In recovering from Superstorm Sandy, a setback for every triumph

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PeterisK wrote:

Can you say recovery from the war comes “soon enough”? Can you say recovery from your home destruction comes “soon enough”? Everytime when disaster strikes, no matter how good help are, there are people who are depressed, stressed, they don’t follow instructions to leave their homes and go to shelters, they insist that they must stay with their completely gone homes… I understand them, but it’s their choice eventually.

Storm happend. Huge storm. You say thank to everyone who helped, shrug it and try to move on as best as you can.

Nov 15, 2012 3:37am EST  --  Report as abuse
lensmanb wrote:

Part of the “care for the people that have been devastated” should be to not allow them to rebuild. Relocate them. They know where they choose to live is dangerous. The state and feds keep paying for sh_t like this and then tax those of us who do not live where destruction can rain down. If you choose to live there fine, don’t complain when SH_T HAPPENS and don’t expect the rest of the taxpayers of the country to come to your aid. I feel bad for what happened but I also feel bad for the rest of us who will eventually help pay for it.

Nov 15, 2012 8:22am EST  --  Report as abuse
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