extremists, obsessed with their delusions of Martyrdom has condemned to a bleak future, the majority of Palestinians in Gaza, who only wish to live in peace and build a healthy and prosperous future for themselves and their children.

Let someone, somewhere, have the courage to “call a spade a spade, and not a perfumed shovel”. The blood of every single citizen in Gaza which is spilled in the present, never ending conflict is on the hands of those who daily fire rockets into Israel, knowing all to well that for every action there will always come the expected reaction- as surely as night follows day.

No sane and/or honest observer of the present situation regarding Israel and Gaza can pretend to believe that Israel would still be mobilizing its forces if there had not been thousands of lethal rockets being fired into Israel from Gaza on a daily basis.

Those in Gaza whose greatest goal in life was to rain a sufficient number of rockets down on Israel to provoke a reaction have now gotten their wish.

The oldest lesson of history is that “Those who Sow the Wind, in the end will Reap the Whirlwind”. But those who daily launch rockets into Israel have never, and likely will never, learn that ancient lesson.

And thus the majority of the Palestinian people will continue to suffer and be victimized by the fanatical few who have control of the reins of power.


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DougAnderson wrote:


Awww, I thought you would support Israel since the situation seems to resemble Assad’s actions against ‘terrorists’. Looks like you have a hard-on for Russian back tinpot dictators only.

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Shalom. wrote:

@Robert76 And what if someone is occupying your home/land/homeland?

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Abulafiah wrote:

Robert76 wrote:
“If someone were shooting rockets, bullets, or anything else at me and my home, I would take whatever actions were necessary to stop them.”

If an invading power were occupying your home, what would you do?

Would you take whatever actions were necessary to stop them, as the Palestinians are doing; or roll over and accept as you say Palestinians should do?

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Norm204 wrote:

The launching of larger missiles towards Jerusalem and Tel Aviv has sealed Hamas’s fate. Unless Hamas immediately stops all violence its military will be destroyed. That is the choice Hamas is presently facing.

Nasrallah, you keep sending your boys to fight for Assad. I enjoy watching them come back in coffins. Their families must be pleased that their son enlisted to fight Israel and end up being killed fighting for Assad. You are a jerk Nasrallah.

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kenradke11 wrote:

Well this is what happens when the Palestinians elect a Terrorist Government…Wipe Hamas Out and then go after the rest iof Irans groups and take them out one by one then finally Israel may live in peace.

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DougAnderson wrote:


15 million people? Good thing you brought that up early, I didn’t have to read to rest of your BS.

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Abulafiah wrote:

kenradke11 wrote:
“Well this is what happens when the Palestinians elect a Terrorist Government…”

This is what happens when Israelis elect a string of expansionist governments, determined to wipe Palestine off the map and recreate biblical Israel.

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“”Officials in Gaza said 41 Palestinians, among them 20 civilians including eight children and a pregnant woman, had been killed in Gaza since Israel began operations four days ago. Three Israeli civilians were killed by a rocket on Thursday.”"

anyone notice the listing by gender and age of the arabs but not of the jews? hmmmmm…..

what would be divine justice is if one of the arab rockets destroyed the al aqas mosque…

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“”Gyre22 wrote:

My god, Israelis are a bunch of whiners. “Oooh, oooh. An unguided rocket landed 10 miles from my Aunt Minnie! Better call the press, act scared, and go camping in a culvert pipe just as long as cameras are rolling.”

if you lived there I bet you’d be talking differently… if your children were at risk, you would be begging your govt to put an end to these missiles… arabs perpetrate the violence, israel responds… how obvious is this?

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WyattEarp wrote:

Israel has every right to defend themselves against the aggressors, and they should take this opportunity to destroy them once and for all.

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WyattEarp wrote:

Israel has every right to defend themselves against the aggressors, and they should take this opportunity to destroy them once and for all.

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WyattEarp wrote:

Israel has every right to defend themselves against the aggressors, and they should take this opportunity to destroy them once and for all.

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WyattEarp wrote:

Israel has every right to defend themselves against the aggressors, and they should take this opportunity to destroy them once and for all.

