Wal-Mart sales under global pressure, shares down

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americanguy wrote:

Wal-Mart was helped by President Obama and the growing economy.
The same growth that Romney and the Republicans said was not happening.

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bdkennedy1 wrote:

Everything I used to buy at Walmart is now cheaper at Target.

Nov 15, 2012 9:44am EST  --  Report as abuse
bdkennedy1 wrote:

Everything I used to buy at Walmart is now cheaper at Target.

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sjfella wrote:

Americanguy, do you even read the articles before uttering your usual nonsense?

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ChangeWhat wrote:

“Overall, the world’s largest retailer earned $3.64 billion, or $1.08 per share, in the third quarter ended October 31, up from $3.34 billion, or 97 cents per share, a year earlier.”

$3.64 Billion in 1 quarter??? Don’t you think Walton’s that you should drop prices drastically to help stimulate the economy? I’m sure the American public bailed out at least one of the banks that crashed the company that you do business with.

Greed at its finest $3.64 billion isn’t enough, you see the problem with this world people?

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Yukon51 wrote:

It’s time for Walmart to go. Inferior merchandise, not the lowest prices, slave labor wages all while the Walton family rakes in billions and lives in a multimillion dollar compound. Another example of corporate greed at it’s finest. All they want to stimulate is their bottom line. Wake up people. Don’t shop Walmart!!!!

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JapanViewer wrote:

Walmart is actually one of the most pro-consumer companies in the world, using an economic model that seeks to lower the cost of its products to the lowest level that is still profitable to sell. Some of these profits are in the 5% range, something very few companies in the entire world does. But Walmart makes it up in volume. Anyways, to beat up on Walmart is to beat up on the very best in capitalism and the cheapest for consumers. Comments from people like @ChangeWhat smack of communist rhetoric. Remember, this is a capitalistic economy, for profit, and it works, for everyone, for the owners and the consumers. I imagine ChangeWhat dreams of a socialistic society like the wonderful “bountiful harvest” years in the Soviet Union. Yeah, right.

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Monodist wrote:

Walmart bribes and pushes around government authorities, denying peoples rights to unionize and still makes a 3.4 billion quarterly profit!

Then they have the unmitigated gall to blame their failure to make earnings estimate on “consumers worried about their jobs and the costs or gasoline, energy and food.” ???

There is a reason Target is doing better and it’s not the economy.

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ChangeWhat wrote:


Keep viewing from Japan you tool and maybe you will learn something. Capitalism is the primary cause of the American economic crisis and the worlds economic crisis. The “Capitalist” are greedy SOB’s paying dirt to the employees in stores and paying pennies in manufacturing sites in china, and people like you whom buy into the system are too blind or uneducated to realize it. You would prefer to accept the blatant war of classes versus doing something about it. No company needs to earn over $12 billion a year when the world economy is in shambles. These rich gurus should give their products away in such situations but instead they will continue to pinch every penny they can from the public’s pockets which is part of the reason why this world is in the situation its in. I’m sure you agree with gas companies like exxon/mobil posting $30,000,000,000 profits quarterly as well based off your clueless post.

Socialism is even worse you mongrel so don’t try to pretend like you know me. Please stick to Japanese news it will soot you better.

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ForFact wrote:

For some time Wal-Mart started jigging up prices of a lots of essential commodities. Now you will be wondering, that without any deal, prices of some commodity in Wal-Mart is higher than upscale grocery stores! Wal-Mart has changed its role; as more and more people will find about it they will stop shopping at Wal-Mart.

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JapanViewer wrote:

@ChangeWhat, just bc you throw in a few anti-socialism words, doesn’t make your anti-capitalism, quasi communism, any more redeemable. Granted, capitalism has it’s ills, but it’s the only system that works. The trick is not to trash capitalism, but to improve it. No one is saying that profit is sacred and “let the consumer beware”. Only an idiot still thinks of capitalism that way.
Finally, just bc I call myself JapanViewer, doesn’t mean I’m from Japan. Just as much as ChangeWhat means you’re into change. Duhhh.

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madmilker wrote:

Retail makes NOTHING….it only moves a countries currency.

Are you still with me?

If 1975 was the last year America had a trade surplus…

and Wal*Mart having their Global Procurement Office in China….

and Wal*Mart putting less than 5% foreign in all their stores in China…

and America having a 6 to 1 trade deficit with China….

and America having a $14 trillion dollar GDP….

How long will it take before China is holding all the American dollars and the American people ain’t got a pot to p in nor a window to throw it from….?

Some people at A&M think forty(40) years…

Ben at the Federal Reserve thinks he can keep calling little Timmy over at the US Treasury and tell him to just print more….
but what if Ben doesn’t pay his phone bill and can’t call…

Did I say 1975 was the last year America had a trade surplus…

Thirty-seven years….

dollars leaving….

and Harvard taught people have no idea what’s wrong with America…

Maybe someone from Gainesville Junior College in Georgia knows…

What about Arizona State Community College….

What about a fifth grader at Deretchin Elementary in Conroe,TX


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ChangeWhat wrote:


You say, “Granted, capitalism has it’s ills, but it’s the only system that works.”

That is truly hilarious, did you miss this fact? “Capitalism is the primary cause of the American economic crisis and the worlds economic crisis.”

Let’s see what capitalism has accomplished for the US and the world as a whole since corporate America came to life with Reagan during his presidency. Since 1982 the richest Americans a.k.a. the aristocrats or those whom hold the “old money” have done nothing but decimate the country. Their income has been on a continuous incline, while at the same time raising inflation, and keeping minimum wage at such a low rate that even in today’s world if a H.S. kid got a job at McDonalds they would be working to pay for the gas to get to work the next week. Their focus is to have rich and poor with no middle class, hence using laws and politics our jobs in America are now gone. Job’s the middle class relied on, i’m talking before the bush/obama fiasco we’ve had to deal with since invading Iraq and the collapse of the world economy and American economy. The middle class built America with small businesses not with large corporations (the very people you love so much). When America was manufacturing products we had the best of the best at prices that the middle class could afford and the merchandise lasted decades. Now we pay ten times more for garbage products whatever it may be, from food to cars to furniture it doesn’t matter pick your industry, and the products break 9 times out of 10 right after their 1 year manufacturing warranty expires, coincidence? You would believe so Japanviewer i’m sure, but people with a higher intellect just don’t buy into coincidences that become all to common. Back to your ridiculous reply………

Capitalism is not the “only system that works.” No one system is a perfect divine system and if it was we wouldn’t be in the boat we are in today. Some industries should be controlled absolutely and obviously. While other industries should enjoy the current system, but not the expense of peoples lives. Capitalism is actually killing the American dream its not promoting it anymore.

The American dream and the middle class are becoming extinct. It is no longer that a Man can go to work for 40hrs a week, receive health insurance for his family, a pension, or retirement plan of some sort, take a family vacation comfortably while the wife runs the household and raises the children. This is still true for some but nowhere close to the majority or what you used to be. Now the mother and father need to work while the kid is raised by someone else. Even with two incomes families aren’t making ends meet in this day and age, a direct reflection of capitalism. There is so much more to this and I could say a lot more but i’m tired of typing and need to get some work done.

You continue to support your capitalistic society and continue to believe that we are in the “only system that works”. I will on the other hand stand with the many Americans that now realize what capitalism, politics, laws, lobbyists, corporations, and greed have done to the world.

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