In Gaza, new arsenals include "weaponized" social media

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cautious123 wrote:

This invasion didn’t come “after several days of rocket attacks launched from Gaza toward targets in Israel” as this reporter claims. Rather, it was planned well in advance and came after Israel had twice violated the cease-fire. The mainstream press will distort this slaughter, so it’s up to individual citizens to find the truth. For example, why do the Palestinians shoot rockets at Israel? Does the press report on the blockade of Gaza and the Occupation of the West Bank? Do we hear about the destruction of Palestinian homes and farms, the annexation of their land and the rerouting of their water? If another country did that to the U.S. would we not fight back? Those rockets are resistance to the vicious and inhumane Israeli blockade and Occupation. This latest air strike by Israel is all about getting Netanyahu re-elected in January. To the Israelis, Palestinian lives don’t count as much as election victories. And don’t fall for the “poor Israel” hype–that country was just recognized as the most militarized in the world. They are pummeling Gaza with F-16s and drones–no one in Gaza has anything even close to that kind of weaponry. Folks, this is a slaughter.

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01itsjustme wrote:

“The problem is, if we don’t host it, somebody else will. How do we get all of it down?” he added.

In other words, if we can make money from the death of others, we will :/

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You are right about the land annexation in West Bank, and you are right that Israel has one of the most advanced militaries in the world. But there are some facts that you are missing, and these facts for me make no logic.

First of all Israel started to exist as a state since 1946. so that’s like almost 70 years. Jews came to palestina to start a new life after the holocaust decimated the jewish population. Therefore the state of mind in Israel was to have defence and security.

Most of the palestinian fighters are 20-30 years old and are not even coming from palestine. Normal people are sad and upset on Israel and that’s where the violence stops, but there are people like Hamas who constantly provoke and attack. I left my country just because it wasnt a good enough place to live. Are those people there that stupid? Staying in an area opressed by Hamas, dictated by Hamas and suffering the consequences of what Hamas does.

Just for the record. Israel wanted to compensate for most of the land that it has annexed, but people were stubborn and didn’t want to get money and move out just because “they live there for generations” and Israel will never be recongnized bla bla. Whoever stays there in my opining is just either evil or ignorant. If I would see my neighbour sending rockets with the hope of hitting someting (women, children, hospitals, schools) the next day I’m out.

For the fact that the palestinians accept this situation I just think they are ignorant and stupid. Take the money, leave the place and start a better life. Or live with the constant need of revenge, lose loved ones, try to kill people, protect murderers and become experts in Grad rocket attacks.

P.s. Don’t call this slaughter until you count 11 years of american war in afghanistan + iraq. Do you think sheepherders there have a better chance against F-22, B2, Predator UAV, Tomahawks, M1A1 Abrahams, and other things that they will declassify in 20 years?

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Eric93 wrote:

There is no hope for a solution to the Palestinian crisis as long as there are two ‘Palestine’s’ – east and west. This is a repeat of the partition of India long ago where they ended up with an East Pakistan and a West Pakistan. When the two parts are geographically isolated form each other they each take a different course, and, in the case of ‘Pakistan’, it ended up with two countries – Pakistan and Bangladesh. The only solution to this can be the ‘final solution’ – to have a population exchange where the two sides agree – with Israel moving its troublesome West Bank settlers to the old Gaza and Palestine to move all it’s Gazan’s to the west bank. Then the two Palestinian political entities will have to work out their differences and the people will have a contiguous ‘state’ and the Israeli’s will have one Palestinian government to deal with.

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Ralphooo wrote:

My theory is that the Israeli government is trying to drive the Gazans insane, in hopes that Gaza will eventually disintegrate as a functioning social system.

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Ralphooo wrote:

My theory is that the Israeli government is trying to drive the Gazans insane, in hopes that Gaza will eventually disintegrate as a functioning social system.

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