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“”Abulafiah wrote:

Robert76 wrote:
“If someone were shooting rockets, bullets, or anything else at me and my home, I would take whatever actions were necessary to stop them.”

If an invading power were occupying your home, what would you do?

Would you take whatever actions were necessary to stop them, as the Palestinians are doing; or roll over and accept as you say Palestinians should do?

how about recognizing israel’s right to exist? how about stopping the manufacture of playing cards, keychains and posters glorfying suicide bombers? how about negotiating in good faith, and learning the art of compromise?

you offend me, I find your comments objectionable, but I will not use that as a justification to cause you or anyone else harm… grow the heck up dude.

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“”VincentVery wrote:

Don’t you ever get tiref of talking the same b.s. over and over again? Hamas does not love to poke Israel.Hamas is fighting an illegal occupation of its land, that is what it is doing. I do not condone violence whatsoever but these are desperate people, what else can they do? There is 15million people living in inhumane conditions in what can only be described as a concentration camp and the world is sitting on its hands and watching. Half a century of illegal occupation and ‘dialogue’ has produced what, lies, more lies and even more lies while the only thing that changes is the size of illegal settlements and all you b.s. about is how Hamas is to blame. You can have peace in ME tomorrow, implement international law, force Israel to give back what they have been stealing since 1967 and you will have peace. How idiotic and ignorant can you get. But you know what friend, US days are numberede and so is of zionists like yourself. With $16 trilion debt around its neck the only way for US is down and rightly so. Not long now before messiah comes for the second and last time. Where will you hide your lying ignorant ass then or 300 million US taxpayers that have financed rape of Palestinian nation since 1967?

whenever they stop calling for the destruction of israel, whenever they negotiate in good faith, whenever they stop trying to murder jews, there will be peace.

you are a propagandist tool… or fool… or both.

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middleEast wrote:

I find it interesting that Israel has a leader who will defend its people, but in the U.S. their leader does nothing to defend the deaths of its citizens in Benghazi. I feel badly for the citizens of the U.S.

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AshBB wrote:

Invading power? It was so sparsely populated here back in 1948. How would you feel if everywhere you went, you were displaced simply because people hated that you were a JEW! Almost everywhere they go, people want to eradicate them. The Jews have made Israel flourish, and Jerusalem is a lush area. There have ALWAYS been Jews living here, they just haven’t always been the largest part of the population. It’s not like a bunch of Jews decided to “occupy” Israel. You can thank the British and the United Nations for helping to give rest to the eternally persecuted Jew, but allowing them to have a home in their homeland. Jews have been around a heck of a lot longer than Muslims, and Christians have even been around longer than Muslims. There are just a whole bunch of ignorant people out there who swallow anything the media feeds them. The media will tell you that Israel is always the aggressor and that the “poor Gazans” are always under fire. Well folks, that ain’t true! The rockets have continuously been coming here from Gaza for YEARS. Israel tolerates it to maintain simmering relations, but when it gets to the point where the POOR Israelis have to run to the bomb shelter within 15 seconds several times a week, that’s when it get to be too much.

I am an American in Jerusalem and I had to run down to the bomb shelter yesterday, scared out of my mind, not knowing what was going to happen. Israel has a right to defend herself. How quickly you people forget the persecution of the Jews, how it’s neverending….

Choose to be informed rather than ignorant.

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Abulafiah wrote:

danapointdaddy wrote:
“how about recognizing israel’s right to exist?”

Neither Palestine nor Iran has ever denied Israel’s right to exist. What they refuse to accept is Israel as a Jews-only, apartheid state. Should I take it from your comments that you are a supporter of apartheid?

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ccharles wrote:

This is partly a result of Oblunders fault. There is sooo many weapons let loose in that part of the world now it is crazy. An again, instead of making the situation we will have to deal with the situation of someone else makings. Weak azz leadership.

