BP agrees to record criminal penalties for U.S. oil spill

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MikeFleming wrote:

Utter crap. If I commit a felony, my life is essentially over. If convicted, I will be incarcerated. I can never vote again. I would likely never find work in my chosen field again. But not BP, and certainly not its executives. They just pay a fine (over the course of 6 years!) and pass it on to their customers. The executives? Life goes on. Business as usual. What’s wrong with this picture, people?!

You know, you can’t have it both ways. ‘Corporate personhood’ is insipid, but hey.. if you’re going to call a corporation an individual then do the same to them as you would to any other individual felon: GAME OVER

Try the executives who ordered the rush job on the well against the advice of the engineers. Try them on felony charges and convict them the same as any of us. But no, they’re going to go after some guy in the trenches.

BP should be de-listed and assets seized (that’s what happens to felons) – taken by the US citizenry so at least BP employees can still have jobs. This would ultimately be the government because.. well, what else could it be? The executives should have their assets seized and split among the families of the 11 deceased. They should be given one change of raggedy clothing and a cup for begging IF they are ever released/paroled from prison.

This is what you get in a world ruled by corporate power.

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