Seven states qualify for secession response from White House

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Catbus wrote:

I’ll tell you what: trow in Mississippi and South Carolina just to make a nice border and they can all go. I don’t think you’d find 10 people wiling to fight to make ‘em stay. As Granny used to say: “Here’s your hat and there’s the door.”

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dejanira wrote:

remember when we were kids. there was always one immature kid that if he didn’t get his way would not play! You know the old “If you don’t do it my way, I’m going to pull up my pants and go home!” Well here we have the Republicans acting immaturely!

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odorf wrote:

America, love it or leave it but don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Oh, and you are not taking the geography, just your sorry self.

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poamerican1 wrote:

It’s been proven that the Feds will kill them and steal their assets. These states would be better off using assassinations in DC.

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patriotguff wrote:

@arttle you’re a little retarded aren’t you? You understand that is exactly what they want. They hold a good chunk of the agriculture, industrial, roads, international border. They can and have survived on their own. It is the rest of the Country that will hurt from it. I completely support any state that gets a majority vote to secede. It is how this country was founded.

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C-Tech wrote:

Just when I think I’ve seen the most narrow-minded thing that right-wing liberals* would ever do, they surprise me yet again.

* – Refers to people who speak liberally, i.e., without regard for their own credibility; people who make claims unsupported by evidence; people who play “fast and loose” with the truth.

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laninat wrote:

This ‘screw them, let them leave’ attitude is exactly the problem. These states are making a huge point that there are issues that need to be straightened out. But rather than trying to fix the situation, people get busy blaming each other. Both the seceding and the remaining states would suffer if this comes about. And won’t that be and extraordinary credit to Mr. Obama, allowing (and in some people’s minds, causing)the US to fall.

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TexasGal2000 wrote:

I’m proud Texan and am embarrassed by fellow Texans who want to secede. Shameful! We were once a blue state until mid 60′s, ironically during the civil rights movement.

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Silverfire wrote:

If the southern states, the plains states, and most of the Rocky Mountain states which are fiscally sound compared with the sissy liberal spendthrift states, were to secede. the improvident spendthrift states would be begging for foreign aid from the seceding states to ease their budget problems. Also, the states who want to secede have far more natural resources and better management of their finances than the left wing looney tune states. Think about it and you would realize who would suffer if such an arrangement should develop.

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Josh_M wrote:

Hey Texas, don’t let the door hit you in the butt. By the way, make sure you pay the $238 million you owe the US (plus interest). Remember how the US paid your debt when you joined the union? Ahh yes, we want it back, thanks.

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Truth1212 wrote:

@patriotguff. Lets see, where should I begin? I will start with the Alamo- a massacre. If you don’t remember, you should touch up on American history. Secondly, the Civil War. Conclusion- devastation. What have we learned? People say history repeats itself.

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xyz2055 wrote:

What I find particularly amusing is the Texas petition that cites the federal deficit and the TSA as their primary reasons. This mess started with a Republican Congress with a Republican President FROM the state of Texas. When GW took office we had an annual deficit of $18B and it was GW who signed the TSA into law. And of course Texas is one the staunchest “red” states in the country. Sure your party and former Governor started the mess, you carried him big time in both of his elections and NOW…4 years later you’re upset about it. LMAO! You just couldn’t make this stuff up.

Nov 15, 2012 1:30am EST  --  Report as abuse
Danzig83 wrote:

It will be wonderful when the adults that want to secession grow up and quit acting like immature children. Don’t these people realize how bad of an influence they are to children?

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Danzig83 wrote:

@Doar You lost the election now get over it! :)

Nov 15, 2012 1:39am EST  --  Report as abuse
quieter wrote:

The government was wrong in 1861the and it is again seving its own ends.we as a nation should stick together.but it dont help when minorities, gays,and the black panthers try to force thier crap down the majorities the poor shlubs who are the progeny of those for good or ill built and died making this is not the obligation of of joe smo to learn to live with whats happening now in this republic.our government has been hijacked wackos.making us all look like racist idiots whenin reality its the wackos that are the problem.gays,muslims,illegals and socialists have perverted the nationour nation forcing us to bend our morals to abide thier perversions.its gotta stop before we are just another sespool like europe and the arab world..