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VonHell wrote:

Truce… ceasefire…agreement… peace… lol peace…

Peace in the holy land is some ideal thing that we seeing the war from outside, in the confort of our sofa watching TV, wish or we want for that people…
We all wish they find an agreement, divide the land and live happily ever after under some ideal of religion and cultural tolerance…

Well…But if you think about it… the conflict is thousands of years old… in that period we did not trully evolved as humans beings but only developed our technology, our doomed to fail economic model and the demagogy we tell ourselves about the greatness, valor and goodness of the human race… and our language skills to blame each other as the cause for the hatred and violence printed in our nature…
if you put a rife in the hands of every man, woman and child and put them in front of each other… they will fire to the last bullet… the survivors will then prosper until discord erupts again… and they will divide themselves(politics, culture, religion) and start to killing each other again…

Some wise jew once said :
“So long as there are men, there will be wars.”–Albert Einstein

So i wish them a fair fight.

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Abulafiah wrote:

AshBB wrote:
“Invading power? It was so sparsely populated here back in 1948″

First, that is untrue, and second, even if it were true – so what?

AshBB wrote:
“How would you feel if everywhere you went, you were displaced simply because people hated that you were a JEW!”

I would probably be asking myself why, everywhere I went, people hated me because I was a JEW!

AshBB wrote:
“Israel has a right to defend herself. ”

So has Palestine.

Please… remind us all… is Israel occupying Palestinian land, or is Palestine occupying Israeli land?

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DaveH16 wrote:

Solution: 1) return Gaza to Egypt, 2) recognize West Bank as “Palestine”, 3) focus on Israel-Palestine regional partnership.

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DougAnderson wrote:


Oh JHC, so much propoganda.

1) Hamas refuses to recognize Israel
2) Israel’s population comprises of 20% of non-Jews. They were offered permanent citizenship. Most refused. Whose fault is this?
3) Israel pulled out of Gaza. They do not occupy it. Why does Gaza (Hamas) still fire rockets? Why is the West Bank (Fatah) peaceful.

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reality-again wrote:

“Israel should understand that many things have changed and that lots of water has run in the Arab river,” Tunisia’s Abdesslem told reporters in Gaza.
Indeed, which proves again that the Arab world is plagued with serious problems that have nothing to do with Israel.
Israel is not even on the shortlist of problems that Arab countries need to confront, which are poverty, illiteracy, corruption, food supply, deterioration of the environment, water, unemployment, internal conflicts, lack of democracy, and women inequality.

For decades, corrupt and autocratic Arab regimes have blamed Israel for all unsolved problems, and many Arabs believed them.
Will they keep believing the same nonsense?

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USA4 wrote:

wow, those pictures really make it look like the tides of war are receding!

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Abulafiah wrote:

DougAnderson wrote:
“1) Hamas refuses to recognize Israel”

Endless repetition does not create truth. Hamas is willing to accept a two-state solution based on 1967 borders. Israel isn’t.

DougAnderson wrote:
“2) Israel’s population comprises of 20% of non-Jews.”

True *only* because the Israelis count Arabs in East Jerusalem (an occupied territory) who are also counted in the Palestinian census, Golan Heights, and the Negev Bedouin who do not consider themselves Israelis. A good example of the Israeli habit of twisting the truth.

The Arabs offered citizenship are those living in occupied territories. Of course they refuse Israel citizenship. I take it you would accept citizenship from an occupying power?

DougAnderson wrote:
“3) Israel pulled out of Gaza.”

…and turned it into the biggest prison camp the world has ever seen…

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israel, you are God’s chosen people. act like it. kill them all. then let God sort ‘em out. remember your pledge at the end of world war II, ‘never again’!

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FBMeDotCo wrote:

Reuters really?!!! Your word choice is so lame in this article:
“and Jerusalem, which Israel regards as its capital, could be political poison for the conservative leader.” Israel regards as its Capital?!!! Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel. Its like saying that the US regards DC as its capital, but in real life NYC is it capital. WTF Reuters?!!!

and word choices you choose : “Hamas fighters” – Terrorists not figheters. regarding Hamas as ” Islamist movement” – should have been Islamist Terror Movement.

Hamas is a well recognize terrorist organization by many countries. and you call it Islamic Movement?!!!

