Blasphemy charges filed over gay Jesus play in Greece

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Goodwolf wrote:

WHat’s next for Greece? Burning down the theater? Hanging the actors in a public square? Why are religious extremists — Xtian, Mulim, Jew — so prone to charging “insult”, violence, being defensive, and trying to take over government?

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1iber4y wrote:

This reminds me of the religious objections to an unsophisticated internet film a few weeks ago. This is a milder reaction yet the impulse to censor and punish objectionable religious content is similar enough to reveal that at least Islam and Christianity BOTH have a represive ipulse in the conservative wings of each. In my opinion — the differences in the two responses is largely due to the respective age of Islam and Christianity. Give them both some more time to learn that the Divine is secure enough that no amount of insult or comedy can cause harm.

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SteveMD2 wrote:

Welecom to religion that is just another descendant of the church that gave us Hitler, Mengele, Himmler, Goebbels and Eichmann.

Everyone should read the book – the End of FAith by by Sam Harris. He descirbes the horrors , many continuing today, of both extremist Islam and Christianity in general> (not withstandingg that there are many great churches that will marry gay people religiously even if they cant get a state marriage license**

You can buy the book at for about $5 – $6, bec careful it seems to be rare except in Audio format. Paperback.

its now our familys bible

gay marriage churches as far as I know Note that except for the catholic church, many of these churces are quite independent locally re their beliefs on this subject.

Jewish reform and many jewish conservatives. Some methodists, its beginning in the Disciples of Christ, many Evangelical Lutherans, some Presbyterian USA, virtually all MCC and UU churches, most Episcopals, Most United churches of Christ. Welcoming and affirming Baptists, and I’m sure I missed some others.

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SteveMD2 wrote:

Jesus never married and hung out with 12 guys all his life. Need I say more?

BTw the cath church lies again when i says that priests dont marry because of the disciples not married

From history books – about 1000AD the church ended priests marrying because many worked as independent contractors, and made a fortune by offering blessings and services for a host of religious issues to famlies for a fee

So the church banned priests marrying and made them marry the church, they even get a wedding ring.

So the church and not the priests families would inherit their wealth

As usual, its all about the old Money is the root of all evil. Espeically the Islam of the west – HQ in Rome.

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