France eyes Middle East influence, image with Syria gamble

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PenRumi wrote:

The French and the British destroyed all semblance of civil disorder in Libya under the guise of overthrowing a brutal dictator (Gaddafi) without thinking clearly of an alternative moderate leader. Now the French are about to destroy whatever is left of Syria. As in the case of Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, Syria will be taken over by Islamists when Assad eventually leaves or is overthrown. The West has been banking on one dictator after another in the Middle East without building up moderate opposition. Jordan is next.

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Brazilian1 wrote:

Dear Mr. Hollande
Do you know exactly whom you are supporting?
Take care!

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usagadfly wrote:

It is simply wrong to call all devout Muslims “Islamists”, what ever that means.

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OzBolts wrote:


True, but perhaps the original poster was more referring to “Jihadists”, which, let’s be frank, don’t represent the majority of Muslims in the world, but seem to have become the vocal, and leading, minority in several countries in the middle-east, currently.

As I’ve said many times, I understand the Wests’ current neurotic obsession with the region, as there are a great deal of angry people in some very prominent and influential positions. These particularly extreme individuals call for both the fall of Israel and the destruction of the “Western Powers”.

Now, one can bandy about the idea of “well if the West hadn’t been interfering all these decades/centuries…” which does have some legs.


When a controlling sect of population no longer loathes you, but promises death to rain down upon you or to “open the gates of hell”, how do you respond?

Anyone more on the humanitarian side of resolution for this needs to balance that with one simple fact: If you are North American, for example, and you meet a member of Hamas… he won’t care what your personal affiliation is… he wants you dead.

I know, that’s a hard one to swallow, but through our own governments doing (well, a lot of it, anyways… I mean, these conflicts have raged for a couple millennia), the “picked on” has now become “mortal enemy” by their own admission.

When you think of it that way… morality, personal survival, historical context… gets a little bit finicky and uncomfortable, no?

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PenRumi wrote:

I am sure USAGADFLY is referring to Muslims who pray five times a day, fast during the month of Ramadan, throw a few pennies to the poor, and perform Hajj. These are rituals; rituals may make one look “devout” or shall we say “pious”. However, participating in rituals, such as going to church or mosque, do not necessarily make a good person if after leaving a mosque, a gang of “devout” believers attack people who belong to a different creed, or belief system, or sect. The present conflict in Syria is sectarian, stemming from intolerance between Alawi Shiites and Sunnis.

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Teluu wrote:

France and Europe in general should use their money to developed their economy rather than buy bullets and kill innocent people in Syria for their political interest. They have destabilize North Africa and the Middle east with their so called Arab Spring of importing democracy. Is Israel occupation of Palestinians democracy?

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