Did you ever sit and think that if lets say the Native Americans (who consider in the US as territories) would shoot missiles into Washington DC, YOu really think the US government will sit and let this happen? Or lets say militants in the UK will start shoot rockets into London.

You sit and accuse Israel, but when these acts will strike your homes, and they will strike, you will probably blame Israel and the Jews for that.

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rgbviews wrote:

BIBI makes big BOOBOO

The Yahoo is in the process of making a fatal mistake on behalf of all Israelis and anyone else wanting a long term future for the State of Israel. The unrest in the ME is not in Israel’s favour, so you would think Israel would benefit from being less aggressive and more just towards the indigenous peoples in it’s neighbourhood. But no, the far right is getting even more aggressive and will impose even more injustice.

I suspect Bibi is doing this to unseat Abbas and derail the Palestinians UN bid on the 29th. I suspect he will end up derailing his own government after having causing great damage to his country.

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MetalHead8 wrote:

The terrorist supporters are really going to feel sad once Israel Defeats Hamas.

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MetalHead8 wrote:

@AshBB, Stay safe dude and Keep your head down! Hopefully this will be over shortly

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americanguy wrote:

The mighty Israeli army would have to be pathetic if they have to call up 75,000 reservists to fight a few terrorists.
I think Israel’s war monger right wingers want to seize and occupy Gaza permanently like the other land they stole.
Wait and see.
Another Israeli land grab.
If Iran is smart, they will hurry up and finish their nuclear weapon before Israel takes their oil.

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Snownow wrote:

Anyone who wants to help avoid the death of thousands of innocent people should act now or once it’s done it’s too late.
There may or may not be an investigation by the un which will cost 20 million dollars and will take ten years and at the end nothing will happen.

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AlfredReaud wrote:

“you are God’s chosen people. act like it. kill them all”

Living proof, right here in these comments, that sometimes religion is straight up insanity. That advice sounds a lot what the Nazis had planned for the Jews…

These leaders of Hamas need to learn the tactics of Sung Tsu, and stop this idiocy. Israel will AGAIN hand them their heads. So why instigate the conflict? One doesn’t engage in war in such instances.

This leads me to the conclusion that Hamas is but a puppet of other powers, being manipulated to inflame the region that’s burning in some places and at the flash point in others. This conflict does not help the Gazan people, whom Hamas is supposed to be representing and defending.

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chyron wrote:

One who shows that had no qualms about genocide can hardly complain when it is him being being killed.

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KDupre wrote:

The Palestinians started the 1957 war against Israel and LOST it! Since then, they’ve been in a total state of denial that they lost and have been whining and stirring up trouble continuously since then and blaming it all on Israel.

Palestinians are in serious need of continuous professional counseling to help them face the reality that they LOST THE WAR and need to settle down and behave like good citizens.

The Palestinians that live in Israel are treated well and have much better lives than they do.

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BurnerJack wrote:

The rocket attacks were never going to produce a military solution. So why? Why poke someone tougher than you with a stick, knowing he’ll kick your ass…again?! The Arabs do this hoping to make Israel look like a bully and themselves a victim. Just the opposite happened,again.
There was a time I bought into the Palestinian victim idea, but as I observed over many years, I have become a firm believer and supporter of Israel. Ironically, not because of what Israelis do but because of what Palestinians do.

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BurnerJack wrote:

@ Abdulafiah: Gaza has the 8th highest obesity rate in the world. Some POW camp! Your rhetoric doesn’t match the reality, for that reason your credibility is shredded.
To you I ask: How would YOU react to a prolonged rocket attack?

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Doc62 wrote:

“Hamas says it is committed to continued confrontation with Israel and is eager not to seem any less resolute than smaller, more radical groups that have emerged in Gaza in recent years.”
There is no hope for Hamas, unless they assasinate all their splinter groups and reorganize with ONE leader.
Morsi is funneling more and bigger arms to these terrorists and asking for peace at the same time? Is he bi-polar? No, he is also a terrorist in sheep’s clothing.
So Ackmed drops a scud on the West Bank? Great way of uniting all Palestinians, in hell. Maybe he can drop one on Assad and Ahmadinejad.

