Turkey raps Israel on Gaza, to discuss with U.S., Egypt

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usagadfly wrote:

The situation is rather dangerous, not least because it is so easy to write this off as yet another of the endless attacks between the Muslims and the Jews in Palestine.

One day something very serious will happen. Will it come before each side is nuclear armed enough to assure mutual destruction? If the Muslims obtain nuclear weapons will the Jews believe it before one of their major population centers is nuked? Is it possible for these people to treat one another with respect? Is it possible that they all can pay for their own keep without sucking the blood out of America? Is it possible for politicians in our highly corrupt system to actually put enough pressure on Israel to get them to compromise? Or will it be a fight to the death?

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lovehurts wrote:

Erdogan won’t attack Syria, even though Syria’s government massacres its own people by the hundreds, if not, thousands, daily. What can he offer to Gaza and Israel if he’s unwilling to defend other Arabs on his own border? If Erdogan wants to legitimize attacking Israel or to even broker a peace agreement, perhaps he should work on his own border instead and help his fellow Arabs to get along and find peace with each other. Right now, he’s just another bully in the playpen pinning blame on a group while both are guilty. Erdogan needs to lead. Instead, he is jumping on a dogmatic, populistic bandwagon. Erdogan wants to be seen as an influential democratic Muslim powerhouse. Well, he needs to stop sounding like Morsi or Ahmadinejad. Then maybe we’ll listen.

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

Turkey is the most heavily armed and most Democratic country in the region. When I say Democratic – I mean citizens of all faiths can get a Turkish passport and become members their parliament.

For now it is all bark. If they engage in this Palestinian/Jewish domestic dispute – it will be political suicide for Netanhayu. This latest show of force before the election will backfire on Netanyahu.

He will then be relegated to a media clown making public appearances with the likes of Sarah Palin on talk radio.

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matthewslyman wrote:

IN case anyone’s forgetting already after just a week; Hamas rockets were fired BEFORE Israeli air strikes were even considered.

“Before this election they (Israel) shot these innocent people in Gaza for reasons they fabricated,” — Eh? What planet is this man on? IS it so hard for him to visit Israel on a sincere fact-finding mission?

@lovehurts: excellent points. For some reason, Turkey doesn’t seem to notice when it’s a case of Muslims killing thousands of innocent Muslims right next door to Turkey… But when Jews kill Muslims (after those Muslims have shot at Jews), and also kill several children that were effectively being used as human shields; all of a sudden, there’s all this self-righteous finger-pointing; all of a sudden, he’s taking sides with a foreign faction in denial of the facts!

I have a lot of respect for Erdogan for all he endured at the hands of the old secular government and military interests that banned and persecuted his party. But that respect and good-will will evaporate if I see any more hypocrisy from him…

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neiman1 wrote:

Is this the same Turkey that sent fighters into Syria when a couple of shells crossed the border? Is this the same Turkey that wants to invade Syria? Somehow the launching of hundreds of rockets into Israel is an election stunt caused by Israel….

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