Insight: Lockheed's F-35 logistics system revolutionary but risky

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Darven wrote:

I will say it again, the Marine Corps does not need a F-35 squadron. In fact it does not need any sort of air wing at all. They continue to buy expensive aircraft which have relational value to the grunts on the ground. The grunts suffer due to antiquated equipment-think Vietnam; H34s choppers, Ontos, WWII and Korean 782 gear, and flak jackets made in the mid fifties. All the while splurging on F-4 Phantoms, a real moneypit for the DoD during its life cycle. I heard Air Force B-52 strikes near Khe Sanh and saw The Army’s First Cav choppers heading down Route 9 in the DMZ. I saw very little of Marine Corps airmight in 1968. The Marine Corps needs Apaches gunships not some stealth fighter or hybrid chopper/turboprop. The MC planners are still two decades behind the other services in weapons procurements. Their concepts did not work in the era of attrition warfare, and they sure as hell won’t work in the current concept of maneuver strategy.

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SanPa wrote:

It figures that the control center is based in Texas …

Nov 16, 2012 10:02am EST  --  Report as abuse
BCerentano wrote:

I guess making sure sensitive data isn’t stored on computers that are connected to the internet would be simple…

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UauS wrote:

my thinks that if it is made by people, it can be broken by people…

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Pamina wrote:

“I had a guaranteed military sale with the F-35. Renovation program. Spare parts for 25 years. Who cares if it’s secure or not?” – Anonymous Executive

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Sinbad1 wrote:

@Darven, you must be as old as me, the more things change the more they remain the same.

I left my heart to the sappers round Khe Sanh
And I sold my soul with my cigarettes to the black market man
I’ve had the Vietnam cold turkey
From the ocean to the Silver City
And it’s only other vets could understand

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