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Newpass12 wrote:

“For this is what the Lord Almighty says: …”for whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye— I will surely raise my hand against them” Zechariah 2:8

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mils54 wrote:

It’s sad that the regular citizen in Gaza who just wants to better His/Her life has to suffer because of the iggnorant A-Hole’s who continue to fire rockets and missiles at Israeli civilians. Just take a look at the West bank, The Palistianians are doing well for themselves and are co existing with the Israelis, What is the difference?, What ever that may be, It needs to be implemented in Gaza as well!. I suspect it will come down to money somehow!, It usually does.

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morrison wrote:

And now we learn that missile are being fired from Egypt into Israel. Obama’s Arab Spring.

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morrison wrote:

And now we learn that missiles are being fired from Egypt into Israel. Obama’s Arab Spring.

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mils54 wrote:

The really bizzare thing that jumps out at me is, If you took an Israeli and a Palistian, Stripped them nude, You couldn’t tell the difference!…These are the same people from the same land, Enjoy and respect your seperate beliefs and learn to live with each other in calm prosperity……Did you read what the moron blogged earlier?, He hopes Iran get’s their nukes developed quicker, How stupid is that train of thought!!!.

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TheUSofA wrote:

David is now Goliath. The victim become victimizer. A gov’t led by religious fundamentalists who have never wanted any sort of peace. After all, they are the chosen people and the land all belongs to them.

The greatest threat to Israel is Israel.

Let’s see how long you can keep up the apartheid. How much land will you keep stealing?

@Brazilian1, you’re just another religious fundamentalist with your rapture crap. So the Jewish people will all get wiped out in the rapture right?

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Eric93 wrote:

As usual Israel over-reacts and bombs government buildings – as it did to poor Beirut – instead of the missile launch sites. All Israel is doing is starving out the Palestininians hoping they will eventually react so that Israel will have an excuse to drive them all into the sea and kill them all just as their God told them to do in Deuteronomy. Their ‘mythology’ tells the Israelites what to do to anyone who gets in their way – no matter where in the world they live!

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stugrab wrote:

How would Pres Obama react if Cuba sent 500 missiles into Florida?

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rgbviews wrote:

Israel is sick. The prognosis is not good, but there is a chance for recovery.

Israel controls its fate. It can either die slowly, or recover slowly. Either way it will be very difficult. Let’s hope a leadership change will direct Israel down the path of recovery, for the alternative is a slow and painful death.

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HJay wrote:

Israel has my support.

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victor672 wrote:

Take out the evil mosques first.

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aberdeenvet wrote:

Now is the time for Israel to demolish every city in Gaza after warning the Palestinians to evacuate.

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TheUSofA wrote:


So how is your family of roaches doing these days? Of the nice thick roach type? Busy munching away? How’s mama roach doing? And papa roach? Got some sibling roaches out there busy munching away and making more roaches? Your wife roach? Make some nice roach babies? Live in a nice big roach motel? They all busy munching away too?

Sorry about that, just a verbal exercise to show what a poor excuse of a human being you are.

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Robert76 wrote:

VicentVery wants to know where I will hide my lying ignorant ass because I firmly believe Israel has a right to protect itself. Well Vincent, first of all I have lived a lot of years and have seen this play out for most of my life. Isreal reponds to missle attacks and somehow they are the bad guy? I don’t think so no matter what ignorant comments you make about Israel or me. Your personal attacks on me would be laughable in any other circumstance, but my education and my many years of experience both in and out of the military make me wonder what rock you have have been hiding under during the last 70 years or so?

Shalom wants to know what I would do if someone occupied my home/land/homeland? As far as any credible source can figure Isreal is not Occupying Gaza. But if those who wish war within Gaza keep shooting rockets at Israel, they may soon have to occupy it to stop the attacks.

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TheUSofA wrote:


Depends, did we effectively turn Cuba into an open air prison? Effectively choke off their livelihoods? Steal their land?

