Ireland to clarify abortion rules after woman's death

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CochleaDoc wrote:

Why does it always take a tragedy in order for people to apply common sense when creating laws? This is a perfect (and horrific) example of religious righteousness destroying real people and those and love them. A loving God indeed.

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kiwibird wrote:

CochleaDoc what a load of rot. Do you think God sits up in the sky and directs things. How immature and ridiculous. The greatest minds have said we will never understand the mind of ‘God’. Ireland is following the rule ‘thou shalt not kill’ as soon as the baby had died the baby was removed. The pro abortion lobby will no doubt use this as an excuse to abort perfectly healthy babies.

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altua wrote:

kiwibird, lets see how you feel when its your family member that dies because people specially doctors cant use common sense.
Religion should never play a role when it comes to saving lives. Because of the doctors decision, the mother died and so did the baby, had those idiots allowed to abort the pregnancy, today at-lest the mother would have been alive. Thanks to people like you hiding behind ‘thou shalt not kill’ two people died.

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mia123 wrote:

kiwibird: In this case the fetus was dying and there was 0% chance of it surviving. But they could have saved the mother. Not saving a life that had a chance to live also goes against “thou salt not kill”, doesn’t it?

There is nothing wrong with Ireland clarifying the law so cases like this do not happen.

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kiwibird wrote:

For all the above comments, none of you know that it would have saved the mother, pure speculation. The Dr’s have to abide by the law of the country. It is a very sad situation but fate or destiny, if she had been in England it may not have happened but then know one knows.

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madcow21 wrote:

“Do you think God sits up in the sky and directs things.”

“Ireland is following the rule ‘thou shalt not kill’”

The cognitive dissonance on display here is quite something to behold.

Do you think God directs things? They were only doing what God told them to. I wish you people would just listen to yourselves sometimes.

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billybob244 wrote:

it must have been gods will

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lezah2 wrote:

Seems as though Ireland is as much, if not more, a third world patriarch country as the US. Old ignorant religious men and women have caused so much death and suffering. When can we expect to purge these ignorant people from our societies?

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Personal opinion: if you let your own religious believe dictate what treatment you will provide or not provide to your patient, especially those that are against common practice, you should not be granted a license to practice.

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mia123 wrote:

kiwibird: It may not have saved her, but it may have. That’s why the law should be changed to clarify what is meant by “life-threatening conditions”. For these exact kinds of cases (mother may or may not be saved, but has a chance, fetus has none no matter what is done).

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CochleaDoc wrote:

Exhibit A of what happens when people believe in magic and try to make laws based upon said belief—-> kiwibird

Look, if someone wants to believe in God, fine.
I personally find it similar to a child believing in the Tooth Fairy, but that’s none of my concern.

What is my concern is when people force their personal fantasies onto others which results in REAL death and REAL tragedy.

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flower1 wrote:

Women dying from abortions, complications, future infertility, mental traumas are conveniently ignored. Infections and problems with fallopian tubes are common and so is bleeding with need of blood transfusions. Regarding this situation, I would wait for the investigation because everything is coming from the husband. Tragedy is a tragedy, what can one say. It seems that there is law that specifies the danger for mothers life. It is possible that they did not consider that her life was in danger which is complete incompetence. Also my understanding that in Belfast the abortion is legal so they could have transported her there. Abortion is very difficult question and I don’t know what is common sense in such a complicated matter. You are ripping a life out of a body, what is common sense about that.

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flower1 wrote:

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antiprince wrote:

I’m a prolife person too. But prolife should be when a Catholic girl says, “Yes doctor, I understand the risks of not aborting this pregnancy. But I’m willing to take my chances because I believe God will take care of me. Therefore, please allow me to go through with this”, and NOT when a (non-Christian) girl is dying with her baby and the doctors say, “Excuse us, we don’t care if the girl is dying but we can’t undertake abortion because this is a Catholic country”.

RIP Savita.

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ConstFundie wrote:

@kiwibird, A 17 week fetus is not a baby. Zealots love to get invigorated over the imaginings that babies are equivalent to tailed tadpoles without nervous and immune systems, and non-existent or non-functioning organs and brains. Or better yet that babies are equivalent to literally microscopic single cells or blobs of cells. How about valuing living humans, and creator gifted free-will, more than “potential” future humans and controlling the sexual life of others?

Madcow21, has it right. You speak and act for God while admitting that you “will never understand the mind of ‘God’”. Oh, I agree with you, acting in the interests of something one cannot even understand Is “immature and ridiculous”, and makes one ultimately responsible for the consequences of those naive actions. In this case, the doctors are now responsible for the death of an actual human being, Savita.

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