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How about reporting the other side of the story? States may be signing petitions to secede from the Union online and getting a couple of thousand signatures, but the people of Puerto Rico, during the general election day, were asked two key questions, answered by over 75% registered voters:
The first question asked was whether they would like to continue being a U.S. Territory “Commonwealth” Yes or No. 54%, close to 1 million voters, chose No.
The second question, asked voters which status was their preference. Obviously those who picked Yes on the first question weren’t supposed to pick any status, and this is how the numbers broke down among 1.3 million citizens: Close to 80,000 chose Independence (no relationship at all with the USA), about 440,000 chose to have more powers than we do as territory and less U.S. intervention in our affairs, which is like independence but still with minimal ties to the USA. Now this is the important one: with over 820,000 votes, Becoming the 51st State was picked by a supermajority of 61% Puerto Rican voters.
How about ending sterile debates that lead nowhere, with states wanting to secede when it is basically illegal, and start talking about what millions of voters desire down here in Puerto Rico?

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mmiranda wrote:

Seriously some of yall are so shallow and narrow-minded, if YALL and yes I’m from Texas had some sense you would know its because of the Government’s horrible decision making and our current leadership. It’s not about the Republican’s not winning, if that was the case the these states would have try to secede years ago. So really who needs the reality check, and grow up.

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xyz2055 wrote:

mmiranda..current leadership has just spent the last 4 years trying to dig us out of the mess that a Republican Congress and GW buried us with. And is slowly getting this thing turned around. Your party sent a Venture Capitalist to run for president who had ALMOST EXACTLY the same plan as GW…talk about sense when you look into the mirror. IT IS ABOUT THE REPUBLICANS NOT WINNING. You folks are racists..grow a pair and admit it.

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JL4 wrote:

This is amusing. I’m a white voter from GA, and I will tell you – proudly, because I thought these numbers would be a lot worse – 45% of the voters here in GA are Democrats. At least it’s *almost* half! But we’re very quiet about it in public, because the Republicans down here have practically lost their minds over this simple fact:

In the U.S., whites are becoming a minority.

No state will secede from the Union, which is as it should be, and given another month or two it will be safe to talk politics again, and the reputations of the Southern states for being complete and total intolerant, racist morons remains intact. (I used to defend the South, but not anymore.)

This is all just too funny.

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JL4 wrote:

@israel.lopez217 – Your name confuses people. “Israel” and “Lopez” and counting to 217 is too much for the average U.S. mind to grasp.

But if Puerto Rico wants to be the 51st U.S. state, then half of us welcome you. Guess which half.

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ellesar wrote:

In spite of the “red states” attempts to demonize those who signed petitions to secede, all the liberal straw man strategies and red herring logistics will never keep the truth from coming out: the election WAS rigged and too many people know it. The left did indeed murder American citizens in Benghazi and too many people know it. Let the lying liberal media spin away all they want to. The time is coming sooner than anyone suspects when history will reveal the horrors of administrative corruption all through the Marxist ranks and the resultant demise of all human civilization. Progressivism has filled up the cup of her iniquity and invited the natural disasters that will give planet earth back to the apes.

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xyz2055 wrote:

Here’s the ugly truth (regardless of party)..our representatives (House and Senate) have committed through legislation signed by presidents of both parties to a debt that is almost unmanageable. We elected these guys to office and they spent the money. WE have to repay it…end of memo. Now we can make things easier by raising revenue and making cuts. But the bottom line is that we ALL owe the debt. We put those people in charge.

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DannyAdams wrote:

Your Secession Checklist:

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McElchap wrote:

Justice Scalia, like King George, forbids secession, saying the issue of secession was settled at gunpoint in the War between the States in 1865. I stand upon America’s founding document, “The Declaration of Independence”, a writ of defiant separation from tyranny. Just because the slave masters say slaves may never have freedom does not mean the enslaved should stop seeking liberty! Live free or die trying!

Nov 17, 2012 4:13pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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