Typical pro-Israeli PR, that analogy is garbage. Cuba is a sovereign nation. Let’s not pretend this is some sort of level playing field.

So you dehumanize them socially and then pretend they’re equals militarily and politically. BS.

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Robert76 wrote:

VicentVery wrote that I was a “zionist” and asked where I “would hide my lying ignorant ass.”

It is too bad you cannot debate without the name calling when you know nothing about me.

As a Christian, and a veteran and as a man who has lived a good many years I speak only from experience and historical perspective. As such I certainly am not ignorant. Since what I speak is factually correct and historically documented, I am certainly not lying.

If this is the best you can do with your argument, you should stay at home and continue to believe in the terrorists you support.

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KaosHiker wrote:

Israel was a country three thousand years ago. There has never been a country called Palestine. They did not even call themselves Palestinians until twenty years after Israel was taken back and returned to its rightful owners. The Palestinians are actually occupieng Israel land. read your history.

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KaosHiker wrote:

Israel was never the palestinian homeland,and never will be.Israel is the only legitimate country there. Jerusalem has been the jewish capitol for three thousand years. The self appointed Palestinians true homeland is really Saudi Arabia. Go home occupiers.

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UnPartisan wrote:

This is what happens when you declare Jihad on other nations, and say they do not have a right to exist. Hamas is a terrorist group, and Israel should invade. They target civillian populations with their missles. Israel targets their government, and military leaders who prefer to operate among their own women and children and not in a proper military base. I hope Hamas is eliminated.

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kufarooq wrote:

Gaza children are the worst affected from recent violence in Gaza. Just two days sixteen children lost their lives. Media is showing horrific pictures of killed and terrifying children. One eleven year old baby killed with her mother when missile hits her home. BBC own local bureau chief lost his four years old child due to heavy bombardment in his area. Washington Times published picture of crying father holding the body his dead child on its front page. Five year old girl lost her all fingers due to sharp nails of exploding bomb near her house. One farther show dead body of his four year old son to Egyptian prime Minster who kissed his dead son head during his visit to Gaza Shifa hospital. True reality is that Gaza children are paying heavy price for Israeli war adventure in Gaza. These innocent children don’t have iron dome system, bomb proof shelters, air defense warning system and emergency shelters on roads and markets like Israel’s. Crowded Gaza hospital are trying hard to deal worst injured women and children. True reality is that Israelis air strikes are not surgical and not for specific war targets Israel is deliberately targeting densely populated areas full of children. Now people of Pakistan are astonished to see the double standard of UNO and so called champion of human rights. Only days ago UNO celebrated Malala day for Pakistani girl she was slightly injured in so called terrorist attack in Sawat Pakistan. From UNO chairman Bankimon to pop star Madonna and UK Prime Minster Gorden Brown to Hollywood star Angelina Jolie ever one was worried and upset for Malala and now want to nominate her for noble prize. Several days Malala story was leading news in western media. Astonishingly these all personalities and media are sitting silent, seeing everything with blind eyes and never say single word for dozens of children who lost their lives in Gaza due to constant bombing and long siege of Gaza. Most of them children were killed because of US made F16s and other sophisticated weapons supply to Israel. True reality is that due to this type of double standard UNO is losing its credibility in third world countries which is very unfortunate.

November 17, 2012 on 5:45 AM

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narkose wrote:

Diversion is an old ploy. Think it is a coincidence that Iranian uranium enrichment has increased at the same time these rocket attacks started up in earnest?

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wyldbill wrote:

This is just a security operation really, and a prelude to the larger objective which is Iran. Once they secure their southern and northern borders against Hamas and Hezbollah, they will be in a better position to take them on. I just hope they don’t use nukes.

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TheUSofA wrote:

If someone were shooting rockets, bullets, or anything else at me and my home…

No country on this planet, except Israel, has ever been forced to exist for years under such conditions of unlimited, violent and continuous provocation from rockets, whilst at the same time being expected to accept that situation without retaliating for the purpose of putting the indiscriminate and random bombing of its citizens to an end.

Pure BS. If someone were shooting rockets and bullets in your home? Well golly gee, why are they doing that? You wouldn’t happen to have corralled them into an open air prison and deprive them of an economic livelihood by any chance? Steal their land? Apparently Israel in all of this is an innocent victim. Their mighty military with against a bunch of loose rockets. Damn those Palestinians for having to exist at all eh? Can’t just wipe them all out at once so let’s squeeze the life out of them. Keep displacing them from their homes and stealing their land.

You cowards can keep trying to dehumanize the Palestinians but the world doesn’t agree. They do exist!

Tell us, how many Palestinians have been killed in the last three decades, men, women and children and how many Israeli’s have been killed. Ah, but Palestinians aren’t human, their lives are worth little right?

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TheUSofA wrote:


What a joke. As if the two are equal in military might and scope. Hahaha, yeah tell us another one.

These comparisons are hilarious. Dehumanize them one the one hand, and then pretend they’re equals militarily and politically on the the other. So you can have your cake and eat it too.

Tired of my tax dollars supporting this rogue nation. Israel is Israel’s greatest threat. The good voices of Israel need to grab power away from the fundamentalists running the Israeli government.

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TheUSofA wrote:


Your history is the one that suits you it seems. There are Israeli historians who would laugh at your statements. Oh wait, those are self-hating Israeli’s I forgot. They’re not in lockstep with the pro-fundamentalist Israeli PR.

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victor672 wrote:

Blow up the Dome of the Rock.

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DanLef100 wrote:

Go get them Israel.

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KaosHiker wrote:

So tell me TheUSofA Where is the country of Palestine, Where was the country of Palestine maybe right next to the country of Europe, or maybe the country of Asia. read a book D.A.

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kehenalife wrote:


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Teluu wrote:

For United Nations to be effective it has to reform it’s self and first abolish the VETO POWER system. UN has become the puppet organization for those countries holding veto power and always bias and use the organization for their own political interest and never get things done such as Israelis and Palestine’s problem. It’s now a useless organization. VETO POWERS SHOULD BE ABOLISHED FOR IT BE MORE EFFECTIVE.

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BioStudies wrote:

“In a call to Netanyahu, Obama discussed options for “de-escalating” the situation, the White House said, adding that the president “reiterated U.S. support for Israel’s right to defend itself, and expressed regret over the loss of Israeli and Palestinian civilian lives”.”

What about the drone strikes that the US does that have killed over a thousand innocent people in the last 4 years? Worthy of a Nobel Peace prize I guess.

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The attack on Jerusalem shows that Hamas continues to develop better technology for its missiles. Israel’s Iron Dome merely showers Israeli targets with falling debris. WWII anti-aircraft fire caused more damages among the defending cities than among the bombers. Further, Hamas has not yet fielded missiles with stealth shapes, coatings, and exhaust baffles to reduce heat signatures for their missiles that will make them harder to detect. However, the last time non-muslims occupied the middle east, muslims fought for 195 years, from 1096 to 1291, to drive them out. Israel faces another 131 years of war, if it lasts that long.

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UnPartisan wrote:


Hamas gets money and weapons from Iran. As you admitted, Israel has a large ammount of military forces and installations that they could attack. So why do they fire their weapons at population centers? Every one of those dead children are dead because of Hamas.


Better to have falling debris than a missle delivering its ordinance. Hamas will never field anything of value. But you are right, the Palestinians are just a pawn of the surround Muslim countries that are too scared to fight Israel directly.

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victor672 wrote:

If you start a fight, Muslims, then don’t cry and hide behind women and children when you get what’s coming to you. So much for the Religion of Peace.

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Perv889966 wrote:

Where are the Palestinians getting rockets and munitions to use against Israel?

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BurnerJack wrote:

@Mils54: You write: “Strip them naked and you can’t tell them apart. Same people from the same land…”
Geneticaly, true. The true difference is this: While the Jewish faith and most other religions subscribe to “the golden rule” which promotes tolerance and a ‘live and let live’ ideology, the Muslim faith does not. In fact, It is written that Muslims MUST wagw Jihad against ALL which lay outside of Islam. This is why it is so important to annihilate Israel. After Israel, all other nations are to fall to Islam. So, beyond a teritorial battle, this is a battle of tolerance vs. intolerance, good vs. evil, subjugation vs. freedom. That is why this conflict will never cease, as it is the battle for the future of Mankind.

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Your name is not true; you are very partisan in your views.

In the 1991 Gulf War, the Israelis suffered more damage and casualties from Patriot/Scud debris than they would have endured if they had let the Scuds hit without trying to intercept them.

My last sentence should have read: “Israel faces another 131 years of war if Israel lasts that long.”

The Palestinians are not pawns of other muslims, but they receive support from other muslims because Palestinians are muslims who are fighting European jews and their descendents. Muslims in other islamic countries are helping Palestinian muslims fight Israelis that other islamic countries see as foreign invaders.

I served in the US Army Special Forces, not the forces of Israel. The end of Israel would improve the US position in the middle east by eliminating the main reason for muslims to attack the US and keep the US in an endless war. However, the war will end for the US when the US collapses and the US can no longer afford to intervene for Israel.

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ChAliGhafoor wrote:

Israel is a war criminal. Israel will lose as he lost in 2006 from lebanon and in 1967 from Pakistan.

Nov 17, 2012 5:23pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Smearul wrote:

Its so sad because as always Israel will win, Palestinian will die, and we can only watch and say a few hurtful comments to Israel as always. Since my earliest memory on war stories i have heard about this conflict, 30 years later its still there and the story is still the same, a superpower kills a lot of innocent people and gets away with it over and over and over.

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americanguy wrote:

If you want uncensored videos, and live video of Gaza, got to (Russian media in English) the Jewish controlled media in the US will not let you see what is really going on. After you see what is there, you will realize how censored what the US sees is.
Make a note because Reuters will delete my post.

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UnPartisan wrote:


You are very naive when it comes to Islam. It is a religion founded by a warrior not unlike Atilla the Hun. It is based on war. The plan is claimed for Islam, and their Quran teaches that all infadels must either convert or die. It teaches if you don’t wage jihad, you are worthless. They wage continuous war against Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc. Moving the Jews from Israel to another area in the world will not end the wars, or the situation for the Palestinians. Israel is one of the few modern, free democracies in the region. If you are really concerned for peace, you would be stating that we need to kill off all Muslims.

I suppose you would be ok with Native Americans firing off rockets into our cities, at a rate of several hundred a year, going back to their houses and stating to the world how evil America is for leveling their houses. The truth is Israel exists, and it was set up by England that controlled the land for decades before setting up Israel. Perhaps the Arabs should of thought about all of this when they decided to support Hitler and his final solution.

Nov 17, 2012 7:56pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Abulafiah wrote:


Can you show me where, in the Qu’ran, it says that? There are several on-line versions available, so – if you have done your research – you should be able to link to the relevant passages.

Or maybe you are just a Foxbot, and have never read a Qu’ran in your life but still pretend to be an authority on it…

Nov 17, 2012 8:47pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Abulafiah wrote:


Here is a map of Palestine from 1020BC ->

Now that your ‘Palestine never existed’ argument is sunk, I want you to notice something. While Palestine is mapped and therefore did exist, there is *no Israel*.

That sinks you ‘Israel has been there for 3,000 years’ argument.

In reality, if you bothered to read some history books, Israel existed for a couple of centuries, until the Romans arrived. After that so called ‘Israel’ was part of the Roman Empire, and when the Romans left it was part of the Islamic world for around 1,600 years.

Whether you like it or not, the historic truth is that Palestine has more claim to Israeli land that the Israeli’s do.

Nov 17, 2012 8:59pm EST  --  Report as abuse
KaosHiker wrote:

Yeah Abdulafiah, The map shows Palestine as a Regional area,made up of several different independant countries, and My response to the versus in the Koran, Show Us the Arabic Koran, Not the one Jihadis censored to fool the west. Thats right We know about that.

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